The Ultimate Drug Guide for Torn City

Welcome to Torn City, a thrilling online game where players explore a virtual world filled with opportunities and challenges. Among the various aspects of Torn City, drugs play a significant role, offering unique effects that can impact your gameplay. In this comprehensive drug guide, we'll delve into the different drugs available, their effects, addiction levels, and how to manage them effectively to enhance your gaming experience. Let's dive in and discover the secrets of the drug world in Torn City.

Types and Effects of Drugs

There are 10 types of drugs available in Torn City, each with its own effects, cooldowns, addiction points, and overdose effects. Here is a summary table of the drugs and their effects1:

Drug Effect Cooldown Addiction Points Overdose Effect
Cannabis Increased crime success rate - 20% to Strength - 25% to Defense - 35% to Speed + 2-3 Nerve 60-90 minutes 2 - 100% Energy & Nerve  Hospital: 300-330 minutes
Ecstasy Doubles Happy 200-230 minutes 20 - 100% Energy & Happy
Ketamine - 20% to Strength & Speed + 50% to Defense 45-60 minutes 8 - 100% Energy, Nerve & Happy Hospital: 1,000 minutes Increased cooldown (24-27 hours)
LSD + 30% to Strength + 50% to Defense - 30% to Speed & Dexterity + 50 Energy + 200-500 Happy + 5 Nerve 400-450 minutes 21 - 100% Energy & Nerve - 50% Happy - 30% to Speed & Dexterity
Opium +30% boost to Defense Removes all standard hospital time and replenishes life to 50% 120-180 minutes 10 N/A
PCP + 20% to Strength & Dexterity + 250 Happy 260-400 minutes 26 - 100% Energy, Nerve & Happy Hospital: 1,620 minutes -10 x (current level) to Speed (permanent)
Shrooms + 500 Happy - 20% to all Battle stats -25 Energy (caps at 0) 182-237 minutes 6 -100% Energy,Nerve&Happy Hospital:100minutes
Speed -20%toDexterity +20% to Speed +50Happy 250-352minutes 14 Hospital:150minutes -6x(currentlevel)toStrength&Defense(permanent) 100%LossofEnergy,Nerve&Happiness
Vicodin +25% toallBattlestats +75 Happy 240-360minutes 14 -150Happy
Xanax +250 Energy +75 Happy -35%toallBattlestats 360-480minutes 35 -100%Energy,NerveandHappy Hospital:5000minutes Increasedcooldown(~24-25hours)&addiction

As you can see from the table, each drug has its own pros and cons. Some drugs can boost your stats or give you extra energy or nerve, which can help you perform better in certain activities or situations. However, some drugs can also reduce your stats or happiness, which can make you weaker or less effective in other aspects.

Moreover, each drug has a cooldown period, which means that you cannot take another drug while still under the effect of a previous drug. You can check how much time is left by hovering over the drug cooldown icon on your sidebar. The cooldown time varies depending on the type of drug and whether you have overdosed or not.

Additionally, each drug has a certain number of addiction points, which indicates how addictive the drug is. The more addiction points a drug has, the more likely you are to become addicted to it. Addiction can have negative consequences on your health and well-being, which we will discuss later in this article.

Finally, each drug has a chance of causing an overdose, which is a serious and potentially fatal condition that occurs when you take too much of a drug. Overdosing can result in severe stat loss, hospitalization, or even death. The chance of overdosing depends on the type of drug and whether you have the faction perk “Overdosing”, which reduces your chance to OD by 3% per upgrade to a maximum of 30%.

Managing Drug Addiction in Torn City:

Addiction to drugs in Torn City can impact your gameplay and hinder your progress. It's essential to manage addiction effectively to optimize your performance. Here are some strategies:

  1. Rehabilitation Center (Rehab):
  • Visit the Rehabilitation Center in Switzerland to reduce addiction levels at a cost of $250,000. Must be at level 15 to access.
  1. Natural Wear-Off:
  • Addiction levels naturally decrease by 20 points per day at 3:30 am TCT.
  1. Faction Perks:
  • Some factions offer special perks to reduce addiction levels through job points.
  1. Books:
  • Use "R and R" in Cruise Line Agency, "Herbal Cleansing" in Flower Shop, and "Suppression" in Nightclub with 5* companies to remove 1 Addiction Point per job point.
  1. Special Books:
  • "Milk Yourself Sober" removes a substantial amount of drug addiction upon completion, and "Hot Turkey" prevents drug addiction for 31 days.

Sources and Prices of Drugs

Drugs are not sold in city shops, but they can be obtained from various sources, such as:

  • Buying them from other players via the item market, trade chat, or private messages. The prices of drugs fluctuate depending on the supply and demand.
  • Buying them from abroad via travel. You can travel to different countries and buy drugs from local dealers at cheaper prices than in Torn City. However, you also have to pay for travel costs and risk .

The chance of overdosing is determined by the type of drug and whether you have the faction perk “Overdosing”. Each drug has a different base chance of causing an overdose, as shown in the table above. For example, cannabis has a base chance of 0.5%, while xanax has a base chance of 10%.

The faction perk “Overdosing” reduces your chance of overdosing by 3% per upgrade to a maximum of 30%. For example, if you have no upgrades and take one xanax, your chance of overdosing is 10%. If you have 10 upgrades and take one xanax, your chance of overdosing is (10 - (3 x 10)) = 0%.


  1. Can addiction levels go beyond 100%?

    • Yes, addiction levels can exceed 100% in Torn City.
  2. Does addiction affect the chance to overdose?

    • No, addiction levels do not influence the likelihood of overdosing on drugs.


In Torn City, drugs offer intriguing effects that can enhance your gameplay. Understanding the various drugs, their effects, and how to manage addiction levels are vital for maximizing your potential. By utilizing the Rehabilitation Center, faction perks, books, and natural wear-off, you can maintain a balanced gaming experience and conquer the challenges that Torn City presents. So, venture into the drug world of Torn City with caution and use this guide to achieve victory in your virtual journey.

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