Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats and Secrets PC

GTA: Vice City Cheat PC mode:

Enter one of the following codes during game play or at the pause menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. The message "Cheat Activated" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Effect Code
Weapons (tier 1) thugstools
Weapons (tier 2) professionaltools
Weapons (tier 3) nuttertools
Armor preciousprotection
Health1 aspirine
Raise wanted level youwonttakemealive
Lower wanted level leavemealone
View media level when over two stars chasestat
Good weather apleasantday
Great weather alovelyday
Sunny weather abitdrieg
Stormy weather catsanddogs
Foggy weather cantseeathing
Rhino tank panzer
Faster game clock lifeispassingmeby
Faster game play onspeed
Slower game play booooooring
Destroy all cars bigbang
Pedestrians riot fightfightfight
Pedestrians attack you nobodylikesme
Pedestrians have weapons ourgodgivenrighttobeararms
Pedestrians enter your car hopingirl
Change wheel size6 loadsoflittlethings
Only wheels visible on cars wheelsareallineed
Dodo cars (flying)2 comeflywithme
Better driving skills7 gripiseverything
Bikini women with guns4 chickswithguns
Suicide icanttakeitanymore
Heavy traffic miamitraffic
Pink traffic ahairdresserscar
Black traffic iwantitpaintedblack
All traffic lights green greenlight
Romero's Hearse thelastride
Love Fist Limousine rockandrollcar
Trashmaster rubbishcar
Bloodring Banger (style 1) travelinstyle
Bloodring Banger (style 2) gettherequickly
Hotring Racer (style 1) getthereamazinglyfast
Hotring Racer (style 2) getthereveryfastindeed
Sabre Turbo gettherefast
Caddy betterthanwalking
Pedestrian costumes3 stilllikedressingup
Lance Vance costume looklikelance
Ken Rosenberg costume mysonisalawyer
Hilary King costume ilooklikehilary
Jezz Torent (Love Fist) costume rockandrollman
Dick (Love Fist) costume weloveourdick
Phil Cassaday costume onearmedbandit
Sonny Forelli costume idonthavethemoneysonny
Mercedes costume foxylittlething
Cars float on water seaways
Tommy groupies5 fannymagnet or phanymagnet
Ricardo Diaz costume cheatshavebeencracked
Tommy smokes cigarette certaindeath
Tommy is fatter deepfriedmarsbars
Tommy has thin arms and legs programmer
Reguard target airship

1. If this code is enabled when there is damage on your car, the meter will be reset to zero without changing the visible effects of the damage.

2. You will not be able to fly a helicopter correctly when this code is activated.

3. Also, if you change your appearance, you cannot pick up any "shirt icons" (at Rafael's, Laundromat, Collars and Cuffs, etc.) or the game will freeze. You cannot change into a pedestrian costume while in a vehicle or in a special outfit (you must get "street" clothes).

4. The women will drop guns when they are killed.

5. Aim your gun at someone and they will attack your target.

6. To increase the effect of this code, enable it, go to the pause menu, select "Load Game", choose any game, then enable the code again and repeat as desired.

7. Press [Shift] when this code is enabled to jump.

GTA: Vice City Change vehicle physics:

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "handling.cfg" file in the "grandtheftautovicecity\data\" folder. You can change the volocity of the bikes, cars, boats, helicopters, and airplanes in the game.

Hint: GTA: Vice City Quick reload:

When you run out of your clip, roll the mouse wheel up, then roll it back down quickly. The weapon you were using will already be reloaded.

Hint: GTA: Vice City Stoppie bonuses:

It is possible to get up to 150 second stoppie bonuses with this trick. First, get a moped and drive to where there is a long, straight stretch of road. Press [Keypad 9] to lean forward, then use the brake. While you are doing a basic stoppie, release the brake and press the gas (while still holding [Keypad 9]). You should be able to "drive" on your one wheel for a long time. Note: You cannot turn or do anything else.

Hint: GTA: Vice City Wheelie bonuses:

It is possible to get up to 500 second wheelie bonuses with this trick. You will need either need a moped or a dirt bike. With a dirt bike, drive then do a wheelie. When you do the wheelie, you would normally hold the gas and [Keypad 6]. Instead of holding those until you flip over, get a pretty big wheelie then release the gas while still holding [Keypad 6]. If you are traveling at the correct speed, the dirt bike will keep doing a wheelie without the need for your to press the gas. To keep your momentum, tap the brake or the gas. With a moped, you need to listen to the sound. Start to do a wheelie and when you hear scraping sounds on the road, release the gas then quickly press it again before you go down to the ground. Try to keep letting the gas off and pressing the gas until the scrapping sound stops and you should be doing a steady wheelie.

Hint: GTA: Vice City Full rotation trick spot:

Start at the Hyman Condo. It helps if you have saved the game there with a PCJ 600 in the garage. Drive south very fast, past the V-Rock building. You should see a ramp on the left leading up to the "1412" building (across the street from the Love Fist tour banner). Aim your speeding motorcycle onto the ramp and hit the outer stone edge of it, somewhere between the first and second palm (where there are bushes). Try to aim your motorcycle so that you land in the street. If done correctly, this will launch the motorcycle into the air rotating, and with some practice you will be able to pull off complete rotations to where you can land and continue driving.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Unlimited pistol ammunition:

Go to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown. Enter the back room and keep doing the target challenge. You will notice that every time you complete it, your pistol ammunition will go up. Eventually, there will be no ammo or amount left in the clip shown under the pistol. Note: This trick can only be done with the regular pistol, and not the revolver.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Fixed hood, trunk, and doors:

Find any vehicle and have brass knuckles, a bat, or empty hand. Hit either the hood, trunk, or doors two hits for each piece, them get in the car. Press [F1] for a replay then press [F1] to exit the replay. The doors, hood, and trunk will be perfect but open while driving. If you hit anything three times, it will fall off and when driving fast the front hood will fly off.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Driver's door stuck open:

Enable the thugstools code, then get in front of anyone's vehicle. Use the Ruger to shoot their head off then get in passenger side. You cannot shut the driver's door unless you punch it off or get out of vehicle.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Tire tracks in mid-air:

Steal a Packer and back cars up its ramp. Sometimes you will see tire tracks in mid-air. To find a Packer, go onto the tarmac behind the Escobar International Airport Terminal.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Fall through game:

Take a bike, preferably the PCJ 600, to Washington Beach. Go to one of the outpost huts and place the bike facing the steps. Move backwards until you have enough distance to get some real speed. Once you have done this, drive towards the steps and try to fly over them. If done correctly, when you hit them you will get the "Greetings From Vice City" screen, then see yourself falling through the ground seemingly to nowhere. However, eventually you will return to the ground in a far away area.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Stand underwater:

Take any sports car with tires that do not become big (for example, the Banshee). Enable the loadsoflittlethings code then drive straight into the water. If you land on a rock, you can get out of the car and stand underwater without getting wasted. If you do not land on a rock ,you will feel as if you are going endlessly down nowhere, but will land far away.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Easy Insane Stunt bonus:

When you get the car that resembles an older Corvette, enable the seaways code. Drive into the ocean, and the car will not float. It will go down under and remain there for awhile. After a few seconds, the car will respwan on the road. The game will give you lots of money, thinking that you did an Insane Stunt.

Glitch: GTA: Vice City Extended wheelies:

Use the following trick to get wheelies that last as long as desired. It may work with any motorcycle, but was performed with a PCJ 600. Drive down to the Viceport Docks area. :ook for the trucks that look like huge mobile ramps (they are also at the airport). There is one parked in the parking lot two blocks south of the Pay 'N' Spray there if you cannot find any driving around. Drive up the ramp of the truck carefully and slowly until the front wheel goes over the edge and you are balancing with your back wheel still on the ramp. Do not drive forward too far. Then, sit back for as long as desired. When you are ready, start driving forward or backward again. Note: Some rocking back and forth may be needed to get out of that position. If done correctly, the game should give you a very low money bonus (because the distance is usually only about four to seven feet), but your "Longest Wheelie Time" stat should make up for that. Note: This will only work when the bridges are opened, of course.

GTA: Vice City Locations

Note: Button presses are described in PlayStation2 version format. Use the equivalent key on the PC keyboard when playing that version.

GTA: Vice City Downtown: 

Secret rooftop hideout:

Go to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club. Go north about a half block. On the left hand side is a building with stairs (going over a gun that you can obtain). Go up the stairs to the roof to find a shack that can be used to store any motorcycle-class vehicle, etc. It only costs $1,000.

Molotov cocktails:

Go to where the Hyman Condo is located and go past the save point. Follow the alley until it reaches the street. Across the street you will see a restaurant named Tacocalypse. Enter the outdoor eating area and turn left to find the Molotov cocktail.

Drowned man:

Go off the coast to the east of the Greasy Chopper to see man in swimming trunks that drowned due to a brick tied to him.

Dead turtle:

Go off the coast to the east of the Greasy Chopper to see a dead turtle.

Extra trick money:

Get a Sanchez motorcycle go near the Hyman condos. While on the Sanchez, face the door that leads to the roof of the Hyman condos at an angle. Try to wall ride on the side of the door by holding the wheelie (Down) and pressing the gas fully. If you do wall ride and warp to the top of the condo, you will get a trick worth $195 compared to a normal ten second wheelie getting nowhere near that much.

Buy the Hyman Condo and go to the rooftop with a Sanchez or a PCJ 600. Go very fast and make a left turn where the long part of the roof is located. Do a wheelie immediately before you hit the rail. You should go up in the air and spin like crazy. It is possible to get over 1500 degrees of rotation and over $250.

Easter Egg:

Go on top on the VCN building, onto the helipad. The fourth window in from the right will be an invisible wall. Get to the corner of the helipad and jump inside to find an Easter Egg. If you did not fall through, you are at the wrong window.

Huge explosion:

Go to the dirt bike track. Get on the parked dirt bike, start the mission, but do not move. Wait for the three Cubans to appear and kill them. Take their bikes and put them where the original dirt bike was located. Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of bikes there. Note: Fail the mission first, then get back on the bike -- no more Cubans will appear if you do not do this. Get far enough away not to die then either throw a Molotov cocktail or a grenade at them, or shoot one until it catches on fire. This will cause a chain reaction that will cause a enormous explosion (and give you wanted stars).

Downtown: Death at the tracks:

At Hyman Memorial Stadium, enter in the Hotring Racer event. Instead of racing, park your car at a safe location (such as on top of higher ground next to the pit stop). You can exit the car and shoot drivers coming around. The race will not end until you have completed twelve laps or have exited the event. 

Note: Explosives and flames will not damage any other race car.

Downtown: Ronald Reagan poster:

In the PlayStation2 version, go to the Ammu-Nation. Go straight, never turning, through the door until you hit the wall. Then, look to your left to see the counter that has mannequin heads with helmets on them. Jump on the mannequin heads (not just the counter because you need all the height you can get), then face and touch the wall. Barely tilt the Analog-stick Down so that Tommy's back is now facing the wall and still, if not barely touching the wall. Equip the rocket launcher hold R1 to enter aiming mode. Turn around so that you are facing the wall again, and look slightly up. You should see a Ronald Reagan poster where he is holding a Colt .45 besides a person with bullet holes.

Downtown: Project Gotham Racing reference:

Enter Hyman Memorial Stadium. In the Hotring Racing inside the dome, there are various billboards. One of them says "Earn Money Not Kudos," referring to the points you earn in Project Gotham Racing.

Escobar International Airport: Easy money:

To get a large amount of money in a short time, get the Rhino Tank from Fort Baxter Air Base. Drive it to Escobar International Airport. Once there, activate the Vigilante missions. Almost all of the chases will take place on the airstrip. They appear one behind the other and can just be rammed with the tank or fired on. It is possible to get to level 66 in vigilante mode with 760 kills and $5,000,000 in about a half hour. If you get stars, drive to Sunshine Autos, and jump into a car, then drive into the Pay 'N' Spray. You should have a large amount of mission time to drive there and back to the airport with no problems.

Escobar International Airport: Rampage and hidden package:

Go to the airport and find the billboard with a surfer. Directly across from it is a plane. Enable the "Sabre Turbo" code and go all the way to the wall. Make a 180 degree turn to face the billboard. At full speed, align yourself so that you will hit he ramp and fly with a cinematic view of your car landing on the roof. You can now find a hidden package and rampage. The rampage requires you to blow up ten vehicles, You can do this easily by enabling the "Destroy cars" code.

Escobar International Airport: Enter airport with weapons:

When facing the airport building, go through the gate to the left that leads into the runway area. Follow the airport building itself around as far as you can and still have a window to your right. The last airport window is fashioned into the cement of the building, but there is just enough space for you to walk up to the outside portion of it. If you walk up this outside portion and veer slightly to the left you, will instantly appear on the other side of the glass. This may require several attempts.

Park a car by the entrance to the airport. Jump on the car, then jump over the rail.

Get a Baggage Handler. Then, enabling the "Better driving skills" code. Next, drive at full speed at the security check and once you are halfway in, press L3. If done correctly, you should be inside the airport while still on the Baggage Handler with your weapons.

Drive into the airport and park next to the metal detector. Jump over the fence. You cannot use the gun in the airport, but it will be in Tommy's hand.

Escobar International Airport: Free ammunition:

Drive to Escobar International Airport. Walk through the metal detector. All your weapons will appear outside the airport, even those that were completely out of ammunition. Leave and pick them up. Each weapon, even the ones that were out of ammunition, will have earned a load of ammo.

Go into the police station and change into the cop uniform. Then, buy one of each weapon you like and go to the airport. Because you are wearing the uniform, you will be allowed to enter with all of your weapons. However, as you pass in and out of the metal detector, your range of firepower will be waiting outside. Keep doing this for awhile and you will have all the ammunition needed.

Escobar International Airport: Rocket launcher:

On the long drive to the airport, there is a short left turn into the Hooker Inn hotel. There is a rocket launcher in the pool there.

Escobar International Airport: Spaz 12 shotgun:

Look behind the wave-shaped billboard (unique jump) in front of the airport terminal to get a Spaz 12 shotgun.

Escobar International Airport: Easy trick money:

In the PlayStation2 version, get a Faggio and go to the runway where the plane lands and takes off near the hangers. Go to one of the ends and get up to speed, which is not very fast. Press Up + Square + Hand Brake. When you have gotten your back wheel off of the ground, release Square and push the gas. If you drift to one way, very slightly turn the same way and ride it out as far as you can go. If done correctly, you can get well over 2000 feet and lots of money. It is very tricky, but you can do a wheelie about the same distance at the same place with the Faggio.

Escobar International Airport: Quick energy gain:

When inside the airport, ride an escalator to regain your energy quickly.

Escobar International Airport: Runway support:

Take a boat to the runway at the airport. Look underneath to see that the part of the runway that extends over the water is not supported at all, with the ground visible on the seawall behind it.

Fort Baxter Air Force Base: Entering without a wanted level:

Use this trick to enter the military base without getting the law on you. Complete the Cop Land mission at the Vercetti Estate. After you complete it, you will get the police uniform. It is located at the VCPD HQ at Washington Beach. Go into the locker room and put it on. Then, get a police car from the parking lot in the back and drive to the Fort Baxter Air Force Base. You can now enter the base and be able to get the Hunter attack helicopter. Note: This is best done between 20:00 and 24:00.

Leaf Links: Phallic symbol:

When you are at Leaf Links Golf course at the country club entrance, turn so your back is facing the entrance and you are looking out to the city. Turn left less than a quarter turn to see three large buildings. If it is dark, but before 00:00, hours you will see lights in the windows of these buildings. The largest building will have a symbol of a penis with two balls. Every 15 seconds, a squirt will appear from the top of the building.

Leaf Links: Easy money:

Go to the golf range and kill some old people there, They should have a lot of money.

Leaf Links: Reload weapon:

If you have a Uzi or another gun that you can keep when it is out of ammunition, go to the golf course. Walk through the entrance then walk back out. When you pick up your weapon, it should be as if you just picked it up or bought it. Note: This may not always work.

Leaf Links: Many guns:

At the golf course, kill the guards at the gate. Walk through the metal detector with a gun, and a lot of guns will appear.

Leaf Links: Golf club weapon:

Sometimes there is a group of people outside the golf course. Kill them and take the golf clubs.

Leaf Links: Bring weapons on golf course:

Park any car to the left of the entrance to Leaf Links. Jump on your car then onto the ramp made of golf clubs on the other side. You are now on the course with all of your weapons. This is quite helpful on the Four Iron mission.

