How eFootball 2023 Beats FIFA 23 in Every Aspect: 5 Reasons to Switch Now

Football fans have a tough choice to make every year: which football game to play? eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23 are the two main contenders, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. While FIFA 23 has more realistic player models and animations, eFootball 2023 has more realistic gameplay and physics. While FIFA 23 has more licensed teams and leagues, eFootball 2023 has more partner clubs and exclusive content. While FIFA 23 has a higher price tag, eFootball 2023 is free to play and offers regular updates. In this article, we will explore five reasons why eFootball 2023 is superior to FIFA 23 and why you should give it a try.

5 reasons why eFootball 2023 is better than FIFA 23

In this report, we will talk about the advantages of eFootball 2023 over FIFA 23 and make it the best choice for many soccer game lovers.

Reason 1: Graphics

One of the most noticeable differences between eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23 is the graphics. eFootball 2023 uses Unreal Engine, which gives it a more realistic and dynamic look. The lighting, shadows, reflections, and textures are more detailed and immersive in eFootball 2023 than in FIFA 23. The players also look more lifelike and expressive in eFootball 2023, especially the partner club players like Lautaro Martínez, Lukaku, Pedri, Sergi Roberto, Lewandowski, or Ter Stegen. FIFA 23 still uses the old Frostbite engine, which makes it look outdated and dull in comparison.

Reason 2: Gameplay

Another major difference between eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23 is the gameplay. eFootball 2023 focuses on realism and simulation, while FIFA 23 focuses on arcade and presentation. eFootball 2023 relies heavily on player movements, skills, tactics, and physics. It can result in more challenging and rewarding gameplay, but also more mistakes and missed passes if you’re not careful. FIFA 23 introduces new animations for players to add more nuance to ball control, but it also makes the game more scripted and predictable. eFootball 2023 gives you more freedom and creativity to play your own style of football.

Reason 3: Teams

Another important difference between eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23 is the teams. FIFA 23 has more licensed teams and leagues than eFootball 2023, which gives it an advantage in terms of variety and authenticity. However, eFootball 2023 has more partner clubs and exclusive content than FIFA 23, which gives it an edge in terms of quality and exclusivity. For example, eFootball 2023 has exclusive rights to Juventus, Roma, Napoli, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal, Celtic, Rangers, Corinthians, Flamengo, São Paulo, River Plate, Boca Juniors, Atlético Mineiro, Universidad de Chile, Colo-Colo, Alianza Lima, Sporting Cristal, Peñarol, Nacional de Montevideo, and many more. These clubs have their official kits, logos, stadiums, and player faces in eFootball 2023, while they are generic or missing in FIFA 23. eFootball 2023 also has exclusive content like the UEFA Europa Conference League, the AFC Champions League, the Copa Libertadores, the Copa Sudamericana, and the eFootball Cup.

Reason 4: Price

Another significant difference between eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23 is the price. FIFA 23 requires players to pay a premium to enjoy the game. While it has in-app purchases, a first-time payment must be made to access the different game modes. This is a big disadvantage as FIFA 23 is quite expensive, especially for new consoles like PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. eFootball 2023, on the other hand, offers all its content for free. You can download and play the game without spending a dime, and you can unlock more features by playing or using in-game currency. This makes eFootball 2023 more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Reason 5: Updates

The final difference between eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23 is the updates. FIFA 23 is a yearly release, which means that it will become obsolete once FIFA 24 comes out. While EA Sports may provide some patches and updates for FIFA 23, they will not be as frequent or substantial as for the latest installment. eFootball 2023, on the other hand, is a live service game, which means that it will be regularly updated with new content, features, and improvements. eFootball 2023 has a seasonal structure, with each season having a different theme and offering various events, modes, and players. For example, Season 2 is themed around “The Football Festival”, which coincides with the international tournament calendar. eFootball 2023 also has weekly live updates, which reflect the real-life performance and condition of players and teams based on data from real matches being played around the world.


eFootball 2023 and FIFA 23 are both great football games, but they have different appeals and advantages. eFootball 2023 is superior to FIFA 23 in terms of graphics, gameplay, teams, price, and updates. eFootball 2023 offers a more realistic and dynamic football experience, with more partner clubs and exclusive content, free to play and regular updates. If you are looking for a football game that is more authentic, challenging, and rewarding, then you should give eFootball 2023 a try.


  • Q: What is the difference between eFootball 2023 and PES?

  • A: eFootball 2023 is the new name and brand of PES. Konami decided to rebrand PES as eFootball to emphasize its focus on online and cross-platform gameplay.

  • Q: What is Hypermotion 2 technology in FIFA 23?

  • A: Hypermotion 2 technology is a new feature in FIFA 23 that uses machine learning to create more realistic and responsive animations for players. It also uses motion capture data from real players to enhance their movements and expressions.

  • Q: How can I download eFootball 2023?

  • A: You can download eFootball 2023 from the official website or from the digital stores of your preferred platform. eFootball 2023 is available for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam®, iOS, and Android.

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