Free 148 API Open Public APIs No Auth Needed in One List

Are you looking for some free and open public APIs that you can use for testing, learning, or building your own apps? If so, you’re in luck. There are many APIs out there that offer a variety of data and services without requiring any authentication or key. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best ones and show you how to access them.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way for different software applications to communicate with each other. An API defines how a client (such as a web browser, a mobile app, or a spreadsheet) can request data or services from a server (such as a website, a database, or a cloud service).


For example, when you use a weather app on your phone, the app sends an API request to a weather service provider (such as and receives an API response with the current weather data. The app then displays the data in a user-friendly format on your screen.

APIs are useful because they allow developers to access and use data and services from other sources without having to create them from scratch. They also enable interoperability and integration between different applications and platforms.

What is a free and open public API?

A free and open public API is an API that anyone can access and use without any restrictions or requirements. You don’t need to register, sign up, or obtain an API key to use these APIs. You just need to know the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the API endpoint and the parameters (if any) that you need to specify in your request.

Free and open public APIs are great for beginners who want to learn how APIs work and practice their skills. They are also helpful for web developers who want to test their code or prototype their ideas with real data. And they are fun for anyone who wants to explore different types of data and services available on the web.

How to use free and open public APIs?

There are many ways to use free and open public APIs depending on your needs and preferences. Here are some common methods:

  • Web browser: You can simply type or paste the URL of the API endpoint in your web browser’s address bar and hit enter. You will see the API response in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, which is a standard way of representing data in APIs. JSON is easy to read and parse by humans and machines.
  • Coding language: You can use any modern coding language (such as Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.) that supports HTTP requests to send an API request and receive an API response. You will need to write some code to handle the request parameters, headers, errors, etc., as well as parse and process the JSON response.
  • cURL: You can use cURL, which is a command-line tool for transferring data using various protocols (such as HTTP), to send an API request and receive an API response. You will need to type some commands in your terminal or console window with the appropriate options and flags.
  • No-code API clients: You can use no-code API clients, which are graphical user interface (GUI) tools that allow you to interact with APIs without writing any code. Some examples are Swagger UI, Postman, Insomnia, etc. These tools let you enter the URL of the API endpoint and the parameters (if any) in a form-like interface and display the JSON response in a formatted way. They also provide features such as documentation, testing, debugging, etc.
  • Google Sheets: You can use Google Sheets, which is a cloud-based spreadsheet application that supports custom functions written in JavaScript using Google Apps Script. One of these custom functions is IMPORTJSON(), which allows you to import JSON data from any URL into your spreadsheet cells. You can also use Apipheny, which is an add-on for Google Sheets that lets you connect any API to Google Sheets without coding.

Best Big List of Free Open Public APIs

To help you get started with using free open public APIs, we have compiled a list of some of the most useful, fun, and interesting ones that you can try out right now. We have categorized them by topic and provided sample URLs for each one. You can click on these URLs to see the JSON responses or copy them to use them with your preferred method.