Take a helicopter from a hideout or wherever else over the golf course, and land inside. You can also do this with a boat, but this can be hazardous as you may drown getting out. Another way is to use the bridge that extends over the road outside the course, on the same island. If you walk/run up to the bridge and then jump over the railing, you will be inside the course with your weapons.

GTA: Vice City Leaf Links

Annoy guards:

Get a PCJ 600 motorcycle and position yourself directly outside the golf club (where the guards usually take your weapons). Move back far enough so that you can to nearly top speed. Ride straight past where your weapons are usually confiscated and go into the golf course. The guards will try to chase you, but you will easily outrun them. If you were quick enough through the gates, you will still have all your weapons.


Go to Leaf Links golf course and move far down the back (where there is a narrow brown bridge connecting the small island with the big one). When on the bridge, you should be able to see a shark in the water.

GTA: Vice City Little Haiti: 

Pogo The Monkey arcade game:

Find the pizza restaurant in Little Haiti, Go in and you will see two arcade games. One of them is Pogo the Monkey.

Buy the Kaufman Cab business and look to the right of it when inside. You will see two games. One is a Pogo The Monkey game.

Taxi show reference:
The Kaufman Cab Company is named after the late Andy Kaufman, who stared in the television show "Taxi". Inside the building, it cleverly resembles the set of the show.

Easy money:
Go to the location of the Ryton Aid pharmacy and the adjacent Pay 'N' Spray. Steal any car and park it directly in front of the Pay 'N' Spray. Enter the Ryton Aid and rob it by pointing a gun at the clerk until you have three stars on your wanted meter. Drop the gun, take the money, and run outside to your car. Drive it into the Pay 'N' Spray. If you got hit by the police, return to the store after your car is repainted and get the health power-up. Run down the block and a new clerk will be back in Ryton Aid. Repeat this process to get easy money.

Fudge Packing sign:
Start at the Café Under The Tree and go east on that road. Take the next right turn and go north. On the left hand side of the road is a large deep orange building. The sign there reads "FUDGE Packing Corp."

Obscene poster:
After taking Phil Cassidy to the hospital, go into his trailer and enter his room. Over top of his bed is a poster reads "Is F***king Great" at the top.

Dracula poster:
At the funeral home, there is a window with displays and other items. Look in the window in first person mode, there should be Bela Lugosi Dracula poster to Tommy's right.

After the completion of the Trojan Voodoo mission and the drug factory has been destroyed, there will be a minigun on top of it. It may be easier to use a helicopter to get it.

Sunken cars:
Go to the bridge leading to the golf course. Go next to the water on the east side of the bridge. The look down and you should see three sunken cars. They look like the ones that can be found around Little Havana and Little Haiti.

Human remains:
Start at the Pizza Place then turn left and to get to Funeraria Romero. Keep going along the front of the place until encounter a small narrow alleyway. Go through the alleyway and turn left. There should be a hidden package there. Notice there are four little plots of dirt in the ground. One of them is uncovered and you can see a human skeleton.

Human organs:
Find the Funeraria Romero, then start walking south until you find a place called Carnicero Romero. Look in the window and you will see two pigs tied to the top. On the bottom you can see some human organs (even a brain). At the bottom of all the organs is a box that says "Human Organs".

Hidden package:
There is a hidden package at Phil's Place. Go into Phil's Place and turn right. You will find a building without a door. Go into that building and take a left. Directly ahead of you will be a hidden package. There is a Patriot also located there, on the other side of Phils'. If you go into the hillbilly trailer, directly ahead will be a gun rack full of guns you cannot get. Take an 90 degree turn to find another one.

GTA: Vice City Little Havana: 

Easy money:

Go to West Haven Community Healthcare Center, near the bridge to Starfish Island. Stay there, and most of the time, two opposing gangs will start a fight and eventually kill each other. They pack Colt 45s and some money. Do not stand in the middle of the battle or you will get shot.

Use the following trick to get an easy $1,050. After completing The Job mission, you can return to the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank that you robbed. Go up stairs and you will get four stars on your wanted meter. Continue to the office where you met the bank manager during the missino. Near the chair are two rolls of money. Take them, exit the office, and go up the second flight of stairs. Go into the room where the elevator is located (just to your right). You should see three rolls of money there. Take them and escape. Note: You can immediately go back in the bank after exiting and the money will be there again.

After purchasing the Sunshine Autos, steal a car and start running over the men directly outside of the dealership. They carry lots of money and Uzi ammunition.

Sniper rifle:
Go to Sunshine Autos, then head north until it ends. Turn right and then find the alleyway that connects the two roads. Go in it, turn right, and find the set of stairs. Go up the first, then there is another. Go up that then go to the corner furthest away form the stairs.

Sniper location:
A good location where the police, FBI and Army will have a hard time to getting you is the hospital.

Start a gunfight:
Purchase the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory in Little Havana. About a dozen of your men will stand around it. Locate a group of Cubans nearby. Hit one of them, then walk, do not run, back to the Ice Cream Factory. Your men will rush and attack the Cubans. They will shoot each other, and you can pick up any dropped weapons or money.

GTA: Vice City Ocean Beach: 

Baseball bat:
Look in the alleyway directly behind your hideout at the Ocean View to find a baseball bat.

Brass knuckles:
Look slightly north (less than 100 feet) from the baseball bat behind your hideout to find a set of brass knuckles.

Enter the apartment building in Ocean Beach next to the Pay 'N' Spray. Find the open door to apartment 30. To your right is a bathroom with blood all over. The chainsaw can be found there.

Go to the alleyway in the south-east corner of the east island (where you start) to find the knife.

You can find a shotgun at any time by going to the top of the Washington Mall via the car park (the circle ramp). When at the top of the building, do down the left side ramp, and then immediately turn around. The gun is to the left of the ramp at the back.

Drive next to the Pay 'N' Spray near the Ocean View, then walk through the fence. Follow the trail and at the end you will find an Uzi.

Easy money:
Leave your Ocean View hotel hideout, and steal a car. This cannot be done with a motorcycle or scooter. Make sure the car is directly in front of the hideout. Go right (from standing in front of the hotel) and keep driving along the road. Drive on the left hand side of the road, opposite to traffic. You will see a wide gravel path. Follow the path, being careful not to run over anyone, until you get to a small, narrow bridge. Start ramming your car into the side of the bridge. As soon as the car starts on fire, run away. Wait until the car explodes, and then return to the bridge. A lot of people should be dead, since many of them were walking on the bridge. If you are lucky, you might even kill a police officer or two.

Bag of money:
After you complete the Malibu Club missions, there will be a bag full of money on your bed in your Ocean View Hotel Room.

On the table in your Ocean View Hotel room is a broken hidden package that has a mysterious white powder spilling out of it.

Beach ball:
You can find a beach ball on the beach that you can bounce on your head for points.

Ocean Beach: Grand Theft Auto 3 reference:
There is a comic book-like picture of our hero from Grand Theft Auto 3 in your first hideout in The Ocean View Hotel.

Ocean Beach: Scarface reference:
The entire road that runs parallel the beach on the east side (where the Ocean View hotel is located) is an exact duplicate of the scene from the Scarface, which was based in Miami.

New Candy Suxxx posters:
After you complete all of the InterGlobal Film studio missions, return to the original save point area in the Ocean View Hotel. Go up to your room, and you can see two new Candy Suxxx movie advertisement posters on the wall -- "BITE: Featuring Candy Suxxx" and "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: Starring Candy Suxxx".

New magazines:
After you complete all the missions, there will be new magazines in the Ocean View Hotel. The magazines have pictures of Lance Vance and Diaz on them, plus a computer magazine with the title "1986 Best For Graphics" on the front cover.

Boomshine barrels:
After you complete the missions for Phil Cassidy, go to your hideout at the Ocean View hotel. There will be barrels of boomshine in your room.
Mike Van Zandbergen.

Shooting award:
Go into your hideout at the Ocean View hotel and go towards the television. On top of it is a head with a bullet hole in the middle of the forehead. On the base, there is a plaque reading "Shooter Of The Month". This only appears after you complete the Shooting Range mission.

Shoot the award and you will get a wanted level star.

Secret package contents:
On a table in the hotel room, there is a secret package. It does not count towards the 100 hidden in the game. It is broken open and contains cocaine.

Hockey mask:
Also a hockey mask from the Bank Heist mission will be on the table in your room at the Ocean View hotel after that mission is completed.

New stripper:
After buying the Pole Position strip club, you can get a lap dance in the back room. If you kill everyone in the club, (all strippers, customers, and bartenders), there will be a different striper in the back room.

After buying the Pole Position strip club, go to the back room get a private dance. Then, go out into the main room and go back in. You will get a new stripper. You can do this three times.

GTA: Vice City Prawn Island:

Erotic posters:
Drive into the InterGlobal Films movie set on Prawn Island. Walk into the toll booth to see some posters of women on the wall. Note: You can see each poster better in first person view.

GTA: Vice City Prawn Island Grand Theft Auto 3 reference:
When you obtain InterGlobal Films, in the far left hand corner (the opposite of where the sea plane is in the studio) is a set with a huge burger hanging from the top. It is Bolt Burgers from Grand Theft Auto 3 on the second island.

Get into the InterGlobal Films studio and keep walking around outside until you find a studio set made to look like a city "strip" with clubs and theaters. The set is actually the Club Street in the Red Light District of Grand Theft Auto 3.

Blow up gas pump:
Go to the back wall of InterGlobal Film Studios and you will see a white box on the wall. If you look closely, you will see that it is a gas pump. Take a few steps back and shoot it to make it explode.

Sunken boat:
In the PlayStation2 version, get in the Skimmer next to Prawn Island and take it towards the west side. Turn right under the bridge and press Triangle stand on top of the plane. Use the sniper rifle and you will be able to see the wreckage of a Reefer underwater.

Go to Prawn island with a boat and go under the bridge from Prawn island to the second island, At the set of two pylons closest to the second island, on the right side pylon (facing the second Island), look at the bottom. You should see part of a small sunken boat. The boat is very difficult to see. It may be easier to use a sniper rifle when on the boat.

GTA: Vice City Starfish Island:

"Keepy-Uppy" beach ball game:
Go to Starfish Island and locate the mansion that has the drained pool in its side yard. There will be a lone beach ball in the deep end of the pool. Run into the ball hard enough and it will fly into the air. Position yourself on its shadow to have it bounce off your head. The game keeps track of consecutive hits, however the prize is unknown. Note: Equip a heavy weapon such as a flamethrower or a minigun to walk around slowly so you do not over-walk the shadow.

Launch the beach ball:
Find the keepy-uppy beachball and shoot it. It will launch hundreds of feet in the air and come crashing back down only to launch back up again.

Go to the house directly west of the Vercetti Estate (Diaz's Mansion). There is a katana in the garage.

On one of the bridge sidewalks that connects to Starfish Island where the estate mansion is located, there is a machete.

Woman-shaped pool:
When flying a helicopter or airplane, go to Starfish island. One of the northernmost pools looks resembles a woman's body, without the arms, head, and legs. If you are high enough, a polka dotted red bikini will show up in the pool.

Rockstar logo-shaped pool:
When you get a helicopter, fly over Starfish Island and look down. One of the houses has a pool in the shape of the Rockstar logo.

Erotic poster and pictures:
After you have completed the InterGlobal Films missions, go back to your mansion on Starfish Island. There will be erotic pictures of Candy Suxxx on the desk in your office, along with a poster on the wall of her from behind.

New rooms in mansion:
After you complete the Rub-Out mission and obtain Diaz's mansion, there are two secret rooms that you can now access with weapons and health/armor. The first is the minibar next to the main entrance of your new mansion. The second is on the lowest floor where the staircases are located (pool level). This room is next to the exit to the pools. It is easy to miss, but look for it. It is in a corner before you turn to the stairs going up.

When you complete the three events at the Hyman Memorial Stadium, go to your mansion. In the first room to the right (above the television), you will now have three trophies; one with a dirt bike, one with a star on top, and one that reads "Vice City Champion 1986".

Love Fist gas cans:
Go to your mansion and enter the main office after completing the Love Fist missions. Look on one of the tables to find two Love Fist gas cans, marked "Hot N Sticky".

RC helicopter box:
In the new room of your mansion (next to the main entrance with the minibar and a television), is a box for an RC helicopter, as if it were a child's toy.

Hunter box:
After you have acquiring all 100 hidden packages and completing the final mission (Keep Your Friends Close), go into the Vercetti mansion. Go into the bar and turn to your left. You will then see a pistol weapon. Under the pistol, you will see more trash. Look closely at the cover of the box to see the Hunter helicopter you can get from Fort Baxter Air Base.

Defaced Diaz painting:
After you complete the Rub-Out mission, go upstairs and look to the right on the wall outside of Tommy's office. The painting of Diaz has been drawn on with a marker. Someone drew a pair of glasses and a few other things on it.

Scarface reference:
In the "preparing for war" scene in Scarface, the camera pans away from his surveillance system and the middle television shows the main room in which all the bloodshed takes place. This is the same picture used on every screen in Tommy's room at his mansion. It is also on every screen at El Banko Corrupto, in their security room.

Enter early:
To get to Starfish Island without completing the missions, get a fast motorcycle (not a moped). Go to the Starfish bridge and floor it through the tiny hole used by bridge pedestrians. Wreck at the gate and the game should put you on Starfish Island.

Spawn a Sabre Turbo and drive very fast on the bridge to Starfish Island. Keep going when you see the gate. You should get your car stuck half in the gate. Keep pushing on the gas, and when you stop moving hit reverse. You should finally get through the gate.

Good stunts:
Get a Sanchez or a fast car and go to the Vercetti Mansion. Drive up the big set of stairs leading to the door. Go off the side of the stairway while doing a wheelie (with the Sanchez). You can sometimes get 1200 degrees and six flips.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Vice Point: 

Grand Theft Auto screens:

In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go behind the counter and take a look at the registers. You will find screens from the original Grand Theft Auto.

Enter the pizza restaurant to find more Grand Theft Auto screens. Apparently throughout the game, some store registers have the screens.

In the North Point Mall, go into the Tarbrush Cafe. Go into the back room to find the katana.

North Point Mall shootout:
Get to the North Point Mall, then enable any desired "Weapons" code. Walk around the mall. You will soon hear shooting and notice DPB security guards in a standoff somewhere with the gang clad in jeans and vests, (your opponents in Phnom Pehn '86). Assist the gang members, as they will not shoot you after the battle is over, like DBP. You can then either look for more fights, or shoot one of the officers coming near you. Get to a four star or higher wanted level. In the center of the mall's bottom floor is a row of bushes. Take out a shotgun or assault rifle. Begin to fire. Cops will jump through the shrubs and get slaughtered as they cross. This is effective for about a minute, or until ten to twelve cops have been shot. The police with then attempt to surround you. Use police bribes, get killed, caught, or use a code to remove your wanted level.

Meat cleaver:
Go to the pizza shop walk around the back. Look to the northwest corner to find a meat cleaver.

Easy money:
To get an easy $200 to $300, go to North Point Mall and follow a police officer until he begins chasing someone. Attack that person with your fists (no brass knuckles -- you gain more money without them) to get $50 for every punch you throw. Be sure not to hit the police officer.

Go to the North Point mall at the far end of town (from the hideout). Find The Gap and the CD store. Rob the CD store by aiming at the clerk with auto aim. Wait until you get only one star. When he sets the alarm off you will get another star. Then, run to The Gap and get a change of clothes. The stars will go away. You can rob the CD store clerk again. If he is not there, go downstairs at The Gap and rob that clerk, going back and forth. This saves you a trip to the CD store just to find out that the clerk is on break.

Go to the North Point Mall. Lock on to almost any shop owner with a gun. Hold it until you get three stars. He will give you about $1,000.

Cheap hideout:
Go across the street and to the north of North Point Mall to find a house that can be bought for $2,500.

RC Baron Race:
Get in the Toy Fun Van on the top of the parking garage next to the mall to start the RC Baron Race, in which you will fly RC planes across the island.

RC Bandit Race:
Get in the Toy Fun Van near the dirt bike track.

Village People:
The Village People perform inside the Malibu Club. Dicing them up with a chainsaw is very cathartic.

Malibu Club massacre:
Get some Molotov cocktails and a shotgun or another strong weapon that can wipe out the police in one shot. Enter the Malibu Club and stand at the entrance. Toss a Molotov cocktail into the center of the dance floor. The whole place will go up in flames. Exit the Malibu Club. Come back in and the people should be dancing again. The security guards will be after you. Take out your shotgun and kill them. Take out a sniper rifle, go to the bar, and snipe the bartenders. Kill the security guard that is blocking the stairway and go up. There may be a few more bouncers that may need to be taken out. Once up there, take out your sniper rifle. Zoom in on the people dancing on the stage and kill them. Then, either use a grenade or rocket launcher to blow up everyone in the club.

