A Sign of Affection Manga Receives TV Anime Adaptation

 In this article, we bring you exciting news about the popular romance drama manga, A Sign of Affection, as it is announced to be getting a TV anime adaptation. Produced by Ajia-do Animation Works, the series is scheduled to premiere in January 2024. Read on to learn more about the main characters, the production team, and the anticipated release of the anime.

A Sign of Affection Manga and TV Anime Adaptation

A Sign of Affection trailer

A Sign of Affection, created by Suu Morishita, has captured the hearts of readers with its heartfelt storytelling and compelling romance. The announcement of the TV anime adaptation has generated great excitement among fans. Along with the news, a teaser visual and promotional video were released, showcasing the characters and giving viewers a glimpse of what to expect.

Main Characters and Voice Cast:

1- Yuki Eto

    • Voiced by: Sumire Morohoshi (known for her role as Tiné Chelc in Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn-)
2- Itsuomi Nagi

  • Voiced by: Yu Miyazaki (known for his role as Quartz in I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss)

Production Team:

  • Director: Yuta Murano (known for directing Kakushigoto)
  • Script and Series Composition: Yoko Yonaiyama (known for writing Ya Boy Kongming!)
  • Character Design: Kasumi Sakai
  • Music: Yukari Hashimoto (known for composing Am I Actually the Strongest?)
  • The creator, Suu Morishita, shared an enthusiastic message along with a celebratory illustration:

    "A Sign of Affection is getting an anime! We have been working on this project for about three years, and today we can finally share this wonderful news with you. Thanks to the passionate anime production team, led by the director's love for the work, we are confident that the anime will touch your hearts. We hope this anime reaches many people."


    The manga follows Yuki, a typical college student whose world revolves around her friends and social media trends. However, when a chance encounter on a train leads her to meet her classmate, Itsuomi-san, her world begins to expand. Despite Itsuomi-san's ability to speak three languages, sign language isn't one of them. Can they find a way to communicate and convey the budding emotions between them?


    Fans of A Sign of Affection have something to look forward to as the manga receives a TV anime adaptation. With a talented production team and a captivating story, the series is set to captivate viewers with its heartfelt romance and engaging characters. Stay tuned for the premiere in January 2024 and get ready to embark on an emotional journey filled with love, communication, and personal growth.

    Thank you for joining us in this exciting news about the A Sign of Affection manga receiving a TV anime adaptation. We hope you found this article informative and invite you to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow us on social media for more updates and stay tuned for the latest news and developments.

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