The New Features of Tek Tok That You Need to Know

The New Features of Tek Tok

Tek Tok is one of the most popular video-sharing apps in the world, with over a billion users and millions of creators. The app is constantly updating and adding new features to enhance the user experience and provide more opportunities for monetization. In this article, we will explore some of the latest features that Tek Tok has introduced in 2023.

Schedule Livestreams in Advance

One of the new features that Tek Tok has launched for livestreams is the ability to schedule, manage, and promote them in advance. This feature allows creators to plan their livestreams ahead of time and notify their followers when they will go live. This way, they can build anticipation and engagement for their streams and attract more viewers.

Watch Livestreams in Picture-in-Picture Mode

Another feature that Tek Tok has added for livestreams is the picture-in-picture mode . This feature allows users to watch livestreams on a small window while browsing other content on the app. This way, they can multitask and enjoy multiple streams at once without missing out on anything.

Go Live With a Friend

A new feature called “LIVE Together” allows two users to broadcast live on the same stream1. This feature enables creators to collaborate with other creators or invite their friends to join them on their livestreams. This way, they can create more interactive and fun content for their audiences and increase their reach.

Live Q&A

Another feature that Tek Tok has introduced for livestreams is the live Q&A . This feature allows creators to answer questions from their viewers during their streams. The questions are displayed on a separate tab on the screen, and creators can choose which ones to answer. This way, they can interact with their fans more directly and personally.

Top Streams

A new feature called “Top Streams” showcases the most popular livestreams on Tek Tok at any given time . This feature helps users discover new content and creators that they might be interested in. It also helps creators gain more exposure and recognition for their streams.

Assign Moderators

Another feature that Tek Tok has added for livestreams is the ability to assign moderators1. This feature allows creators to choose trusted users who can help them manage their streams by removing inappropriate comments or reporting abusive behavior. This way, they can ensure a safe and positive environment for their streams.

Keyword Filters

A new feature called “Keyword Filters” allows creators to block certain words or phrases from appearing in their comments or chats during their livestreams1. This feature helps creators avoid unwanted or offensive messages that might disrupt their streams or harm their reputation.

Harmful Comment Alerts

Another feature that Tek Tok has launched for livestreams is the harmful comment alerts . This feature notifies creators when someone posts a potentially harmful comment on their stream, such as bullying, harassment, or self-harm. The alert also provides resources and support options for both the creator and the commenter. This way, Tek Tok aims to promote mental health awareness and prevent online abuse.


A new feature called “Series” allows select creators to share longer videos that will be available for purchase behind a paywall. Each “Series” can include up to 80 videos that can be as long as 20 minutes each. This feature gives creators more creative freedom and control over their content, as well as another source of income.


Tek Tok is constantly innovating and adding new features to its app to provide a better experience for its users and creators. Some of these features include scheduling livestreams in advance, watching livestreams in picture-in-picture mode, going live with a friend, live Q&A, top streams, assigning moderators, keyword filters, harmful comment alerts, and series. These features make Tek Tok more engaging, interactive, and profitable for both viewers and broadcasters. If you are a fan of Tek Tok, you should definitely check out these new features and see how they enhance your enjoyment of this amazing app!

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