Go to the Washington Beach police station, get the tear gas, then go to the Malibu Club. Get to the center of the dance floor, throw them all, then run up to a table or the bar just far enough to get out of their range. Turn around and might be able to see a few of them die. They will create one large thump because it kills them all at the same time, while only giving you a one star wanted level. Note: Throwing them in the club nearly causes the game to freeze and makes it lag terribly until the gas clears.

Dancing policemen:
Go to the Malibu Club. Go upstairs and shoot down on people. Get a two or more stars on your wanted level then use the "Lower wanted level" code. Go back down and you will now see the policemen dancing with people.

Big explosion:
Go to the gas station in Washington Beach. There will be gas tanks here. Throw a detonate grenade at one and run. Detonate it and it will cause a big explosion.

Scarface reference:
The Malibu Club is based on the Babylon club in Scarface.

New bartender:
If you own the Malibu Club, look at the female bartender behind the counter in the back. If you look closely, she is topless except for a plus sign as used for censoring.

Later in the game when buy the Malibu Club, go inside and you will see a pink mission circle. Do not go in it. Instead, go out and do a few other missions by purchasing other properties. Go back to the Malibu Club and the bartender will be replaced by an almost naked woman who follows you just in the club. She gives flying kisses to you and hands out bottles of beer.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Sniper location:
Go to the location of "The Chase" mission (apartment in Vice Point). Go to the rooftop where you chased the man. When you reach the first crack, drop into the gap. You are now in a good location for killing, where you cannot get busted.

From the Malibu Club, go north on the main road until you see an apartment complex on your left. It is directly north of the road after you pass the Malibu Club's parking lot. Once there, go up the stairs and face the road. Keep shooting people from here. The weapons of choice are the machine gun with the manual aim or the Colt Python.

Tear gas:
Look behind the police station where the cop uniform is located to find tear gas.

Flame thrower:
There is a flame thrower near 8-Ball's place. Before you turn into it, go south near the wall to find it.

Dead dolphin:
Get a boat and take it somewhere between Escobar International Airport and the docks. Do not go past the two big ships docked there -- stay west of them. Just west of the two big ships around the shoreline is a dead dolphin, just floating there. It does not move, and just floats around. Do not try to jump on it, as you will fall through.

8-Ball's bomb shop:
Go to the Pay 'N' Spray in Vice Port down by the boat docks. To the left of it is an alley with a truck parked in front. Drive past the truck and when you reach a large opening, turn left near the end of the section (where the water starts). There will be some garages to your right. The second or third one has an 8-Ball sign above it, and a bomb will be put on your car.

Sunken ship:
To see sunken ship split in half, get any helicopter and fly to the Little Havana bridge. Get directly in the middle of it and fly straight south. When you see a big rock and three floating platforms, go slightly to the right and a big tanker will appear under the water. The writing on the side reads "Quartered Libertine Lines".

Take a sea Sparrow and fly it to where the three wooden houses are in the water. Go to the right of the one with no roof. There will be an underwater rock there. Next to it is a huge ship like the ones that are docked along the shipyard that you can climb on. If you keep following it, you will notice that it is broken in half.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Washington Beach: 

You can find a cleaver behind the Well Stacked Pizza shop in Washington Beach.

Get a vehicle and drive along the trail at Washington Beach.

Tear gas:
Tear gas can be found in the parking lot directly behind the Police Station in Washington Beach.

Scarface reference and chainsaw:
Go to the gas station in Washington Beach, near the Mall. Do the stunt that goes up the white stairs onto a roof, then do the stunt that immediately follows afterwards. After that, you should be on the side of a street. There should be an apartment with two flight of stairs leading up, on the other side of the road. Go to the door on the right and enter the apartment. It is marked as apartment 3C. Go into the bathroom, which is almost identical to the classic chainsaw scene in the movie Scarface, with blood stains on the wall. There will also be a chainsaw in there.

Phallic symbol:
Go to the Malibu Club and look around for a water tower. Once you have located it, look to the left of it. You will see a tall building next to it. Look closely at the top of the building. It will say "LANGER". Go to the parking lot directly across from the building and make sure you have a clear view of the front of the building. Once the game clock turns 23:00, lights will turn on, showing the form of a penis and two balls. At the top of the building, liquid will squirt out for a short time. When the game clock turns 24:00, the lights will change and this will no longer be visible.

Aquatic life:
Go to the lighthouse near Ocean Beach to view some aquatic life. Once at the lighthouse, go out on the adjacent piers and use your first person view to scan the waters. Occasionally you can spot schools of fish, dolphin, sea turtles, and a large hungry shark. For more fun, wait on the pier and soon the people around you will start going crazy and jump into the water. None of them can swim, so the entire area becomes filled with floating corpses and shark food.

Drowned man:
There is a man floating in the water with cement shoes, west of the hardware store. Go to the road that leads to star fish island and stop at the Machete. Go to the left of the arch and fall down to the walkway, then walk south on the sidewalk. Go as far south as possible. Just before the last jog south, look down into the water with the sniper rifle to find him.

Ship silhouette:
Stand on the lighthouse and use a sniper rifle to look out towards the sea for boats. About 7 a.m. you can see a silhouette of a ship that resembles the icon for the classic game "Battleship". It will move across the screen a little bit then fade like a mirage.

Rockstar logo:
Go to the lighthouse at night and look up. You should see some stars that seem to be in the pattern of the Rockstar logo. The star at the bottom of the "R" is brighter then the rest, symbolizing the star at the bottom of the logo.

Sniping location:
Find the parking deck with the neon lining at the top. This is the parking deck with a Banshee and a PCJ 600. Walk up the stairs at the north side of the parking deck. At the top of the stairs, there should be a set of body armor. Turn to the right when you get to the top of the stairs. Jump onto the side of the building, go around the corner, then around the next one. Enable a weapons code to accumulate bazooka ammunition. Take out the bazooka and shoot the cops. You can fill out all six wanted stars here, and the only thing that can hurt you is the police chopper.

Submarine and cargo ship:
You can find a sunken ship and a submarine up north off the coast. The submarine is directly north of Ammu-Nation and The Tool Store at Vice Point Mall. The cargo ship is east of the submarine.

Note: The submarine is Soviet, as indicated by the red star on it.

Colonel Cortez's sunken yacht:
After you finish the Colonel's missions, continue the game until you are able to get a helicopter. Find the harbor on the third island and fly to the south of it. Look around and you should see an oddly colored object under the water. Switch to first person view while in the helicopter and press L2 + R2 at the same time to look beneath you. You should be able to see the Colonel's sunken ship.

Drowned man:
On the first island somewhere along the thin channel is a docked Dingy. Take it and go south until it opens up into the ocean. Make sure you can see the bottom along the left wall. As soon as it opens up. follow it and you will se a man at the bottom with his feet in a cement block.

Get to second island early:
Use the following trick to get to the second island without cheating, or having the "saving cheat and bad reputation" message. This trick requires a Coach, one other car, and $1,000. Take the Coach bus to the Marina (where Colonel Cortez's yacht is located). Drive very fast past his dock and go to the second one. The second dock has many boats. Ram into the tree that is next to the gate. The tree should shatter and disappear. Next, take the bus and line it up along side of the dock, facing out toward the water. Get the front wheels up on the ledge. Use your other car to push the Coach into the water. Once the bus is in the water, jump on top of it and walk towards the other end of the roof of the bus. The Coach will be long enough to allow you to bypass the locked gate and hop back onto the pier. Then, take a boat and drive it to the second island. To save your game, go the Skumole Shack just north of the Greasy Chopper bar. Use your $1,000 to buy it and save the game. Now that you are here, you can get the helicopter from the police station and go back and forth as needed.

Complete 100 taxi missions. Your taxi will now be equipped with hydraulics. Get into a taxi and go to the Marina. Go up to the far gate and line up with it. Reverse your taxi so you can get a run up. Accelerate towards the gate. Press L3 just before hitting it and your taxi will jump into the air and mysteriously fly through the gate. Once you are on the other side, get out of your taxi and get into one of the boats. You can now ride to the second island. Note: This may require a few attempts.

Go to the hospital at Ocean Beach. The bridge next to it is blocked off at the start of the game. On the right side there is a gap between two cement road barriers. Start at the last intersection before the bridge with a PCJ 600 and floor it. Aim directly at the gap between the two cement barriers on the right. You will pass right through them. This may require few attempts. You may also return through the same gap, but make sure you have enough speed.

Go to the northwest part of the island and look for a large white building with docks behind it. There should be a Cheetah next to the dock. Line it up diagonally to the dock with the front of the car pointing towards the opposite way of the road. Walk along the edge of the parking lot until you find a PEG 800 motorcycle. Get on the motorcycle and start driving straight towards the Cheetah. Before you hit it, do a wheelie, then bail immediately when you hit it. You will fly off and land on the dock. Then, jump in a boat and drive to the other island. This is very difficult and will probably require a few attempts.

Get a PCJ-600 or a Freeway bike. Drive up the ramp on the east street of Prawn Island and jump the ramps on the roof to get into Interglobal Films. You will find a Packer in the northeast corner of the lot. If you park the Packer at the correct angle and distance from the north wall, you will be able to jump your bike past the barricade and on the bridge. This will take a few attempts. The only way to return is by flying the police helicopter found north of the Greasy Chopper.

Jump on the railing of the Prawn Island Bridge. Wait for a boat to pass under it. Aim and jump. Repeat this until you actually manage to land in the boat. Note: The owner will jump into the water in a panic. Drive the boat to the other island.

Get to any locked area early:
In the PlayStation2 version, enable the "Dodo car" code and use any car. Go as fast as you can and press Analog-stick Back jump over the highest obstruction blocking the next section of the game. Keep repeating this until you get there.

Get a sniper rifle and find a place where boats are appearing. Wait until one is coming roughly straight at you, then take out the man piloting it with the rifle. If the boat was moving fast enough, it will coast up to you. You should be able to jump onto it. From there, you can get to almost anywhere. It may take awhile to find out good spots to try this. One recommended location is behind Diaz's mansion in the lawn behind the hedge maze.

Enable the "Cars float on water" code. Then, simply drive on the water to get to any island.

In the PlayStation2 version, while traveling at high speeds in an Infernus hit the gate the connects the both islands. If done correctly, you can go through the gate on the right side. Half of your vehicle will be on one side of the gate, and the other half will be on the other side. You can press Triangle to step outside your vehicle on the other side of the closed gate.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Hideouts:

The following properties can be bought for the indicated price.

  1. 1102 Washington Street: $3,000
  2. 3321 Vice Point: $2,500
  3. Elswanko Casa (with 1 garage): $8,000
  4. Hyman Condo (with 3 garages and a helipad): $14,000
  5. Links View Apartments (with 1 garage): $6,000
  6. Ocean Heights (with 1 garage): $7,000
  7. Skumhole Shack: $1,000

Hint: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stores:

The following stores can be robbed.

Island 1

  1. Gash (in North Point Mall)
  2. Countdown Vinyl (in North Point Mall)
  3. Jewelry store (in North Point Mall)
  4. Hardware store (in North Point Mall)
  5. Dispensary
  6. Jewelry store
  7. Supermarket
  8. Hardware store

Island 2

  1. Jewelry store
  2. Dispensary
  3. Chemist
  4. Laundromat
  5. Hardware store
  6. Cafe´ Robina
  7. Deli restaurant

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Vehicles

Admiral: Damage-proof:
Play the Guardian Angels mission. Fail the mission and take the Admiral that your associates arrived in. It is dent and bullet proof.

After you pass or fail the Guardian Angels mission, go to the white car to the right of the stairs that you will go back down. This car is bulletproof, fireproof, and damage proof. However, if it flips upside down it will explode and will still cause you to drown if driven into water.

It is possible to obtain this car after passing the Guardian Angels mission. After you pass the mission, Diaz turns left and he disappears, leaving the Admiral in the middle of the intersection.

When you are about to complete the Guardian Angels mission by entering the pink circle, shoot Diaz's car. When Tommy asks "Where's Lance?", turn left and Diaz's car will be there without him inside.

Admiral: Black:
Do the Check Out At The Check-In phone mission. Before you start the mission, get a Rhino and put it in a garage at Sunshine Autos. Then, kill the man and take the package. Get a car and go to the Pay 'N' Spray at Sunshine Autos. Then, get the Rhino in your garage and blow up one of the Admirals. Push it into your garage and you will have a pitch black Admiral.

Ambulance: Ride on top:
When somebody dies near you, an ambulance will soon appear. Before it starts to leave, jump on it and stay there to get a ride through the town. When the ambulance reaches a red light and a car is in front of it, the ambulance will hit the car and you will start to get thrown off. To prevent this, move towards the center of the ambulance. The same thing will happen when the ambulance is going around a corner.

Go to the Greasy Choppers Bike Club in Downtown to find the patriotic Angel motorcycle.

Baggage Handler:
Behind Escobar International Airport is a pile of luggage with a car that resembles a Caddy. This is the Baggage Handler. There is also one on the side of the airport.

Barracks O.L.:
Get your wanted level to six stars. The army troops will arrive in Barracks O.L.s.

BF Injection: Flip and spin in the air:
Enable the "Full health", "Car floats on water", and "Better driving skills" codes. Drive into the sea and press R3 or L3 in the water to do a jump. When you are upside down in the water, press R3 again. If timed correctly, your BF Injection should fly into the air, performing flips and spins.

Blood Ring Bangers:
After winning the Destruction Derby at Hyman Stadium, two Blood Ring Bangers will be parked outside. Once you exit the stadium, go to the right. Thenm walk around the stadium until you see the first parking area. There will be two Blood Ring Bangers. They will respawn if you destroy them, and will be at that same place forever. Each time you find those cars, they will change in number, color, and/or graphic design.

Go to Escobar International Airport and go straight around the terminal to find a Caddy.

Get outside the golf course on the road for the main entrance. Walk on that road in front of the main entrance, constantly looking at the street next to it. When you see a Caddy coming in the distance, run in the direction its going to cut him off. If you run out of energy, shoot at the Caddy with a pistol. The driver should get out and run away.

Jack a Caddy while in the Leaf Links golf course. There is a ramp to the right of the entrance of the golf course off a paved road/walkway. It will take you to the entrance outside of Leaf Links. You can get any of your weapons back that you had to drop to enter Leaf Links by doing this.

Go to the lighthouse in the Ocean Beach area. Before you cross the bridge, you should see a Rampage icon to your left next to a big huge bush near the street. After you cross the bridge, walk up to the first or second bush to your right. If you look very close, you may be able to see something there. Stand next to the bush and press Triangle (PlayStation2) or Y (Xbox). Tommy should immediately run inside the bush and hop in the hidden Caddy. Note: There is also a Hidden Package on the steps to the lighthouse.

Enable the "Car floats on water" code then get in a Caddy at Leaf Links. Drive it into the ocean and just head towards the beach at Vice Point or Washington Beach.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Caddy: 

Drive out of the golfing area:
In the PlayStation2 version, enable the "Dodo car" code. Steal a golf cart (Caddy) and drive towards the exit area (where the view is from a security camera). Instead of going in that area, go up the grass hill to the left of the stairs. Fly over the house by pressing Analog-stick Down. Try to avoid the windows which pop out and stop you from flying. If you make it on the roof, go right or left immediately to avoid the big pillar then continue down to the street. This may be difficult at first, but can be done with some practice.

Steal a Caddy, then take it to the building where you first entered. Drive it off to the right, where there is a ramp you can take to get onto the street outside of Leaf Links.

Front flips and barrel rolls:
Enable the "Better driving skills" code and steal a Caddy from somewhere. When going fast enough, press R3 to jump. As soon as you land, press R3 again to do a front flip. Some practice may be required to get the correct timing. To do a barrel roll repeatedly, jump it three times and when it starts rolling over, turn the wheels in the opposite direction that you are rolling. Keep the wheels turned, then it will keep rolling over.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheetah:

Go to the docks behind the warehouse (where the party boat is located) and look around for a Cheetah. This car respawns often. If you steal it too much, it may not spawn for a long time.

Look at the mirrors on the Cheetahs. Some of them only have a mirror on the driver's side door and are higher. The others have two mirrors, mounted lower.

The FBI Cheetah can be found on the left side of the map at the police station near the bottom at about 21:00 until 1:00.

Easy money:
Hijack a Coach bus. You can ride around town and look for the bus stop signs. You will make $5 for each person you pick up. Sometimes you can even wait at the bus stop and people will start entering the bus.