1 Animals Dogs Free api for Random dog images Click Here
2 Animals HTTP Cats Free api for Cat images for HTTP status codes Click Here
3 Animals Pixel Encounter Free api for SVG Monsters Click Here
4 Animals Placekitten Free api for Placeholder kitten images Click Here
5 Animals Random Big Cats Free api for Random pictures of big cats Click Here
6 Animals Random Dogs Free api for Random dog images Click Here
7 API Directories Free api for OpenAPI API directory Click Here
8 API Directories Public APIs Free api for List of public APIs Click Here
9 Calendar Nager.Date Free api for Public holidays Click Here
10 Calendar UK Bank Holidays Free api for UK bank holidays Click Here
11 Content 4chan Free api for 4chan's read-only API Click Here
12 Content Chronicling America Free api for Historic US newspapers Click Here
13 Content Datamuse Free api for Query words matching conditions Click Here
14 Content HackerNews Free api for Hacker News API Click Here
15 Content Jikan Free api for Unofficial MyAnimeList API Click Here
16 Content Listly Free api for Top 10 lists Click Here
17 Content Mediawiki Free api for Wikipedia page content and revisions Click Here
18 Content Reddit Free api for Public content from Reddit Click Here
19 Content Reddit Stocks Free api for Top stocks from Wallstreetbets Click Here
20 Content Rick and Morty API Free api for Rick and Morty characters Click Here
21 Content Star Wars API Free api for Star Wars information Click Here
22 Content TVMaze Free api for TV show information Click Here
23 Content WordPress Free api for Public posts from any WordPress site Click Here
24 Crypto & Finance Binance Free api for 24 hr crypto data Click Here
25 Crypto & Finance CoinBase Free api for Currency codes and names Click Here
26 Crypto & Finance CoinCap Free api for Real time cryptocurrency prices Click Here
27 Crypto & Finance CoinDesk Free api for Bitcoin price index Click Here
28 Crypto & Finance CoinGecko Free api for Cryptocurrency market data Click Here
29 Crypto & Finance CoinLore Free api for Cryptocurrency market data Click Here
30 Crypto & Finance CoinMap Free api for Crypto ATMs Click Here
31 Crypto & Finance Coinpaprika Free api for Cryptocurrency data Click Here
32 Crypto & Finance CoinStats Free api for Cryptocurrency market data Click Here
33 Crypto & Finance CryptingUp Free api for Cryptocurrency data Click Here
34 Crypto & Finance Currency Rates Free api for Currency exchange rates Click Here
35 Crypto & Finance DEX Screener Free api for Blockchain screener Click Here
36 Crypto & Finance Exchangerate Free api for Currency exchange & crypto rates Click Here
37 Crypto & Finance ExchangeRate-API Free api for Exchange rates Click Here
38 Crypto & Finance Gemini Free api for Cryptocurrency market data Click Here
39 Crypto & Finance Kraken Free api for Crypto data Click Here
40 Crypto & Finance KuCoin Free api for Crypto data Click Here
41 Crypto & Finance NBP Web API Free api for Currency exchange rates and gold prices Click Here
42 Crypto & Finance Nexchange Free api for Cryptocurrency market data Click Here
43 Crypto & Finance OpenSea Free api for NFTs Click Here
44 Crypto & Finance Razorpay IFSC Free api for Indian Financial Systems Codes Click Here
45 Crypto & Finance WazirX Free api for Crypto data Click Here
46 Developer Tools Agify Free api for Predict age based on a name Click Here
47 Developer Tools APIC Agent Free api for Detect browser, OS, and device from user agent Click Here
48 Developer Tools Ciprand Free api for Generate random strings Click Here
49 Developer Tools Cloudflare Trace Free api for Get IP address, user agent, etc Click Here
50 Developer Tools Digital Ocean Status Free api for DigitalOcean status Click Here
51 Developer Tools Domainsdb Free api for Search registered domain names Click Here
52 Developer Tools Favicon Grabber Free api for Get the favicon for any site Click Here
53 Developer Tools Free api for Predict gender based on a name Click Here
54 Developer Tools goQR Free api for Create and read QR codes Click Here
55 Developer Tools HTTPBin Free api for Inspect user agent and headers Click Here
56 Developer Tools Image-Charts Free api for Chart images Click Here
57 Developer Tools IPify Free api for Get public IP address Click Here
58 Developer Tools JSONPlaceholder Free api for Fake REST API for testing Click Here
59 Developer Tools Microlink Free api for Retrieve metadata and screenshots from any URL Click Here
60 Developer Tools Free api for Predict nationality based on a name Click Here
61 Developer Tools QuickChart Free api for Generate charts on-the-fly Click Here
62 Developer Tools RandomUser Free api for Fake user data generator Click Here
