Enhance Your GTA V Experience with the Updated Enhanced Native Trainer (ENT)

Grand Theft Auto V continues to captivate gamers with its immersive open-world experience, and modding enthusiasts elevate the gameplay with various enhancements. The Enhanced Native Trainer (ENT), a popular mod for GTA V, has undergone a remarkable update and brings a plethora of exciting features to the virtual streets of Los Santos. In this article, we will explore the updated ENT, including its remarkable functionalities, hotkey setup, installation process, known issues, and essential tips for smooth usage.

ENT Notable Features:

  1. Skin Customizer: ENT introduces a skin customizer that allows players to modify their character's appearance. Unleash your creativity and create unique avatars to stand out in the virtual world.

  2. Vehicle Customizer: Personalize your vehicles with the vehicle customizer feature. Modify colors, add custom license plates, and equip performance upgrades to create the ultimate ride.

  3. Weapon Customizer: Take weapon customization to the next level with ENT. Modify weapon attributes, appearance, and attachments to suit your playstyle.

  4. Organized & Extra Vehicles: ENT offers organized and additional vehicle options, providing a diverse selection of vehicles to choose from for your escapades.

  5. Organized & Extra Teleport Locations: Travel conveniently across the vast map of GTA V with organized and extra teleport locations. Reach any destination quickly and effortlessly.

  6. Ability to Save Vehicles & Skins: ENT allows you to save your favorite vehicles and customized skins, ensuring you can quickly access them for future use.

  7. Many Additional General Options: The trainer boasts an array of general options, providing even more control over your gameplay experience.

  8. Saves/Restores Settings Across Multiple Uses: Enjoy the convenience of saved settings, ensuring your preferred configurations are retained across multiple gaming sessions.

  9. Controller Support: ENT includes controller support, allowing players to utilize their preferred input method seamlessly.

Hotkey Functionality Tutorial:

ENT features a hotkey functionality that allows players to apply specific cheats using different hotkey combinations. Follow these steps to set up hotkeys effectively:

  1. Open the 'ent-config.xml' file in the game directory.
  2. Find the lines with "<key function="hotkey_1-9" value="VK_NOTHING" modCtrl="false" modAlt="false" modShift="false"/>."
  3. You can change the 'value' and 'modCtrl', 'modAlt', 'modShift' to create unique hotkey combinations.
  4. The list of available key values can be found here: [Link to VK List].
  5. Start the game and open the trainer. Navigate to Miscellaneous > Trainer Options > Hotkey Setup.
  6. Select the line you assigned a value for and change the hotkey function using the '6' or '4' buttons.

Installation Details and Known Issues:

  • ENT is built on Enhanced Native Trainer update 28, ensuring compatibility with your previous database file and config.
  • Reshade 1.1 may cause crashes when used alongside ENT. However, Redux reportedly works fine.
  • To prevent game crashes during loading or infinite loading screens, unplug any controller when loading ENT and plug it back in after the game loads.

Download : Enhanced Native Trainer Update 52


The updated Enhanced Native Trainer (ENT) is a powerful mod that elevates your GTA V gameplay experience. With features like skin, vehicle, and weapon customizers, organized teleport locations, and controller support, ENT provides endless possibilities for your virtual adventures. Utilize the hotkey functionality to access cheats quickly and efficiently, and enjoy the convenience of saved settings. Follow the installation instructions carefully and be cautious of known issues to ensure a smooth modding experience. With ENT by your side, Los Santos is yours to conquer. Happy modding!

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