Ride with cops:
Go to a bus stop and wait for a bus. Get in and kill the driver. Attract the police, get them near the door, then go in. The police will enter with you but you will not get caught.

Easier getaway from cops:
If you are running from the cops, hijack a Coach. Even though they are very slow, they are very big and can withstand a lot of damage. The police cars cannot stop it or make it spin out. Unfortunately, when the bus catches on fire, it takes a long time to get out of it, and there is a good chance that you will get wasted.

Drive with many women:
Enable the "Tommy groupies" code and get a Coach. Let women get in with you. If you exit the bus, all the women that were riding with you will get off and follow you.

Coast Guard boat:

Go to the bridge leading from Starfish Island to Little Haiti. Go down the road until you see the first big boat. Look for a small strip dock. Go to the end and look in the water. You should see a different looking boat; just fall off onto it.

Once you unlock the second island, go to Vice Port and go to the place where you meet Rico (from the Cuban mission Naval Engagement). Go onto the docks heading north. You will see a wire from the water. Go near it and enter the boat. You should now be in the Coast Guard boat.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cuban Hearse:

Fire on wheels:
In the PlayStation2 version, jack a Cuban Hearse. Hold R1 + X and look at the back tires. There will be fire coming out of the wheels.

Cuban Jetmax:
Buy the shipyard in Vice Port for $10,000. The boat will respawn there and will be yours for the taking.

To get the Deluxo, you must first purchase Sunshine Autos. Go down to where all of the garages are and look for one with a dry-erase board next to it. This board indicates what cars you need to bring to that garage. Once you bring in all of the cars, you will receive the Deluxo and Sunshine Autos will also begin making money for you.

Dirt Bike:
You can find a Dirt Bike in the alley near Ken Rosenberg's office in Washington Beach.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Enforcer: 

Free armor:
Steal an Enforcer and you will get full armor instantly.

FBI Rancher:
Get your wanted level to five stars. When the FBI arrives, they will do so in a FBI Rancher.

FBI Washington:
Go downtown to the Well Stacked Pizza. Go to the nearby alley (the south alley shaped like a near perfect square on the map). Look around to find a black Washington. If it is not there, then drive away a distance (like to Hyman Memorial Stadium) then return. If not, do it again.

Gang Burrito:
The Gang Burrito is located on Prawn Island. It is a red van with a red spoiler.

Hotring Racer:
Complete the fourth and final list of cars at Sunshine Auto.

You can unlock the Hotring Demolition Derby cars by successfully completing all three events in the stadium. The two cars will be parked over by the left side of the stadium.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  Hotring Racer: 

Third type:
Go to Sunshine Autos after the asset is fully completed. Take the racer from the showroom, then use the codes to spawn Hotring Racers 1 and 2. Line them up and compare them to see that there are in fact three different Hotring Racers.

Once you have completed the Keep Your Friends Close mission, a Hunter will be available at the back of Fort Baxter Air Base near the airport. To get it, either use the police uniform which is unlocked after a certain mission is completed (located at the Washington Beach police department, inside the locker room to the left of the entrance), or simply fly a helicopter high overhead to the back of the base, then quickly land and get in the Hunter.

Get a helicopter and get your wanted level to two stars. Go to Fort Baxter Air Base. You should see the Hunter in the back, where its fenced in. Bail out when you are directly over the Hunter. Get in and repeatedly enable the "Health" code to recover from the soldiers that are shooting at you. Get airborne and fly out of there.

After collecting all 100 hidden packages, the Hunter will be available at the helipad in the Ocean Beach area at the southern tip of the first island.

Go to the police station in Washington Beach (located about three blocks south of the Malibu Club). Walk inside, turn left to the locker room and get the uniform there. Note: It only appears there after the Copland mission has been completed. Go into Fort Baxter Air Base. The military will then not consider you an enemy, and thus not fire. Break the barricade at the base and immediately go north (left). You will see stairs there. Get out, climb up those stairs, and run towards the catwalk for the building that you are in. Go through the catwalk and down the stairs on the other side of the fence (that contains the Rhino). You need to be able to reach the high guard tower (or that area). Once you are close to the guard tower, run to the obstacle course, then all the way across it. When you are at the other side, make a left turn and go through the gate.

Once you complete the story missions, look in the Ocean Beach area at the house near the docks of the Cortez missions. It has a helipad, which should now spawn a Hunter. You no longer need to run around in Fort Baxter Air Base to get it.

To get the Hunter easier, complete the game, get the usual police uniform, and enable the "Pedestrians riot" code. When you fly overhead, the soldiers guarding Fort Baxter Air Base will be too busy killing each other to cause too much trouble.

In the PlayStation2 version, once in the Hunter, press R3 to begin Brown Thunder vigilante mission.

Play the All Hands on Deck mission and get to the part where the bridge is blocked off. Note: Do not unblock the bridge as it will give you as much time as you want to get the Hunter. Wait until two Maverick helicopters appear and destroy them. A Hunter will appear and shoot at you. As it makes passes over the ship to attack you, shoot the pilot through the cockpit windows. The pilot will fall out of the helicopter. If done correctly, the Hunter should land on the ship perfectly. If it spun out on the ship, quickly get in the Hunter and enable the "Health" code to fix it. Fly it to the docks, land, fail the mission by using a manual aimed gun (sniper rifle preferred) to shoot Cortez. The game should restart at the docks and the Hunter should be where you landed. Note: If you use the Hunter to pass the mission, you end up in a Speeder boat upon completion.

Use the following time-sensitive trick to get a Hunter without any codes. Wait just outside the Fort Baxter Air Base in a helicopter over water at 6:50. Begin a run, then just land and take the Hunter. The Army appear to be sleeping at this time.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  Hunter: 

In the PlayStation2 version, while in the Hunter, press R1 to fire the minigun mounted on the front or Circle to fire two rockets from the wings.
Christopher Jensen.

Saving at hideout:
Acquire a property with a large garage, such as the Hyman condo. Get the Hunter and take it to the Hyman Condo. Fly down from above to the western-most garage. Make sure this garage is empty. There should be enough space for you to fly down. Place it on the ground, positioning it so that its winglets are exactly parallel to the garage doors and can easily pass through it. If you find it difficult to place the Hunter in this position because of the limited space, get out of it and push it to this position. Push it up to the garage door, then place yourself behind a winglet and push it into the garage. Push it all the way to the end until it cannot go any further. Exit the garage and the Hunter will be inside. To get it out, simply push it in the opposite direction and out of the garage. Try experimenting with different garages to see how it works. If the garage is big enough, it should fit nicely.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  Infernus: 

Mall appearance:
Destroy most of the cars in the multistory car garage at Northpoint Mall. When you return, most of the cars will be replaced with Infernuses.

Love Fist Limo:
Start the Love Fist mission Psycho Killer in Downtown. Then, drive it into one of your garages. The Sunshine Autos car showroom or Hyman Condo are your best choices.

Steal a vehicle and drive it through the front doors of the Vercetti Estate and a Maverick helicopter will appear on the helipad on the roof.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  Moonbeam: 

Two wheel bonueses:
A good vehicle to get two-wheel bonuses in is the Moonbeam. Get up to speed and start turning left, right, left, right, and so forth and you will go up on two wheels. Then, you just need to balance, which just requires some practice.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Oceanic: 

Drive on two wheels:
Get in an Oceanic and reach top speed. Then, on a turn, hold Square + Left or Right. The Oceanic will get on two wheels. To get back on all four wheels, just press in the opposite direction.

To get the Patriot from Grand Theft Auto 3, go to the movie set located on the top middle island of your map You can either buy the set or you can just get in a motorcycle and do a jump over the wall.

Go to Phil Cassidy's trailer in Little Haiti. Enter and you will see a trailer. Look left to see a building-like garage. A Patriot is parked inside.

Hijack a fire truck and do a few firefighter missions. A Patriot will be one of the cars that are on fire. If there are people in it, you must put them out or else the car will explode.

To get this car at the very beginning of the game, get any car. After the intermission sequence when Tommy's friends get shot, go south to the Pay N' Spray. Then, go to the gas station slightly north of it. Get the hog. Then, go north to the mall and go through the shortcut that has a bribe in it. Take the bridge right down until you reach the bottom. Next, go through all the ramps until you get to the studio from the top ramp. Get the Patriot from the back of one of the buildings. Because the gate is closed, ride the patriot to where you will find a truck with a ramp. Take the truck to the main gate (with the hole on the top). Put it straight, and then ride the Patriot onto the ramp, charge up, and go straight to the truck. It will take the Patriot through the hole and it will land outside of the studio.

PCJ 600:
Go to Vice Point and find the Standing Vice Point building near the beach. Drive along the sides of the building across the street from the makeshift ramp to find a PCJ 600.

Across from Greasy Choppers Bike Club in Downtown, break the window in the bike shop to find a PCJ 600. If it is not there, drive down the road a short distance and return.

Drive to the docks where you usually get the missions from Cortez. In between the two gates is a PCJ 600. Note: It may not be there always. If it does not appear, go down the street and return later. It will be a different color each time.

After dying, you will return to the hospital. Go behind the hospital and go through the bushes. You will now be in a open area. Run diagonally and jump onto the road. Stay to the right until you see a sidewalk leading to the harbor. Take the sidewalk and stay to the right. You will soon see a PCJ 600. Note: The color of the bike changes each time.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  PCJ 600:

Stunt bonuses:
Get a PCJ 600 and go down the road, but not too fast (slightly over the speed limit). Then, pop a wheelie behind a car. If done correctly, you will wheelie over the car, and sometimes get stunt bonuses.

In the PlayStation2 version, go to the Malibu Club with a PCJ 600. When exiting out of the Malibu Club, go right to the grassy area. Build up as much speed as possible and hit the jump besides the bridge. When you hit it, press Down + Left. If you hit a tree you will get a triple insane stunt bonus.

Drive a PCJ 600 directly at a wall. Do a wheelie just before your hit. If you get the correct height in your wheelie, you will do crazy trick up and off the wall.

Ride on roof:
Drive a PCJ 600 to the Hyman condo. Drive it into the staircase. You will now be able to drive the bike around or jump off the edge.

Tire marks on wall:
In the PlayStation2 version, take a PCJ 600 to a wall, then back up about 30 feet. Go as fast as you can and press Left Analog-stick Down about 10 feet away. If done correctly, there will be tire marks on the wall.

Drive faster:
In the PlayStation2 version, when you are driving the PCJ 600, lightly press the Analog-stick Forward. Tommy will lean down and you will go faster.

You can always find a Phoenix at Starfish Island. Find the house with the Comet. Go back to the main road with a motorcycle (or walk) and take a right (on the sidewalk). Go down past the front yard fence to the first house. Keep walking until u see a alleyway and turn into it. Go to the end of the alley, then look to the right to find an opening to the house's backyard (by a dumpster). Go in it and turn to the right. You will see a garage. A Phoenix will be inside. After getting in the Phoenix, drive it out of the garage and go left around the house. You will see a ramp. Jump the car over the fence. Alternately, enable the "Car floats on water" code.

Police Boat:
Go to the Leaf Links golf club and go towards the second island. Go over to where the land and the bridge meet on the left side. You will see a Police Boat at the bottom in the water.

In the PlayStation2 version, drive around until you see a boat with a green hull labeled "POLICE". Kill the police office and hop in it. Press Circle while in the boat to fire its machine gun.

Enable the "Car drives on water" code. Drive around on the water until you find a Police Boat. Crash the boat until you get to the shore. Jump on the boat and kill the cop. Push the boat on the water and jump in. Note: The boats and cars might catch on fire. Also, to get back in you may need to use your car.

Police Car:
In the PlayStation2 version, to steal a police car, get close to one that has the cop inside. Try to open the door by pressing Triangle. The cop will try to arrest you and leave the car. When he closes the door, try to open it and it will be unlocked.

In the PlayStation2 version, hold X just before you try to open the door of a parked police car and the door will open. Usually, parked police cars are locked. Note: X must be pressed at the correct time or this will not work.

Police Cheetah:
Get your wanted level to three stars and ride around. An undercover Cheetah police car will eventually appear.

Police Maverick:
Go to the police station in the Downtown area. Go around the back ad go up the stairs to find a Police Maverick.

Go to the Downtown area police department. You should see an alley. Go into the alley and you should see stairs. Climb them and you should see a board that resembles a ramp. Go up it and you will see a helicopter. Get in it and press the R to go up or L to go down. Use the Right Analog-stick to rotate and the Left Analog-stick to steer.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  Police Maverick:

Easy kill:
It is easy to kill a police helicopter with a sniper rifle. Aim at the cockpit windows and fire at six or more times.

When the Police Maverick comes after you, get a short distance away from it. Take out a sniper rifle and zoom in fully. Aim and fire at the rod between the top blades and the helicopter. In one hit, it will explode.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  Pony: 

Do the Loose Ends phone mission. Kill everyone, but do not finish the mission. Go get two Packers and drive them both as if you are playing leapfrog or else they will disappear. Park one of them in front of the gate that you came in. Drive the other Packer up its ramp so that it goes over the gate. Next, position this Packer so that you can drive the black Pony up the ramp and over the gate. Drive it to a garage and return. If you are lucky, the Packer did not disappear and you can also get a pitch black Admiral.

Missing bumper:
Get a Pony and crash it to were the front bumper falls off. Take it to a Pay 'N' Spray. After it has been painted, look at the front bumper again. It will not be there, even after being repaired.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rhino

Instead of getting 90 hidden packages, go to Sunshine Autos and cause mass destruction. Sniper and shoot from the top level until you get six stars and a Rhino appears. Wait until the soldiers get out, then jump out the window. Get in your new tank and park it in the garage. You can now either save and reload, or drive as normal into the Pay 'N' Spray.

Find a sniper rifle and a good vantage point. Kill people and destroy cars until that your wanted level is all the way up. When the tanks appear, use the sniper rifle and snipe the army from the front window. The will fall out of the doors. Run for the tank and get in.

Purchase the Hymann Condo, and keep the large garage empty. Do the "Sir, Yes Sir" mission from Cortez. When the convoy stops for doughnuts, jump in the tank, and turn around, heading for the Hymann Condo. Make sure you have full health and armor. Plow through the police vehicles and drive the Rhino into the garage. Jump out of the Rhino, and stand next to it. When the Rhino explodes, get up and back out of the garage (while still facing the garage). Let the garage close, then open it again. The Rhino will be intact, and ready for use.

In the PlayStation2 version, get a Rhino either through the code or from Fort Baxter. Enable the "Dodo car" code and turn the turret backwards. Note: Enable "Car floats on water" code" in case you land in the water. Find a long main road, then accelerate and press Circle at the same time. This will make the tank get faster until you finally take off. Hold Left Analog-stick Down to make the vehicle get higher. You can occasionally get on top of some skyscrapers, depending on the height of the buildings.

In the PlayStation2 version, to make a Rhino fly longer than usual, enable the "Car floats on water" and "Dodo car" code. Go into the water, turn the turret so it is facing backwards, then make the tank fly by holding Down or Left Analog-stick Down. You can do this on land, but it is easier on water as there is more space, After it is flying, keep pressing Circle. This will make the Rhino fly high by giving it boosts of speed. You should be able to get so high that you can land anywhere. You can also go higher than a helicopter can. When you get high enough, you can stop pressing Circle and it will fly without shooting. You can do a flip by shooting while holding Down or Left Analog-stick Down.

Shoot out of water:
Drive a Rhino into the water, and before you drown, enable the "Car floats on water" code. Your tank will immediately shoot out of the water very high and land back on the water, good as new. Use this when a boat is passing and to land on and destroy it.

Destroying them:
If you have Rhino Tanks trying to get you, throw Molotov Cocktails at them. About five to ten cocktails will destroy the tank. Or, if you rather risk dying, use the flamethrower instead. You can also kill both driver and passenger in the tank.

Kill tank drivers with gun:
If you have a sniper rifle, take aim at the Rhino. Aim it just directly below the turret, in front of the tank. You will see the head of two soldiers inside. Snipe the one of the right, as that is the driver. The one on the left will either exit (then shoot you) or take driver seat and drive. You can use other various guns as well, if you have good aim and timing.

Romero's Hearse:
Do the Two Bit Hit mission for Avery Carrington. Get the Havana costume and a helicopter. Land on the building opposite the pizza place in Little Haiti. Look down and you should see two Romero Hearses. The one next to the pizza place will almost always have a coffin in the back. Jump down and take one to your garage. You can also come back for another Romero Hearse and the black Voodoo. The car will not always be fixed when you put it in your garage for the first time. Return after the mission and take it out. When the garage door shuts, drive it back in. It should now be fixed.

