eFootball 2023: Roadmap to All Updates Leading to eFootball 2024

Konami has revealed the roadmap for eFootball 2023, which will continue throughout this year until its culmination in eFootball 2024 with the release of update 3.0.0. The recent release of eFootball 2023 update 2.6.0 brought significant additions, events, and changes across all platforms and smartphones. Let's delve into the details of each update and what they entail.

Spring Update

Additional Player Slot Adding Player Skills to Current Players Contract Renewal Revamp

The highly anticipated Spring update for eFootball 2023 introduces an exciting feature: the ability to purchase additional player slots. This is particularly beneficial for players with extensive squads who have faced limitations in available slots. The details regarding unlocking these slots, whether through GP or eFootball Coins, are yet to be confirmed.

The decision to remove Skill Tokens from the game received criticism from players who appreciated the additional skills they provided, enhancing player capabilities. Fortunately, these distinctive Skill Tokens will make a comeback in the game this time around.

eFootball 2023 Roadmap Overview V2.6.0 Update Already here and content came with it

However, it remains unclear whether the previous format will be maintained or if a new system will be introduced. Ideally, players would be able to choose specific skills that suit their needs, as opposed to the previous random customization system.

The challenge of obtaining Contract Renewal Tickets received feedback from players. These rare tickets offer limited extensions. Addressing this issue is crucial, especially for the many legendary players whose contracts have expired. Therefore, the Spring update includes plans to acquire Contract Renewal Tickets along with additional renewal elements.

Summer Update

Reset Progress Feature More Alternatives for Dream Teams

The Summer 2023 update brings a fantastic feature that allows players to reset their progress using GP and reallocate it according to their preferences. This is a highly anticipated addition that players have been eagerly awaiting.

Currently, eFootball 2023 is limited to a maximum of seven players, restricting the options predefined by the managers. Fortunately, the upcoming Summer update plans to provide more alternatives for Dream Teams, allowing players to expand their choices.

Fall Update and Upgrade to eFootball 2024

Konami recently shared details about the eFootball update 3.0.0, which is expected to transition the game to the new version, eFootball 2024. The update is set to release in late August to early September of this year, 2023.

However, much remains unknown about the content the game will bring, as there are several game modes that Konami has promised but have not yet introduced.

Master League Mode One of the missing features in eFootball 2023 is the Master League mode, which was expected to be present in the game from its initial release. This mode serves as an alternative to the Career Mode seen in the PES series. Despite continuous player demands, Konami has remained tight-lipped about the mode's arrival date.

Edit Mode The Edit Mode allows players to customize the game by adding their personal touch, especially since Konami does not have licenses for all global teams and leagues.

Cross-Play Support One of the anticipated additions in the eFootball 2024 upgrade is cross-play support, enabling players to compete across different platforms, both home consoles and smartphones. If implemented with balanced compatibility, this feature will revolutionize online gameplay challenges.

We will update this report as soon as we receive new information about the Fall update, which is expected to reveal its details in the upcoming weeks.


The roadmap for eFootball 2023 promises exciting updates, culminating in the release of eFootball 2024. With features like additional player slots, the return of Skill Tokens, contract renewal improvements, Reset Progress, expansion of Dream Team alternatives, and the anticipated arrival of Master League and Edit Mode, eFootball continues to evolve. Keep an eye out for the Fall update, which may introduce even more enhancements. Prepare to experience the ultimate soccer gaming experience with eFootball.

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