free Html parse tool

Free Tool Html Parse

  1. This HTML parsing tool allows you to easily parse HTML, JavaScript, and CSS style tags with just one click. You can use the resulting HTML code in your Blogger template or code box without any problems. Check out our articl


This code is an HTML code that converts text into HTML-encoded text. The text entered into the textarea is replaced with its HTML-encoded equivalent. The code includes styles for the textarea, button, and button-link, which can be customized as desired. The code also includes a script that uses the Clipboard.js library to provide the "Copy to Clipboard" functionality.

How to Use The HTML parser Tool

  • Paste your HTML code in the Text Area.
  • Click the "Parse Code" button. This will parse your code within the same Text Area.
  • To copy the parsed code, click the "Copy to Clipboard" button. You can then paste it in your Blogger Template, code box, or any other blog system.