The vehicle that can jump best with the "Better driving skills" code enabled is the Rumpo. Enabling the "Faster game play" code will not make it jump any higher.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Sabre Turbo:

Complete the second list of cars at Sunshine Auto.

Damage proof:
This Sabre Turbo is bullet proof, explosion proof, and flame proof. It can receive damage and blown off tires but cannot explode, even if flipped over. In order to get it, you must first purchase the Malibu Club and do the mission called The Driver. In this particular mission, you will be racing Hilary the getaway driver. He will be the one driving the BP Turbo Sabre. Do the mission and try to stick with Hilary throughout the race. He does the race nearly perfect. When you get to the end make, sure you have Hilary in your sights as you let him pass the finish line first. Once you have done this, the "Mission Failed" message will appear and Hilary will disappear in the Turbo. Enable the "Lower wanted level" code. The Sabre will be locked. You will have to push it with another car to the nearest Hideout. The El Swanko Casa or the Links Leaf View apartment are recommended. Push the Sabre Turbo into your garage and wait for it to close. After that, you have a new BP Sabre Turbo.

It is possible to acquire this vehicle in The Driver mission, although Hilary keeps his door locked during the race making it unjackable. The race ends back at the Malibu Club. Behind the Malibu Club is a little bridge. When the race begins, do not race Hilary. Instead, head in the opposite direction to the bridge south of the Malibu Club. Spawn three Rhino tanks across the bridge and wait for Hilary to appear. He will try his best to push the tanks out of the way. Quickly spawn a fourth Rhino and crush his vehicle. With patience, use the Rhino to push the Sabre Turbo into the closest garage (Vercetti Estates). When your garage door reopens, you will have a brand new bullet and flame proof Turbo Sabre.

Note: After you acquire the bulletproof Sabre Turbo, do not get it resprayed or it will lose its bulletproof abilities.

Also, if the bulletproof Sabre flips over, it will not explode but will no longer be be invincible any more. There is another way to get it. When the race first starts, get out of the car, take out the sniper rifle, and shoot him in the head when he approaching the finish line.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Sanchez: 


Go to the dirtbike track in the upper-right hand corner of the Downtown area. Get on the dirtbike and wait for it to start the mission, but do not go anywhere. After the mission starts, get off the bike. A timer should appear at the bottom of the screen with the number of seconds you have to get back on the dirtbike. Wait at the bike until the timer gets to "1", then look around for a group of men who are riding all black Sanchezs. Shoot one of them and take the bike. Note: After you get off the dirtbike mission, do not run away. Stay in that area until time runs out.

Complete the third list of cars at Sunshine Auto.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Sea Plane:

Get the Sea Plane in the air and wait until it gets faster. Then, start doing sharp turns and drops. This will get it to its maximum speed.

Sea Sparrow:
After unlocking the other side of Vice City and gain Diaz's house from him in the Rub-Out mission, return to the island you first started on. Go the pizza restaurant near the Leaf Links bridge. Go to the apartment building near there that has one of the windows open. Go up to the roof. There are two other flights of stairs in plain sight when you look at the apartment -- this makes it easy to find the correct location. Go to the north of the roof and jump off onto another roof. Finally, jump off the roof into a yard. The Sea Sparrow helicopter is located next to the trees. If it does not appear here, leave and return later. Note: This helicopter can float.

To get the Sea Sparrow without having to get the eighty packages, after completing the InterGlobal Studio missions, go to the first building you went to on your motorcycle from the G-spotlight mission. The Sea Sparrow will be on the roof of that building.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City  Sea Sparrow

Fire minigun:
In the PlayStation2 version, while in the Sea Sparrow, press R1 to shoot the minigun that is mounted to the bottom.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Securicar

Gruppe Sechs:
Find a Securicar at the docks. Notice that it is marked "Gruppe Sechs" on the back and sides. That is the phonetic spelling of group sex.

When you find a Securicar, knock the back doors off. Look at it in first person view. Inside the back of the Securicar, you will see three boxes marked "Loot".

Do the Hit The Courier mission at the Print Works. Get a car and wait at the end of the Starfish Island bridge. Watch in the direction of the courier. You will see two red Sentinels coming at you. Blow them up and afterwards the black Sentinel with the courier appears. Get a sniper rifle or PSG-1 and keep shooting at the driver through the windshield. The person will die and drop the plates. Pick them up and get in Sentinel. Finish the mission and you will now have a pitch black Sentinel.

Sentinel XS:
Near Escobar International Airport, you will see a sign that reads "Long Term Parking". There is a sporty-looking Sentinel in the parking lot there that is much faster and better looking than a normal one.

To get the seaplane, buy the InterGlobal Films studio on Prawn Island for $60,000. After the purchase, complete Steve Scott's second mission "Dildo Dodo". After you have completed the mission, the Skimmer seaplane will be available to you at the dock on the west side of the studio (the same dock where you got the plane for his mission).

Spand Express:
To get the Spand Express, play the game until the Riot mission. Enable the "Car drives on water" code. Make sure you have at least $14,000. Before doing this mission, drive a car to the Docks and go north. Buy the Hyman Condo. Set any car on fire, then go in it to commit suicide. You should end up back on the other side. During the Riot mission, you will have to destroy three Spand Express Cars. Destroy only two, and drive the third across the ocean to the condo. Put it in the garage. Close the garage and open it again. Use a gun to destroy the Spand Express to pass the mission. Close the garage door again and the Spand Express will be back. Commit suicide again to return to Vice City. If desired, you can keep all of the Spand Expresses by driving each one to the condo, then stealing a car and driving back to the other side to get the others. Then, blow them all up at once in the large garage.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Spand Express

To get the gold Spand Express, play until the Jury Fury mission. Enable the "Car drives on water" code. Make sure you have at least $14,000. Before doing this mission, drive a car to the Docks and go north. Buy the Hyman Condo. Set any car on fire, then go in it to commit suicide. You should end up back on the other side. At some point during the Jury Furymission, a gold Spand Express should ram one of the jurors, dropping two hammers. Get the juror out of the car and take the Spand Express. Drive it to the Hyman Condo and put it in the garage. Commit suicide to return to Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Sparrow

Go to the Pay 'N' Spray near the mall in Vice Point. Turn so that you are facing south, away from the mall. Start driving up the road at a slow speed while using your side view to look at the left side of the street. Not too far down, you will see an archway. Drive into it and take the right into the fence to find the Sparrow and the Checkpoint Challenge.

Damage and waterproof:
Get the Sparrow helicopter during the G-Spotlight mission next to the building, above the stairs. Take it to a Pay 'N' Spray fly into it without crashing. The easiest one is at the Sunshine Autos paint shop, due to its enormous width. Note: The Sparrow is the only helicopter that can fit into a Pay 'N' Spray. After you paint it, the Sparrow will have wheels. When you enable the "Floating Cars" code, it can now float on the water like a Sea Sparrow. Additionally, without the downside of those landing rods, it is safer to land on ground.

Buy the shipyard in Vice Port for $10,000. The boat will respawn there and will be yours for the taking.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stretch: 

During the Martha's Mug Shot mission, there will be a golden Stretch awaiting Candy. All the doors are locked. Shoot the driver with a sniper rifle in the head. When he is decapitated, he will fall out the door. Do not get in. Turn around and shoot Candy before she gets in. After the mission failed message appears, get into the Stretch and drive towards one of your empty garages. Park it inside and wait for the door to shut. When it opens, the Stretches door will not automatically close and lock any more. Note: If you get out of The stretch before you get it into your garage, you will not be able to enter it again, unless you push it into your garage.

In the Martha's Mug Shot, shoot the driver of the golden Stretch. He will fall out, leaving the door open. Do not hurt Candy. Instead, let her get in with you. When it drives away after it drops off Candy, the golden Stretch will stop, and you will not be able to drive it. Get out, but do not allow the door to shut. Get back in, and you can now drive it to a garage and continue with the mission.

Taxi: Free rides:
Complete the Kaufman Cabs missions to have Taxis drive you to mission locations or objectives.
Christopher Jensen.

VCN Maverick:
Go to the VCN building in the Downtown area. Go upstairs to find a VCN Maverick.

Voodoo: Hydraulics:
In the PlayStation2 version, to work the hydraulics in the Voodoo, press R3.

In the PlayStation2 version, when in the Voodoo, tap L3 to turn all four hydraulics on or off. You can also move the Right Analog-stick from side to side to make only your left or right hydraulics work.

Voodoo: Black:
Do the Two Bit Hit mission for Avery Carrington. Get the Havana costume and a helicopter. Land on the building opposite the pizza place in Little Haiti. Look down, and you should see the pitch black Voodoo. Jump down and take it to your garage. The car will not always be fixed when you put it in your garage for the first time. Return after the mission and take it out. When the garage door shuts, drive it back in. It should now be fixed.

In the Two Bit Hit mission, your objective is to grab a Haitian costume and eliminate the person driving the hearse. Note that some of the Voodoos that are chasing you are black. When they first spot you, grab a black Voodoo and high-tail it out of there. Do no respray it. It will return to brown if this is done. When the Cubans spot you, you can also take a sniper rifle or a bazooka and shoot the designated target. Then, steal the black Voodoo and dash out of there as fast as possible. Note: If you complete the mission and somehow flip the car over, sink it, or destroy it, you can never regain the car. If your garage door is open with the Voodoo in it when you save, all the cars in that garage will be lost.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Zebra

After completing kaufman cabs missions, the Zebra taxi will appear in Kaufman Cab building, where the original cab was located.

Buy the Kaufman Cab business and complete the first two missions. Make sure you have a garage to store a car. On the third mission where you have to pick up Mercedes, go and survive against the enemy taxis until the Boss appears. The Boss has a black and yellow striped taxi. Catch it on fire so the driver jumps out. Then, get out of your Kaufman Cab, jump in to the enemy taxi, and enable the "Heath" code. Make sure you are away from the enemy taxi driver so he does not pull you out of the car. If done in time, you will have an extra Zebra taxi that seems to be faster and takes a lot more damage than usual. Be careful to not blow it up, as it will not appear again.

After completing the Kaufman Cab missions, get the Zebra taxi and put it in a garage that you own. Return to Kaufman Cabs and another one will be there.

Boats - Get early:

In the PlayStation2 version, enable the "Cars float on water" code. Drive into the water and the car will start floating. Find a boat and drive on top of it. Press Triangle and you should land on top of the boat. The person driving the boat will jump in the water and you can steal the boat.

Cars: - Bailing out while driving:
In the PlayStation2 version, to jump out of a car while it is moving, press Triangle + Square. Tommy will duck and roll and will sustain much less damage than the car.

Cars: - Flipping back over:
In the PlayStation2 version, when the vehicle is rolling, sometimes it gets onto its side then flips back onto its roof. To get your car flipped back over when it is on its side, simply floor the gas and turn the wheel in the direction the roof is facing. For example, if your car is on its right side, press Left Analog-stick Right then press X.

In the PlayStation2 version, if your car is on its side and seconds away from tipping over, press the Left Analog-stick towards the direction the car is falling, and drive in reverse. This should flip your car back onto four wheels. This is extremely helpful with the Ambulance missions, as it is more top heavy than normal vehicles.

Cars: - Front flip:
In the PlayStation2 version, enable the "Better driving skills" code. Drive fast then hold the handbrake and press L3 or R3. This only works on certain cars (Cheetah recommended). Try jumping over the parked semis in the boat dock area with the Esperanto. Also, the Esperonto is the highest jumping.

Cars- 360s:
In the PlayStation2 version, enable the "Better driving skills" code. Drive fast and making a sharp turn while pressing L3 or R3.

Cars - Leave door open:
In the PlayStation2 version, exit a car while holding R1. You will not close the door, which can be useful if you know that you are going to need to get back in quickly.

Cars - Drive inside buildings:
Find a building that has enough space in the door to drive a car into. Slowly drive the car so its front end is partially in the building. Get out of the car and stand behind its bumper. Hold X to run and push the car into the building. The car will only go so far in. Once you cannot move the car in any further, go inside the building. Once inside turn around, and you will see the car. Press Triangle to get in the car and drive it around.

Cars - Drive with different handling:
In the PlayStation2 version, get in a vehicle (faster one recommended). Press X + Square and the wheels should begin spinning. Keep spinning the wheels and use the Left Analog-stick to begin doing a doughnut. When the vehicle has done a 180 (when showing the front, not the back) hold R2 + L2 to flip to view to the normal, rear view of the car. You can now release X + Square, but continue holding R2 + L2. You can drive the vehicle in this position. Notice that it handles differently. This may be useful during certain missions.

Cars - Faster destruction:
Shoot a car in the back near the gas tank and it will light on fire faster.

Cars - Wheelie:
Enable the "Change wheel size" code about five times. Find a car like the Bobcat, Baggage Carrier, Rancher, or any other car that goes faster than normal. Then, enable the "Better driving skills" code. When you hit the gas, you will pop a wheelie.

Enable the "Change wheel size" code more than three times. Then, enable the "Perfect handling" code and go to the runway at Escobar International Airport. Find a Baggage Handler to pop wheelies. You can also do this trick with a Rancher, Mesa, Landstalker, Caddy, or Patriot.

Cars - Full flip:
This trick works best in a police or sports car. Enable the "Better driving skills" code. Gain a lot of speed, then hold the emergency brake and immediately press L3. Note: Precise timing is required.

Helicopters - Easy find:
Go to Hyman Condos and buy it. You will get a helicopter every time you go upstairs.

Go to the Downtown district (on the second island). Go to the Downtown police station and you will find a cop car parked by the street. There will be an alley behind it. Go down the alley and make a right turn. There will be a stairway there. Go up the stairs to the helipad. There usually is a police helicopter sitting there.

From Starfish Island, go towards the Downtown area of Vice City (not to the police station). As you enter Downtown, go past the man that stands by the motorcycles by The Greasy Chopper and continue onwards. Go past the first light then look towards the left. There will be a white staircase going up. Climb up to the top and walk to the other side of the roof. Once at the end, there should be a green helicopter there. Jump down, then go up the rusted stairs to the helipad. If the helicopter is not there, leave and return later.

Go towards where Colonel Cortez' yacht is located in Ocean Beach. On the turn off the street to go to Colonel, turn instead into the grassy area. There will be steps leading up to a helicopter.

Helicopters - Hovering:
In the PlayStation2 version, hold L3 while flying a helicopter-class vehicle to hover. This can be used to immediately slow down while flying fast.

Helicopters - Drive by shootings:
In the PlayStation2 version, if you have an Uzi, Ingram, or Tec-9, change your camera to the cinematic view while in a helicopter. You will see Tommy stick his weapon out through the chopper's side window when you hold L2 or R2 to rotate. Press Circle as usual to fire. Note: You are still going to rotate while doing this and the cinematic view is not the best in combat situations. It will take an extreme amount of luck to hit anything when doing this, let alone kill someone. Do not rely on this in a real fight.

It is possible to stay in one spot and shoot out the window of a helicopter, without spinning around... Press L3 in cinematic view, and hold either L2 or R2 and press Circle. Pressing L3 stops you from moving and causes the helicopter to hover when you shoot. You will not spin around, making your shots precise.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Motorcycles

In the PlayStation2 version, press Down(2) while riding a motorcycle-class vehicle to pop a wheelie. Press Up(2) while riding to stand.

In the PlayStation2 version, get a PCJ 600. From a stop, press Down and press X. When the motorcycle is in a wheelie, tap the X rapidly to keep the bike up. This will allow you stay in the wheelie for as long as desired. This is also a great way to make money.

In the PlayStation2 version, get a moped. Hold R1 + Square + Up until the moped is doing a stoppie. Hold all those buttons, then hold X. The moped should remain doing a stoppie until you release X. Note: the moped will slide on its wheel and it will turn. Try controlling it for big cash.

Get a Sanchez or PCJ 600 and go a little faster than traffic. Get behind a slanted back car, such as a Sabre, and pop a wheelie. Half of the time you can wheelie over the car and get insane stunt bonuses.

In the PlayStation2 version, hold Down/Left or Down/Right, and accelerate on a PCJ 600 or similar bike to do 180 wheelies quickly.

In the PlayStation2 version, hold Down + X and get to a wheelie level. When you are comfortable with the height, hold X lightly to remain level and go as far as desired. Note: Wheelies cannot be done if the "Flying car (Dodo)" code is enabled.

In the PlayStation2 version, get on a Sanchez and start a wheelie. When you are slightly more than half-way up, release X. Tap X every once in awhile to keep your speed up.

