How to Make a Site Like Omegle

 Omegle is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register. The service randomly pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they chat anonymously using the names “You” and “Stranger” or “Stranger 1” and “Stranger 2” in the case of Spy mode. Users can also choose to add their interests and be matched with someone who shares them. Omegle also offers video chat, where users can see and hear each other through their webcams.

Omegle is one of the most popular online chat platforms, with millions of users from all over the world. According to SimilarWeb, Omegle had over 200 million visits in November 2022. Omegle makes money by displaying ads on its website and by selling virtual gifts to users.


  • Multi-participants
  • Toggling of video stream
  • Toggling of audio stream (mute & unmute)
  • Screen sharing
  • Text chat
  • Mute individual participant
  • Expand participants' stream
  • Screen Recording
  • Video Recording


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If you want to create a site like Omegle and make money with it, you will need a few things:

  • A domain name and a web hosting service
  • A video call app NodeJS from GitHub
  • A way to monetize your site

In this article, we will show you how to do all these steps and create your own Omegle clone.

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name and a Web Hosting Service

The first step to create a site like Omegle is to choose a domain name and a web hosting service. A domain name is the address of your website on the internet, such as A web hosting service is a company that provides space on a server for your website files and data.

You can choose any domain name that is available and relevant to your niche. For example, you can use something like,, or You can check the availability of domain names using tools like Namecheap or GoDaddy.

You will also need a web hosting service that can support NodeJS applications, which are required for the video call app we will use later. Some examples of web hosting services that offer NodeJS support are Hostinger, A2 Hosting, or Bluehost.

To register a domain name and a web hosting service, you will need to pay a fee that varies depending on the provider and the plan you choose. Typically, you can expect to pay around $10-$15 per year for a domain name and around $5-$10 per month for a web hosting service.

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Step 2: Install Video Call App NodeJS from GitHub

The next step to create a site like Omegle is to install a video call app NodeJS from GitHub. This is a free and open-source application that allows you to create video chat rooms using WebRTC technology. WebRTC is a web standard that enables peer-to-peer communication between browsers without the need for plugins or external software.

To install the video call app NodeJS from GitHub, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Extract the ZIP file and upload its contents to your web hosting server using an FTP client like FileZilla or Cyberduck.
  • Log in to your web hosting control panel and navigate to the NodeJS section. Create a new application and select the folder where you uploaded the video call app files as the root directory. Then, enter “server.js” as the main file and click on “Save”.
  • Go back to your web hosting control panel and navigate to the SSL/TLS section. Generate a free SSL certificate for your domain name using tools like Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare. This is necessary for WebRTC to work properly.
  • Go to your domain name in your browser and you should see the video call app running. You can create new rooms by entering any name in the input field and clicking on “Create Room”. You can join existing rooms by clicking on their names or entering their URLs.

Step 3: Monetize Your Site

The final step to create a site like Omegle and make money with it is to monetize your site. There are many ways to make money from a website, but here are some of the most common and effective ones:

  • Advertising: You can display ads on your site using platforms like Google AdSense or sell ad space directly to advertisers. You can earn money every time someone clicks on an ad or views an impression. However, you will need a lot of traffic and a good click-through rate to make significant income from ads.
  • Donations: You can ask your users to support your site by making donations. You can use platforms like PayPal, Patreon, or Buy Me a Coffee to accept donations from your users. You can also offer incentives or rewards for donors, such as exclusive content, access to chat rooms, or shout-outs.
  • Selling your own products or services: You can create and sell your own products or services on your site. For example, you can sell ebooks, courses, software, coaching, consulting, or merchandise. You can use platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Teachable, or Gumroad to create and manage your online store. You can also use your video call app to showcase your products or services to your users and answer their questions.

These are some of the ways to monetize a site like Omegle and make money with it. Of course, you will need to experiment and test different methods to see what works best for your niche and audience. You will also need to provide value and quality content to attract and retain users on your site.


Creating a site like Omegle and making money with it is possible, but it requires a lot of work and dedication. You will need to choose a domain name and a web hosting service, install a video call app NodeJS from GitHub, and monetize your site using various methods. You will also need to provide value and quality content to your users and grow your traffic and audience. If you follow these steps and tips, you can create your own Omegle clone and turn it into a profitable online business.

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