In the PlayStation2 version, gain some speed then press Square + R1 while pressing Forward on the Analog-stick or D-pad. This will make you slide on your front tire (stoppie). This trick will gain you between $20 and on average.

In the PlayStation2 version, get a Sanchez. Go to a long straight away, like on the third island. Get to about half the speed that the Sanchez can do. When you are at half the speed, press Left Analog-stick Down while still accelerating. When you are half way (or just slightly over) in the air (45 degree angle), hold Square while still holding the Left Analog-stick and accelerating. This may take a few attempts to get the correct height off the ground. You will end up with a perfect wheelie and not have to keep your balance by tapping back or letting off the gas.

Get a perfect condition Sanchez and get up to about twice the legal speed limit. Pull a wheelie and ride it until you almost fall off the bike. Let off the gas completely and do not stop holding Down. Within about ten minutes of practice you will be able to ride a manual on average of 13 to 30 seconds each . This works best at the Escobar International Airport runway.

Choose a dirt bike or sport bike and build up a little speed. If you hit the regular and emergency brakes at the same time and stand up (Left Analog-stick Up), you can do a stoppie and earn some money. You can also get extra points for flipping around 180 degrees on the front wheel.

In the PlayStation2 version, for an easy stoppie, press R1 + Square + Up on any motorcycle-class vehicle. Note: You can do wheelie and stoppie drive by shootings.

In the PlayStation2 version, to do a nose wheelie, get a bullet bike, go very fast, stand up, and hit both brake buttons (Square + R1).

In the PlayStation2 version, go as fast as you can, then hold R1 + Square + Up. Release R1 when you are quite high. and you can slide for more money. Note: Stoppies cannot be done if the "Flying car (Dodo)" code is enabled.

In the PlayStation2 version, get a Faggio (or the pizza boy scooter) and find a alley where there is little activity. Accelerate to almost top speed then release the gas and press Left Analog-stick Up + Square + R1. If desired, press R2 or L2 to view how far you are from the ground. You will flip over if you go too high. Do not hold the brakes, but release R1 + Square and press X to accelerate. It may be difficult at first. You will drive forward but with some practice you can do a stoppie for 31 seconds or longer.

In the PlayStation2 version, to do a long stoppie, press R2 then Analog-stick Up. This will cause you to do a stoppie. To do a very long one, press R2 then Analog-stick Up and press X. You can do this for a long time.

In the PlayStation2 version, to do a stoppie for a long time, hold Up, then hold R1 + Square. Release Square and hold X. Then, just keep your balance.

Stand up on a PCG 600 or Sanchez. As you ride, use your brakes and your motorcycle should be on the front wheel.

In the PlayStation2 version, while riding a Faggio at a fairly fast speed, press Square + R1 + Up. You should go into a stoppie, and be able to ride it as long as you keep yourself from hitting things.

In the PlayStation2 version, get on a motorcycle (but not the Freeway or Angel). Once on, get some speed and hold Up to stand up. Keep gaining speed, and hold R1 + Square. It might take a few tries, but you will do a stoppie. If you have too much speed, you might flip over and wreck.

In the PlayStation2 version, gain some speed then press Square + R1 while pressing Forward on the Analog-stick or D-pad. This will make you slide on your front tire (stoppie). This trick will gain you between $20 and on average.

Get on a bike (preferably a PCJ 600 or Sanchez) and get up to speed (for example, down a hill). Hit the brakes while pressing forward (Analog-stick Up) to initiate a stoppie. This will earn $30 to $100 depending on the time and distance of the stoppie.

When driving around on a PCJ-600 you can pull off stoppies longer then five seconds. To do this, reach a high speed on the bike then do a stoppie. As you go down to land on two wheels, pull up on the Analog-stick to do a wheelie. Reach a high speed while doing or trying to do a wheelie and hit another stoppie. If you land it, the "Stoppie bonus" message will appear, with a time from 4 seconds to over 1 minute). You can do this for as long as desired.

In the PlayStation2 version, drive a Sanchez, or better yet, a PCJ 600 to the car showroom. Go down the street to the south. Turn around and drive fast down the sidewalk on your right. When you see the grass hill on the left, turn sharply into it. Do not use the brake, emergency brake, or let off the gas. When you hit it, you should be holding Down/Left. You will do insane stunts such as 540 Backflips. Make sure not to land backwards or you will fall off. Balance yourself with Up and Down for a soft landing.

Get a motorcycle and slowly drive up to a wall that is on a blacktop surface. Drive up so your front wheel is touching the wall and gun it. You will do a back flip and not fall off the bike. Sometimes you will even get money for the trick.

Quick turns:
In the PlayStation2 version, to do a quick 180 turn on a motorcycle, while driving down the street press R1 + Square + Down. This will face you in the direction that you were coming from. Note: Do not do this at fast speeds or you will crash your bike.

In the PlayStation2 version, while going at a fairly fast speed on a PCJ 600, Freeway, or Angel, hold R1 + Left analog-stick to make a quick 180 degree turn. Be careful -- if you are going too fast, you will fall off.
Go faster:
In the PlayStation2 version, you can make any bike go faster. A very long straight section of road is required, as it is very difficult to steer while going this fast. While driving, press the Left Analog-stick slightly Up. Tommy will lean forward and you should hear the engine rev faster, along with traffic and scenery passing by in a blur.

You can do wheelies and stoppies easier on different motorcycles. For instance, the PCJ600 can pull wheelies better than any other bike. The Faggio is good for Stoppies.

Easy passengers:
You can get a passenger on the back of your motorcycle-class vehicles easily. Find one with two people on it. Knock both people off, and make sure the passenger gets to the motorcycle before the driver does. Try punching the driver a few times. Do not shoot or the passenger will run away. Once the passenger gets on, just hop on and ride away.

In the PlayStation2 version, knock the driver off of the motorcycle, but do not kill him. As he begins to get back on the bike, press Triangle to hop on. You will both be on the bike and you can now ride around with a passenger.

To get a passenger with you on any type of motorcycle, look for one with two people on it. Carefully shoot the driver of the motorcycle. Quickly get on the motorcycle and drive away. If you completely stop at any time, the passenger will get off the motorcycle.

Motorcycles: Steal with leap kick:
Approaching the front of the bike when stealing it. Tommy will leap kick the person off and land right on the bike. He will also do the same kind of leap onto it, without the kick when doing this to an unattended bike.

Easy stealing:
In the PlayStation2 version, this trick requires a gun that can be aimed. When you get close enough to a motorcycle or dirtbike, stop it with a car or another vehicle then press Triangle to get on. Or, you can aim one of your guns at the bike and kill the driver.

In the PlayStation2 version, when in a motorcycle-class vehicle, you can bail while jumping off a ramp by pressing Triangle. This is helpful if you are driving a damaged motorcycle and somehow it sets on fire in the air. This can also used to bail from any out of control vehicle before it lands in water or crashes. This is useful if you know you cannot stop in time. Note: You may take damage from the bail.

If you are on a motorcycle-class vehicle with a passenger, you will not be able to bail while moving.

Motorcycles: Ride inside buildings:
In the PlayStation2 version, find a building that has enough space in the door for a motorcycle to fit into. Almost all buildings will qualify. Gather a lot of speed, aiming at the door, and press Triangle to jump off the motorcycle when you are almost directly in front of it. If done correctly, the motorcycle will go into the building. Go inside the building to get to the motorcycle.

Motorcycles: Radio station changes after crash:
If you are changing the radio station when you fall off, then get back on the motorcycle, the game will change the channel back to what you were listening to earlier.

In the PlayStation2 version, stop completely, then press Square + X at the same time and turn left or right to do a donut in car or motorcycle.

Use the following trick to do easy donuts with any bike (Freeway or Angel recommended). Find a bike and knock off the rider. Then, use a sniper rifle and shoot out the back tire. If you have a Freeway or an Angel, you can only shoot the back tire. After you have flattened the tire, ride it then make a sharp turn to your left or right. You will do a big donut and might bail.

Burn outs:
In the PlayStation2 version, hold Square + X in any vehicle, then release Square.

In the PlayStation2 version, get a rear wheel drive car or a motorcycle. This will not work with front wheel drive cars such as the Blista Compact. Hold R1 then hold Square + X, while still holding R1. You will hear the engine rev. Release R1 and the tires will start smoking.

Go for a tour:
In the PlayStation2 version, get any civilian vehicle (no cop cars or taxis). Knock the passenger side door off the car using a club-class weapon or by scraping it along a wall. Drive around until you find a carjacker (usually white men in brown leather jackets). Make sure the carjacker approaches the car from the passenger side. When he starts to get in, drive away. The carjacker will have control of the car, but you will still be riding along. Sit back and enjoy your free tour of vice City. You will not be able to shoot or control the car in any way. You can look around by using L2 and R2. To end your tour, hold Triangle. If the carjacker does something to upset the police, they will bust you as if you were driving. Also, if the car blows up, you will not die (unless you have low health to begin with) and you will be trapped inside the car. You will need to enable the "Suicide" code or reload a saved game to continue.

Find any car that has a cargo bed (for example, trucks) and stop it in front of you. Jump on the hood of the car then run to the back of the car. Pull out a weapon and crouch down in it. Shoot the back of the driver's compartment without hitting the civilian and the car should speed off. The car should not stop speeding until you get out of the back. Note: Not all cars will speed off when you shoot them.

Rig a car with a bomb:
Go to the south of Little Havana. In this area are a series of garages, in the place where you fought the Zebra cab in the Kaufman Cabs asset mission. Go by the water and look at the garages. One of them will be open and have a picture of a bomb painted like an 8-Ball. Drive your car inside and let the garage close. Wait a few seconds and it will open. A message will appear, stating that you can just use the detonator to blow up the car. Get out of the car and the detonator will be selected as your weapon.

This can also be used to get revenge on car thieves. Get a nice car that a thief on the street would try to steal. Then, put a bomb in it and press Circle to arm the bomb. Find a thief on the street, and make sure he walks towards the car to steal it. Get out of the car, shut the car door, then quickly run to a safe place and watch the car explode with the thief inside.

Load a car on top of another:
You need to have a moving Rancher in front of you to do this trick. You also need an Infernus. Drive behind a Rancher at the same speed. Using the front of the Infernus like a wedge, it is easy to lift the Rancher onto the hood. Once its back wheels are on the hood, hammer on the accelerator to full throttle. This will lift the Rancher straight up onto your roof. If you go fast enough, the car will go over you. This is useful if you are on a mission and the cops are on your tail, or you are running out of time where there is a lot of traffic.

Blow out tires:
You can shoot the tires of any vehicle to blow them out.

Fix flat tires:
When you have a flat, enable the "Health" code to fill up the tire again. Note: This will not work when on a motorcycle.

Better braking and turns:
In the PlayStation2 version, hold R1 for better turns and braking.

Easier street races:
There are two things that are extremely helpful when street racing. First, you do not have to park in the pink area. Hitting a competitor will start the race automatically. To get an advantage, get some speed in the direction of the first checkpoint, then just barely nick the lead car as you fly by. They will all be left in your dust, and probably will not catch up. Secondly, especially for the final race, you may want to block them off with a giant vehicle, like a Coach or Packer. When coupled with the first trick, you just may win.

The easiest way to win a street race is to enable the "Destroy all cars" code while in the race. Make sure to get of your car before performing the code, then get another car and drive through all the checkpoints. Another way is to shoot the cars at the very start of the race.

When you do the street races for Sunshine Autos, get the rocket launcher in the pool behind the Hooker Inn Hotel and get to the starting grid. Do not enter the pink circle that starts the race. Instead, go in front of the cars and shoot between the front two cars with the rocket launcher. They will explode. The back car will get away. Shoot it before it passes you, then get in your car and race by yourself. You will win every time.

When doing the street races for Sunshine Autos, go behind the big orange building at the yellow striped intersection on the way to the airport and get the rocket launcher. Go to the starting point and line your car up just behind the pink circle. Take out the car in the upper-right (number two) position. Hopefully the blast will take out the other two cars. Either way, you will make the odds a lot better. Alternately, if you do not feel like shedding blood, you can just clip the upper right car going at top speed to get the race started.

Start the race, run away from any cars, and enable the "Destroy all cars" code. Then, complete the race at your leisure. Note: This only works in races where the other people do not have to stay alive.

When doing the Sunshine Auto races, go to the start of each race. Instead of stopping in the circle, ram the back of the car in front of your start circle. This will allow you to be moving at the start. For a more interesting way of winning the races, get close to the start grid. Get out of your car, get off the road, and enable the "Rhino tank" code. Get in the tank, and pull it into the start circle. When the race begins, shoot the rival cars with the tank cannon. Shoot about three times and they will all explode. The pink arrows will still be above them. Then get out, get back in your car, and drive through the checkpoints at your leisure. You must allow the race to be counted down to the start for this to work.

When doing the races for Sunshine Autos, instead of going directly to the marker, turn your car around and back up into the first and second place cars. Doing this triggers the race and allows you to have an earlier start in the lead.

Enable the "Dodo car (flying)" code before you begin the race. When the race starts, your opponents will begin flying and lose control. Note: You should drive only slightly faster than the pedestrian cars.

Go to Sunshine Autos and enter the races by the garage. Get the street bike then enable the "Dodo car (flying)" code. Motorcycles will not be effected by the code. Your opponents will lift off the ground when they are driving fast, and you will not.

Park well away from the other three cars and throw a grenade in the middle of them. As soon as you have thrown the grenade, get in your car because the race will begin when it explodes. If done correctly, it will be possible to blow up two, or even all three cars. Note: It is best to start from behind the other cars when doing this. The cars will not explode immediately, but will speed away while on fire. If you are in front of them, they might explode and cause you damage.

Steal a fast car (Cheetah recommended; it is fast and handles well) and enter any of the street races. Stop your car a short distance behind the other three competitors (do not go into the pink marker). Throw a grenade into the middle of the three cars and immediately climb into your car. When the grenade detonates, the race will start but. If done correctly, one or more of the cars will explode. Note: It is always best to stop behind the waiting cars. If you park in front the cars will be set on fire, speed towards you, and may destroy your car when they explode. This trick can also be done with the rocket launcher.

After geting all the cars for the Sunshine Autos showroom and you start racing, first choose race 6. Then, get a Sabre Turbo and go out to the starting line. When you start, throughout the race do not go too fast or slow; just drive normally. Try not to cut the first corner off, or you will flip and your car will usually explode. Let the other cars go ahead of you; they are going so fast that they will crash many times and you can eventually just pass them. On the long straight areas are where you can pick up speed to full power. You should now be in first place after you get through downtown. Finish the race and you will get $40,000. Note: Do not use the Deluxo. It may be the fastest car but it has no handling. The Sabre Turbo is best for all races because it is fast and has handling.

Buy Sunshine Autos and complete all four lists. Once you do this, start a race from downstairs and take the Hotring Racer. You will be able to pass the Infernus, Cheetah, and Banshee by just driving where they cannot ram the side of your car.

Keep black or pink cars:
Enable the "Black traffic" or "Pink traffic" code. Park any car that you want to remain in that color and save the game. When you reload, you will have that color car. This does not seem to work on certain mission cars, such as the taxis. If you already have a car in your garage and wish to make it black, enable the code, drive into a Pay 'N' Spray and do the same as the above.

Various car appearance determination:
Cars that appear are in the same car class as the car that you are driving. For example, if you drive a sports car, expect to see sports cars everywhere.

Better off-road capabilities:
Enable the ''Change wheel size'' code a few times and get a car (Phoenix, Banshee, etc.). The wheels will appear to be bigger and you will have better off-road capabilities and you can run over cars better then usual. Your car will raise off the ground and Tommy will have to do a small jump to get in.

Meat cargo:
Go to Vice Port. There will be a red van driving around, with R, S, and L Bols on the side. Take it and reverse into something so the back door falls off. Look inside to see dead meat (cows) hanging from the roof.

Completion bonuses:

Successfully complete 100% of the game. You will get unlimited ammunition, double vehicle health, 200 health, and 200 armor limits. A new set of clothes will be delivered to the Vercetti Mansion. If you look closely it reads; "I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-shirt". Walk into the pink circles surrounding the men at your mansions and they will follow you as bodyguards.

To complete Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 100% of the game, all of the following tasks must be done:

Complete all missions from the following people and locations: Ken Rosenburg, Avery Carrington, Colonel Juan Cortez, Ricardo Diaz, Vercetti Mansion, Love Fist, Biker Gang, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poulet, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, Kaufman Cabs, The Malibu Club, InterGlobal Film Studio, Pole Position Club, The Printworks, Shipyard, Sunshine Autos, Phil's, Game End Missions.

Complete all miscellaneous jobs: PCJ Playground, Trial By Dirt, Test Track, Cone Crazy, four Checkpoint Chopper Missions, RC Car Race, RC Plane Race, RC Chopper Checkpoint, Rifle Range, six Street Races, five Assassinations.

Buy all hideouts and businesses: Elswanko Casa, Links View Apartments, Ocean Heights, Hyman Condos, 1102 Washington Street, 3321 Vice Point, Skumhole Shack, Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, Kaufman Cabs, The Malibu Club, InterGlobal Film Studio, Pole Position Club, The Printworks, The Shipyard, Sunshine Autos.

Hold up all stores: Corner Store (Vice Point), Dispensary Plus (Vice Point), First Jewelry Store (Vice Point), Gash (North Point Mall), Music Store (North Point Mall), Second Jewelry Store (North Point Mall), Hardware Store (North Point Mall), Bunch of Tools (Washington Beach), Ryton Aide Pharmacy (Little Haiti), Pharmacy (Downtown), Third Jewelry Store (Downtown), Deli (Little Havana), Doughnut Shop (Little Havana), Laundromat (Little Havana), Screw This (Little Havana).

Collect all 100 Hidden Packages.

Perform all 36 Unique Jumps.

Complete all 35 Rampages.

Complete all special vehicle missions: Vigilante (level 12), Fire Truck (level 12), Ambulance (level 12), Taxi (100 fares), Pizzaboy (13 deliveries).

Hidden package rewards:
Collect the indicated number of hidden packages to get a reward at the specified location.

10 hidden packages: Body Armor at hideouts.

20 hidden packages: Chainsaw at hideouts.

30 hidden packages: Python at hideouts.

40 hidden packages: Flame thrower at hideouts.

50 hidden packages: Laser Scope Sniper Rifle at hideouts.

60 hidden packages: Minigun at hideouts.

70 hidden packages: Rocket Launcher at hideouts.

80 hidden packages: Sea Sparrow at Starfish Island Mansion's Helipad.

90 hidden packages: Rhino at Fort Baxter Air Base.

100 hidden packages: Ultimate Secret Vehicle (Apache Helicopter) at Helipad next to Hyman Memorial Stadium. You can use this vehicle to do Brown Thunder vigilante missions.

Criminal ratings:
Cheating in the game except for health, armor, and weapon codes will drop your criminal rating by a few thousand each time.

1. Untrustworthy
2. Embarrassment
3. Hacker
4. Cheater
5. Total Liar
6. Upstanding Citizen
7. Nobody Special
8. Litterer
9. Shoplifter
10. Vandal
11. Do boy
12. Pickpocket
13. Clepto
14. Snitch
15. Rat
16. Leech
17. Scam Artist
18. Trickster
19. Numbers Runner
20. Hustler
21. Bully
22. Riff-Raff
23. Scalawag
24. Ruffian
25. Outlaw
26. Thug
27. Drop Man
28. SA Goon
29. Goon
30. Jailbird
31. Ex-Con
32. Felon
33. Bag Man
34. Wiseguy
35. Wheelman
36. Hired Muscle
37. Hatchetman
38. Headhunter
39. Enforcer
40. Ronin
41. Fixer
42. Hitman
43. Associate
44. Butcher
45. Cleaner
46. Assassin
47. Consigliore
48. Made Man
49. Right-Hand Man
50. Executioner
51. Lieutenant
52. Underboss
53. Capo
54. Boss
55. Kingpin
56. Don
57. Godfather

Media coverage:
Get your wanted level to six stars to get your pursuit covered in the media. A helicopter and chase meter will appear. Keep running from the helicopter to increase it. Every 100 seconds of game time will result in an increased level of media coverage. Pause game play and look at your statistics to see messages that indicate at your media level. You will start with a story in UFA Today and progress to television news and continue until it is a crisis.

If you have a bazooka (recommended), rocket launcher, moltov cocktail, flame thrower, or anything that causes total mass chaos with a decent amount of ammunition, back up to a wall. Try finding a wall that no one can see you from the left or right. Start launching or burning any cops or pedestrians that you see. The higher the stars, the more media attention .Note: If you get busted or die, you will not get any of the media points. At one star, keep shooting or burning any pedestrians or cops. At two stars, start launching or burning any police cars and "on foot" officers that approach you. At three stars start launching or burning the cops on foot, the police cars , and the Banshees, Cheetahs, Infernos and any other fast undercover police cars. At four stars, start launching or burning police cars, on foot cops, undercover cars, and any S.W.A.T. helicopters (before the S.W.A.T. members lower themselves from ropes). At five stars, launch or burn anything that moves. At six stars, enable the "Lower wanted level" code.

Ignored: 0-19
Boring: 20-49
Vaguely interesting: 50-74
Local paper page 7: 75-99
Front page of local paper: 100-149
Vice Courier page 2: 150-199
Vice Courier front page: 200-249
Local TV 3 AM: 250-299
Local TV news: 300-349
Local TV live coverage: 350-399
UFA Today page 12: 400-499
UFA Today page 4: 500-599
Picture in UFA Today: 600-699
National TV 4 am: 700-799
National TV news: 800-899
National TV live coverage: 900-999
International news: 1000-1199
National crisis: 1200-1399
International crisis: 1400-1599
World event: 1600-1799
Stuff of legends: 1800-?

Alternate character in FMV sequences:
Enable one of the various character costume codes (not the "Pedestrian costume" code) three or more times before starting a mission. During the FMV sequences, the character you selected will replace Tommy. 

Note: This works best with Candy Suxxx.

Easy weapons:
Free weapons are hidden all over the city. The flamethrower and rocket launcher, are two especially powerful weapons. They can be found near the boat yard and car showroom. These all respawn within a few game hours. Collect all the desired weapons, then save at a nearby hideout. The game will advance six hours and all your hidden weapons will have respawned. Do this three to five times, and all your company assets will be close to full, and you can make the rounds to get paid.

In missions where you get a new weapon, fail it intentionally after getting the weapon. You will be able to get it over and over again by repeating this step.

Cheaper weapons:
Use the following trick to get expensive weapons for cheap prices. Go to the first Ammu-Nation in Ocean Beach (with the cheapest prices for weapons) and buy all the machine gun and shotgun ammunition desired. Afterwards, go to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown and buy the weapons in the same category (the machine gun and shotgun). Only purchase the guns one time each. When you do that, all the ammunition you have with your cheap shotgun and machine gun should be converted to the newer and most expensive guns. This is very helpful in the beginning when your income is not too high. However, this trick does not work with all the weapons.

Recommended scope weapon:
The PSG-I is not as good as the standard sniper rifle. The scope on the rifle is solid, and the dot never gets larger or smaller, unlike the laser dot of the PSG-I.

Extra ammunition:
If you do a rampage, the type of weapon for it will be taken from you. However, the weapon that you had prior to starting the rampage will double in ammunition. For example, if you do a shotgun rampage and have an Uzi equipped, you will lose all your shotgun ammunition, but have double the Uzi ammo. Note: You do not have to pass the rampage to get the ammunition.

Unlimited ammunition:
Go to any Ammu-Nation store and choose a gun. Keep buying it until you get close to 9999 rounds. The next time you buy it, the ammunition count for that gun will disappear and you will have an unlimited amount.

Use the following trick to get unlimited ammunition on the MP5. Buy unlimited ammunition for a submachine gun-class weapon for $300, then buy (or find) the MP5, which is $3000. It uses the same ammunition, and you will save a couple thousand dollars.

After you finish the last story line mission, the mobsters who are outside of your house carry Uzis. Kill a lot of them and you should have unlimited ammunition for that weapon. Then, but or find the MP5.

If you have a weapon that you want to get unlimited ammunition for, do a rampage. There is a perfect rampage located at the Oakdale Toilet, just a few blocks from the hotel with your hideout. For example, if you have a rocket launcher with 4 rockets and you want to give it unlimited ammunition, switch to the rocket launcher and walk into the skull icon for the rampage. For two minutes, just allow the game to idle. When the rampage ends, whatever weapon you were given for the rampage (for example, at Oakdale Toilet it is a chainsaw) is removed from your arsenal. However, whatever weapon you had in hand (such as the rocket launcher) when you walked into the rampage has its ammunition doubled. To double your ammunition again, just walk into the rampage skull after it regenerates. Or, just stand where the skull was and you will do one rampage after another as the skull regenerates. The rampage at Oakdale Toilet is recommended because you will lose the chainsaw. However, that weapon can be easily replaced with a baseball bat (behind the your hotel) or another chainsaw (from one of the early missions for Cortez). This strategy also allows you to mix weapons from different tiers so that, for example, you can have the tier three weapons with a rocket launcher instead. Save your game once you have the weapons you want with unlimited ammunition.

Quick reloads:
Go to the Rifle Range at the Ammu-Nation in Downtown and get a score of 45 points.

When using a gun, instead of using up an entire clip and waiting for Tommy to reload, quickly switch out your weapon and then switch back to it, It will be fully loaded without having to wait through the normal reload animation.

Shoot faster:
You can shoot people faster by pressing Circle(2). Note: This does not work with all weapons, and you may also need to aim first.

Alternate Ruger, M4, or M60 aiming:
In the PlayStation2 version, to aim with the Ruger, M4, or M60, like the shotguns or pistols, set yourself on fire with a Molotov cocktail and press R1.

Shoot down police helicopters with one sniper shot:
Use the sniper rifle and aim at the joint between the rotors and the helicopter to take it down with one shot.

Stop police helicopters from shooting you:
Get a wanted level of 3 or higher. When the police helicopter appears, shoot it directly where the bullets are coming from. It will not shoot you because your bullets are blocking them. This may not work all the time. The best guns to do this with are the Ruger, Colt M4, M60, or any other gun that has first person view aim.

Taking out police boats:
In the PlayStation2 version, if you are in a boat in the ocean and the police are chasing you, press Triangle and you will not be driving it anymore. The police will stop chasing you and it seems that they do not even notice you are still on the boat. Take out the rocket launcher and blow up the police boats. Start driving again and repeat as needed. You can also hop onto the police boat if it is close to you. However, you must quickly shoot the cop, because he will attack you.

Use police spike strips:
To use police spike strips to your advantage, get three or four stars on your wanted meter. Find an officer on foot that can lay down the spike strip. Try to dodge the spike strip and lure the pursuing officers to pop their tires on it, giving you a chance of escaping.

Escape from police:
If you are being chased by the police and are near streets with alleys, drive near the alleys. Jump out the car at the correct moment and fall into the alley. The police will drive past, giving you some time to run. You can also get out of a heavy car and leave it to block an alley. This is useful if you have a high wanted level.

Find a shore and wade into the water just short of drowning point. Crouch and the cops will not fire at you, but the police chopper will find you.

Run over target without police attention:
Get a car (not a bike) then drive to the person you want to kill slowly. Drive over him slowly, then get out and look at the bottom of your car. They will now die while you are out of your car. Get back into our car, then back up or move forward to get their money. Note: This can also be done to cops.

Police hostage:
Raise your wanted level and wait for a police car with two cops inside. Wait until they are away from the car. Then, one will get in the passenger's side. Run to the drivers side and start driving. The cop will now be yelling at you.

Increase your accuracy rating:
Once you kill someone, take out an M4 and crouch down. Use the manual aim to shoot the body. After a few rounds, your accuracy rate will start to increase little by little. Note: You can also raise your "Head Shots" stat by shooting them in the head.

Go to the boatyard were Colonel Cortez is located. Go back behind the gates with a helicopter. There should be a very big boat; the one that you were on for the "The Party" mission. Land beside it, in the southwest corner of the map. Take a gun and continue to fire at it. You will notice that your accuracy will go up. When you save after this, your criminal rating will have also risen.

Minimize health damage:
When doing a mission that requires chasing down your target from a building or enclosed location containing no fast vehicles (for example, Four Iron) or a mission that requires you to escape from similar areas (for example, Mall Shootout), travel on a motorcycle. Not only will this provide an efficient edge on your mission, but it will also minimize damage to your health.

Pickup truck drive by:
Jump on the back of a pickup truck with an Uzi or another gun. Snipe everyone as you drive by. Be careful when firing -- if a cop hits the truck it will probably speed off, knocking you off.

Ride on hoods:
An easy way to snipe the police and people on the sidewalk is to jump on the hood of a car when it is stopped at a red light. When the car starts driving, you will stay on the hood. When the police chase you, they will hit the car that you are on, making the driver mad and forcing him to drive faster. If they do not drive faster, it will still be difficult for the police to knock you off. Do not stand at the very top of the car, as you tend to slide off the back. Get on the very front, in front of the windshield.

Destroy the Dodo:
You can blow up the Dodo plane flying overhead (pulling the banner) by using the rockets on the Hunter.

Shoot seagulls:
Go to a location with a lot of seagulls, such as the lighthouse at Washington Beach. Use a sniper rifle to zoom in close and shoot a seagull. Their small and fast, so it is a challenge to hit them. When you do, they will explode in a burst of feathers, similar to when you shoot boxes. Note: The game keeps track of how many seagulls you have sniped on the "Stats" screen.

Increase walking total by doing nothing:
Get in front of a truck, preferably a Bobcat. Make sure it stops. Jump over the front and stand in the bed of the truck. The driver will start to drive again. Even though you are just standing in the truck, your walking distance total will increase.

Steal a police boat:
Take a boat and ramp it so that when it lands it will be upside down. Quickly get out so you will be standing on the hull. Take out a rocket launcher and shoot any boats that are in range. After awhile, police boats will come after you. Take a manually targeting gun and shoot the officer though the glass. If done correctly, you should be able to get the police boat and have the police after you. Note: This is difficult to accomplish.

Enable the "Tommy groupies" code and run around to get a lot of women chasing you. When you have quite a few, punch a couple of them and they should all start fighting. This will happen most, but not all of the time. Some of the women drop a lot of money when they die.

Scare passenger:
In the PlayStation2 version, this trick works very well at a red light. Find a car or truck that has a passenger as well as a driver. Run up to the car or truck's driver-side door and press Triangle to open it. As soon as Tommy starts to get in, press X to accelerate. If done correctly, the passenger will still be in riding along, screaming and scared. When you slow down, they will run away.

Easy money:
Occasionally as you wander around the city, you will encounter a cop fighting with a gang member (especially in Northpoint Mall). If you step in and hit the gang member, you will receive a $50 Good Citizen's Bonus when the gang member dies. Once the guy is on the ground, you can continue to kick him and receive the bonus two or three more times (until the body disappears). This is an easy way to get some quick cash, and do some fighting in the process.

Knock over the parking meters on the sides of the streets to get money. They give just as much (if not more) money then a person or a clerk from a store.

Enable the "Tommy groupies" code. Run around until you have a large group of women following. Lead them to the nearest alleyway or garage and just beat them all to death. Using weapons calls too much attention from cops and paramedics.

Enter any store and point a handgun at the clerk until he gives you money. Hold the gun for a few seconds until he stops giving you money, then run away and hide or enable the "Lower wanted level" code. 

Note: Do not do this in an Ammu-Nation store as the clerk will pull a gun.

In the PlayStation2 version, enable the "Rhino" code and press L3 to start the vigilante missions. After every kill, you will begin to get more money. After a while, you will have over $1,000 per kill. When the cops are on you after a kill, enable the "Lower Wanted Level" code.

Go to a hideout that generates money. Get the money and save the game. The game time will advance three hours and more money should be available. Repeat this as much as needed. Note: This does not always work.

Buy Sunshine Autos for $50,000 to unlock the Vice City racer missions. Go down to the pink circle, then choose the Vice City Endurance Race. Note: You must have $10,000 for the entrance fee. Enable the "Weapons (tier 2)" code and drive a car in front of the racers. Select the rocket launcher and very carefully (and at a good distance) blow the cars up. You can then win the race with a vehicle as slow as the Faggio for the $40,000 prize.

After buying Sunshine Autos, enable the "Dodo (flying) car) code and go to the Vice City Endurance Race. Race it, and you will win the $40,000 prize.

Start the fire fighter missions and get at least 100 fires to make about $30,000.

Drive down the road in front of the Ocean View hotel south. Turn right at the first street after the hotel. Make another immediate right on to the street behind the one your hotel is on. Turn left immediately after that to enter a parking garage. Go to the top of the parking garage. When you get to the top, turn right to find a Stallion just before the wall. Enter the Stallion to start the Cone Crazy mini-game. Basically, every time you beat the best time, the prize money doubles. To use this to your advantage, beat it with 1 second remaining, then beat it with 2 seconds remaining, then 3, 4, etc., with each attempt just slightly beating the previous best time. By the time you beat it about 23 times, you will have reached the most amount of money you can have. Save the game after every attempt so that way you do not miss an opportunity to double you money if a mistake is made. Also, in order to do it over again you have to go all the way back down to the street and come back up and enter the Stallion again. Note: If you have $999,999,999 and you do it again, the game will actually lower your money and your criminal ranking.

Instead for shooting a regular pedestrian, try shooting taxi drivers to get more money. Note: This does not work all of the time.

The quickest way to make money is to pick up a prostitute and take her to the beach. Beat her up and you can take double the money. You can get up to $500 by doing this.

After you have bought a property and have completed the missions to earn money from it, enable the "Faster game play" code. Go about one block away and wait for about four to six hours of game time. Go back to the property and the amount earned should be fairly high.

Get a rocket launcher and a three star wanted level. Shoot down the police helicopters that fly overhead. When they crash and explode, you will get about $300. You can do this to any of the police helicopters that fly overhead during a chase.

If you get into a taxi, sometimes you will get cash that the taxi driver has made.

Enable the "Pedestrians riot" code. Let the pedestrians kill each other, then collect all their money. Note: Make sure they do not kill you.

Complete the first Cuban mission with wearing Cuban gang clothes and you will get a $100 bonus.

Use the following trick to raise your Criminal Rating while getting lots of money. Buy Sunshine Autos; there is a Pay N' Spray there that will be needed. Get any car and put it in one of the garages, preferably the one directly across from the Pay N' Spray. Get a Rhino and do the Vigilante missions at the airport. When your wanted level gets up to the point where the police chase after you, drive the Rhino to Sunshine Autos. Drive the tank down to where the garages are, but not all the way. Get out, and it will block the alley from cops that are chasing you. They will explode when they hit the tank. Get in the car that you stashed in the garage and drive into the Pay N' Spray. Your wanted level will disappear and your criminal rating will increase. This is also a good way to get lots of money, as most of the cars spawned during the Vigilante missions will be there at the airport. It is possible to get up to level 135 on the Vigilante missions and over $17,000,000.

Have a 9mm pistol or the first machine pistol. Lock on a store owner inside and wait for him to give you money. when he has done this, slowly walk away outside while still locked on to him. When you are outside on the pavement, disengage your lock and the man will not sound the alarm. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy health:
While in a mall, buy something to eat at the food court.

If you are low on health, go to one of your hideouts. Go to the save icon. You do not have to save the game. Select "Cancel". When you get back to the normal game screen, your health will be at 100.

Kill a few people, and an ambulance will arrive to treat the wounded. Steal it for a 20 point health increase.

Easy kills:
In the PlayStation2 version, use the following trick to kill without being caught. Use a motorcycle (recommended because you will not get hurt) or other vehicle and drive very fast towards a group of people. Then, press Triangle to bail. The vehicle should run over or hit a lot of people. You can then collect their weapons and cash.

Enable the "Weapons" code, ad get a large number of remote detonated grenades. Throw one into the middle of the street and wait for a car to drive over it. When it does, detonate the grenade and the car will do a flip or something else while exploding in flames. You can do this while at a mall or another area where there are big groups of people. Throw grenade into the middle of the group, then get to a safe distance and detonate them.

You must have first purchased the Hyman Condo or have the Vercetti Estate. Take the helicopter from one of those two places and take it to a skyscraper or tall building that you can land on. Next, use the sniper rifle or rocket launcher to shoot at vehicles on the ground. None of the police forces can get you from there, except the helicopters. Use a rocket launcher to take them down.

Easy rampage:
If you are doing a rampage that requires a certain number of vehicles to be destroyed and you are near somewhere with a large garage, go over to it. Open the garage and blow the cars up while they are still inside. Walk away so that the garage closes, then return and the cars will be in perfect shape again. Blow them up again, and repeat the process. This is very useful for the two RPG rampages near Sunshine Autos (on the airport roof and on the big ship); and the chaingun rampage (near Fort Baxter). Since Sunshine Autos has so many large garages, it is easy to fly over in a helicopter, get the rampage, then fly back to Sunshine Autos to do the trick.

To do a rampage mission without losing any of the guns, before starting it go to Escobar International Airport. Enter through the security checkpoint. All the guns will now be outside the airport. Do the rampage mission. You can also save after doing a rampage without taking your weapons back. The weapons will be there and will not disappear. You can also do all rampage missions by this procedure. Pick up the guns after doing all the rampages.

Easy car destruction in chase missions:
Attacking a target vehicle in a car chase is often not easy, particularly if you are required to destroy it. Anti-vehicle weapons do not arrive until later in t`e game, forcing you to make do with inefficient small arms. You can save themselves a lot of effort if they use a scooter or motocycle's unique shooting ability to attack escaping cars. Tommy Vercetti can shoot submachine guns straight ahead on any scooter or motorcycle. Simply follow a target vehicle and unload in its rear. Experience shows this tactic is much easier and quicker than trying to ram a vehicle or shoot it from the drive-by view, especially when using the HK MP5. Players may find the scooter particularly suited to this tactic, since it can weave and dodge obstacles more easily than any other two-wheeler, and without losing speed.

Better underwater view:
To see things more clearly underwater, steal a Caddy, such as the one in the bushes around the lighthouse. Enable the "Car floats on water" code. While driving on the water, look through the windshield and underwater objects will now be in clear view. This is useful when looking at the underwater life and objects such as the Russian submarine.

Clothing reactions:
Your clothing will result in different reactions during missions. For example, when you go to the Cubans for the first time, try wearing golf clothes. Your new contact will make fun of you, calling you a woman and you will make fun of him.

Same clothes:
Whenever you see Kent Paul, he will be wearing the same clothes as Tommy Vercetti, but with a different color shirt (red).

Save money with prostitutes:
Get a convertible or another open top car. Pick up a prostitute and drive directly to a bush, grass or trees. Your health will jump up and she will get out almost as soon as you stop, without all the car rocking. If you decide to watch the rocking car or cannot find a convertible, jump out as soon as your health reaches 125 (and save the final charge), or kill the prostitute to get your money back.

After using a prostitute, your health should be at 125 and she will soon exit your vehicle. When she does, use the drive-by view to the direction she is at and shoot her before she escapes. Then, exit the vehicle and get your money back.

Screaming prostitute:
Enable the "Car floats on water" code, then get a nice looking car. Pick up a prostitute and drive off onto the beach and into the water (watch for high waves). After you are far off from land, stop. She will do her thing and you will increase health. The poor girl will not be able to get out and will scream continuously until you finally drive her back to land.

Candy Suxxx fliers:
After completing the Dildo Dodo mission for Steve at InterGlobal Films studio, look at the flyers on the ground were you flew over. You should see some with a picture of Candy Suxxx and a title called "Bite". These are the flyers that you dropped from the plane.

Zombie Elvis newspaper headline:
Look closely at the newspapers to see a headline referring to a "Zombie Elvis Found" with a funny picture underneath.

Giant shark:
The giant shark from the InterGlobal Films studio can be seen in the water. You may need to complete all the missions for InterGlobal Films for it to appear. Since it moves around, there is no way of knowing where it can be found.

Run longer:
Tap X instead of holding it to make Tommy's stamina last longer.

Move faster:
In the PlayStation2 version, if Tommy's stamina runs out from running too long, repeatedly press Square instead. Hopping will still be faster than walking.

Dodge cars:
In the PlayStation2 version, when a car is driving directly at you, press Square when it gets close and Tommy will jump sideways, saving himself from being run over. For example, when the police are chasing you, they will try to hit to kill you. Press Square at the correct moment to save yourself from a collision.

Avoid getting busted:
In the PlayStation2 version, when pulling someone out of their car, immediately hold X and push the Left Analog-stick away from the car to avoid entering the vehicle. This is especially useful when cops are nearby to avoid getting busted. It can also be used if you want to beat someone up before stealing their car.

When you steal someone's car and you have a cop directly behind you, instead of accelerating forward press the Square + Left Analog Stick Right or D-pad Right if he in the driver's side door or Square + Left Analog-stick Left or D-pad Left. You will knock the cop down and successfully get away.

Avoid drowning in vehicle:
If your car flips over while in water, enable the "Health" code. Then, enable the "Rainy weather" code and the "Car floats on water" code (if not already enabled). Keep repeating the "Health" code in between and after these codes. Your car should eventually flip back over and float on the water. This technique requires speed and practice. Note if you are in a Rhino, your chances of flipping back of are small; and if you make it, the Rhino will fly and bounce in the air.

Restore health:
Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Either save or leave without saving and your health will be restored to full.

Free car repair:
Go into any garage and blow up your car. Run away quickly and make sure your garage door closes. Return, and your car will be new.

Free Pay 'N' Spray:
Immediately before you go in to a Pay 'N' Spray, enable the "Full health" code.

Decrease wanted level to zero:
Go to your hideout and go to "Save". Load the most recent save and your wanted level will drop to zero.

You can clear your wanted level by entering a RC Racer Competition. You do not have to complete the competition to clear your wanted level.

In the PlayStation2 version, if you have a wanted level of any kind, find an RC van (Top Fun). Go in and when you start that mission, press Circle to destroy your RC vehicle. You will no longer have any cops after you. You can do this as many times as desired.

Increase wanted level quickly:
Steal the Apache helicopter and fly towards one of the advertising airplanes that tow a banner. When you are close enough, shoot a missile at it. If you hit it, the plane will explode, giving you at least three stars. Do this about four times and you will have all six stars.

Depending on your game progress, you can go to the bank you held up and run up the stairs for an instant four stars wanted level.

To get a six star wanted level very quickly, go to the VCPD HQ that you broke Cameron out of. Kill all the police inside you will end up with six stars. Bcareful when you walk out. There will be a swarm of police and military outside.

Wanted level with police or FBI uniform:
Cycle through the "Pedestrian costume" code until you are wearing a police or FBI uniform. If you shoot a gun, you will automatically get a one star wanted level.

Drowned pedestrians:
Go to any dock with people on it while you are on a motorcycle and drive slowly on it. Some of the people (including cops) will dive in the water to avoid you, as they do on the street. Get off the bike and look down into the water without falling in. You can see their dead bodies floating in the water.

Go to a dock with people. Find a person and park so that he or she is between you and the water. They still have to be slightly front of you. Honk the horn and they may run into the water. If they do not -- try again. Then, other people will try to crowd around the body and keep running into the water.

Enable the "Car floats on water" code and get a gun that can do a drive by with. Drive near a boat and shoot it until it is up in flames. Wait until you hear it explode, then go over. You should see a dead person floating in the water. Run him or her over and they should sink if done at the correct moment and location on their corpse.

Pedestrian suicides:
Get in a helicopter and go under a bridge. Look up and you may see someone throwing themselves off it to their death.

Knock pedestrians down with fire hose:
In the PlayStation2 version, on the west island on the map, there is a VCFD fire truck near the fire station. Get into it and pull out of the fenced in area. Hold Circle to use the water gun. Aim it low at people to knock them over. If you are quick, you can get out and run over to them before they get up. While they are on the ground, you can kick them a few times to get their money (if they have any). This helps you avoid getting into fights with the pedestrians.

Blood splatter:
Kill someone with the chainsaw while you are running and blood will splatter on the screen.

It is possible to see rainbows after a rain storm or thunder storm. Try looking near the Hyman Memorial Stadium, on the side where the helicopter pads are located.

Phone numbers:
The phone numbers in the game actually exist. For example, 1-866-434SELF (Think Your Way To Success), 1-866-9SAVEME (Pastor Richard's Salvation Statue), and 1-866-PILLAGE (Thor's Advice hotline). Note: Thor's does not really cost $175.

One of the radio stations features a man selling self help programs. One is called "Learn, Start, Do", short for LSD. Another is "Motivate, Demonstrate, then Motivate Again", short for MDMA or Ecstasy. Another is "Think, Hold that thought, Complete", short for THC, the chemical in marijuana.

Lance preview:
Start a new game. When the intermission sequence where Tommy makes the drug deal appears, look at the pilot. The pilot is Lance.

Grand Theft Auto 3 references:
There is an airplane with a banner on the back that flies around Vice City. When you fly a helicopter or a plane around it, or zoom in on it with a sniper rifle, you can see that it is an exact duplicate of the full-winged Dodo from Grand Theft Auto 3.

In a mission brief for Avery Brooks, you will meet Donald Love. Avery will give a lesson about real estate prices going down because of a good old fashioned gang war, or an outbreak of plague. In Grand Theft Auto 3, Donald Love says the same thing almost word for word.

In the last mission for Phil Cassidy, you see him blowing off his arm. During game play, Phil keeps hallucinating that he was in the jungle fighting. In Grand Theft Auto 3, he states that he lost it in Nicaragua, which is where he was hallucinating.

If you listen to KCHAT long enough, Amy will eventually bring on a guest, Gethsemanee, who is in a coven and talks about crystal balls among with other witch topics. During the interview, Amy will accept calls and a English man from Hampshire named Freddy, calls asking the lady, "Supposing I'd been a bad boy. Like if I hadn't learnt my spells or something. Would I, I get smacked with it?" He goes on to also say "But you must hit Freddy with your broom. Freddy has been very naughty and not learnt his spells. Hit me hairy legs, hit me! I deserve it!" This is the same man who calls up Chatterbox on Grand Theft Auto 3 asking for a nanny to spank him.

Phil Cassidy's refrigerator has a sticker that says "Get Away" with palm trees and a beach. The same poster is in Grand Theft Auto 3 in your first hideout on Portland island.

Listen to VROCK and you will eventually hear a commercial about Ammu-Nation having a blow-out sale. You will hear the man in the commercial say, "just like we kicked Australia's ass". Ironically, the same DJ for the same station, Lazlow, also does station called Chatterbox in Grand Theft Auto 3. If you listen to that station long enough, he will talk to a sergeant who talks about he was in the "Australian-Amercian War". Lazlow goes on, saying that he has never heard of it.

Many callers on K-Chat and VROCK are the same ones that called on Chatterbox. For example, when listening to K-Chat when Thor is on and they go to the callers, a man named T.J. that talks about him and some friends starting their own gang called "The Blood" will come on. His voice sounds very familiar to the man calling on Chatterbox, talking badly about the British and saying that football and hopscotch are "man-sports". Also, the man that called also during the Thor interview asking about his girlfriend and was told to behead her sounds like the man who says "Liberty City Cocks rule!".

On the VCPR radio station, a guest will eventually talk about why Vice City residents should not wear clothes. In Grand Theft Auto 3, the same man calls Chatterbox saying why it should be right to not wear clothes.

If you own Sunshine Autos, drive into the garage that you drop the cars off for the list. Get a sniper rifle and look at the computer in the garage. It says "Kruton 9000" on the screen. This is also on Joey's computer in his repair garage in Grand Theft Auto 3.

When you are driving around Escobar International Airport, one of the billboards reads, "Vacation In Liberty City".

On KCHAT while Amy is interviewing Claude Mageno, a man calls up and asks Claude a question. He he is Morgan Meriwell from Double Ceff FM in Liberty City. He sounds like him and says his name is Morgan.

Steal a Banshee and take it to a safe place, away from car thieves, Go to the back of your Banshee and use a sniper rifle to zoom in on the license plate. It reads "LEONY" which is a reference to Salvatore Leone, the Mafia Boss you worked for in Grand Theft Auto 3.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas reference:
On the K-Chat radio station, when BJ Smith is the special guest, listen to the people that call the station to talk to him. There is one man that calls asking BJ how he played against the "SA's". The SA's refer to the football team in San Andreas.

The Getaway reference:
On the assassination mission Autocide, the two people in the truck are named Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter. The main characters of The Getaway are Frank Carter and Mark Hammond.

The Terminator reference:
Look closely at the "Exploder" billboard above the 24/7 store in Little Havana to see a scene from The Terminator, in which the Terminator robot descends from an explosion.

San Andreas reference:
Listen to the VCHAT radio station and you will hear a football player call in and say "Hey, I'm a first time calla". They will start talking about different football conversations. Listen for about one minute and you will hear the caller say something similar to "Well, we were beaten by San Andreas". In the original Grand Theft Auto, the cities were Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. This is a hint towards the location or title of the fifth game in the series.

Clearer graphics:
In the PlayStation2 version, pause game play and go to "Display", then select "Trails" and turn that option off. The game will be much clearer.

Start game faster:
After you see the PlayStation2 logo, wait till the next screen appears. Then, immediately press L2 + R2 to get to the startup screen.

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