63 Developer Tools Reqres Free api for Generate fake data for testing Click Here
64 Developer Tools REST API Free api for Rest API for testing Click Here
65 Developer Tools Serialif Color Free api for Get colors in different formats Click Here
66 Food & Drink Cocktail Database Free api for Cocktail recipes Click Here
67 Food & Drink Open Brewery DB Free api for Breweries Click Here
68 Food & Drink Open Food Facts Free api for Data on food products Click Here
69 Food & Drink PunkAPI Free api for Beer recipes Click Here
70 Food & Drink Recipe Puppy Free api for Recipe database Click Here
71 Food & Drink Whisky Hunter Free api for Whisky auctions Click Here
72 Fun AmiiboAPI Free api for Nintendo Amiibo database Click Here
73 Fun Animal Crossing: New Horizons Free api for Animal Crossing data Click Here
74 Fun Barter Free api for Digital game libraries, wishlists and tradables Click Here
75 Fun Board Game Geek Free api for Board games Click Here
76 Fun Bored Free api for Activity suggestions Click Here
77 Fun CheapShark Free api for Price comparison for digital games Click Here
78 Fun Chuck Norris Jokes Free api for Chuck Norris facts Click Here
79 Fun Evil Insult Generator Free api for Generate insults Click Here
80 Fun Imgflip Free api for Popular memes Click Here
81 Fun JokeAPI Free api for Jokes Click Here
82 Fun xkcd Free api for xkcd comics Click Here
83 Geo Adresse Free api for French addresses and geocoding Click Here
84 Geo Free api for Lookup country by IP address Click Here
85 Geo Geocode Free api for Forward/reverse geocoding Click Here
86 Geo GeoJS Free api for Geolocation by IP address Click Here
87 Geo geoPlugin Free api for Currency conversion and geolocation data Click Here
88 Geo GetTheData Free api for UK geo coordinates conversion Click Here
89 Geo HelloSalut Free api for Translate "hello" by IP address Click Here
90 Geo Hong Kong GeoData Store Free api for Hong Kong geo data Click Here
91 Geo ipapi Free api for Geolocation by IP address Click Here
92 Geo IPGeo Free api for Geolocation by IP address Click Here
93 Geo Nominatum Free api for Locations and addresses Click Here
94 Geo Open Topo Data Free api for Determine elevation for lat/long Click Here
95 Geo Postcodes Free api for UK geo data by postcode Click Here
96 Geo ViaCEP Free api for Brazil's postal address codes (CEPs) Click Here
97 Geo Zippopotamus Free api for Zip code information for 60 countries Click Here
98 Geo Ziptastic Free api for US geo data by zipcode Click Here
99 Government Banco Central Do Brasil Free api for Brazil Central Bank data Click Here
100 Government Belgian Open Data Initiative Free api for Belgian government open data Click Here
101 Government Brasil Free api for Brazil public data Click Here
102 Government CiviX Free api for Law and bylaw content of British Columbia Click Here
103 Government Colorado Information Marketplace Free api for Colorado state open data Click Here
104 Government Data USA Free api for US public data Click Here
105 Government Free api for Australian government open data Click Here
106 Government Dawum Free api for German election polls Click Here
107 Government FBI Wanted Free api for FBI Wanted data Click Here
108 Government Federal Register Free api for Daily journal of the US government Click Here
109 Government Food Standards Agency Free api for UK restaurant hygiene ratings Click Here
110 Government NYC Open Data Free api for New York City open data Click Here
111 Government Open Data DC Free api for Washington DC open data Click Here
112 Government Open Government, Canada Free api for Canadian government open data Click Here
113 Government United States Census Free api for US census data Click Here
114 Government USPTO Free api for US Patent and Trademark Office Click Here
115 Health Free api for US health insurance data Click Here
116 Health Makeup Free api for Makeup brands and product info Click Here
117 Health NPPES Free api for US health care providers Click Here
118 Health Open Disease Free api for Covid-19 and influenza stats Click Here
119 Health openFDA Free api for Food & Drug Administration data (US) Click Here
120 Language Chinese Character Web Free api for Information about Chinese characters Click Here
121 Language Chinese Text Project Free api for Digital library for pre-modern Chinese texts Click Here
122 Language Free Dictionary Free api for Word definitions and phonetics Click Here
123 Language PurgoMalum Free api for Check content for profanity Click Here
124 Music Binary Jazz Free api for Fetch a random genre Click Here
125 Music iTunes Search Free api for iTunes content Click Here
126 Music MusicBrainz Free api for Music data Click Here
127 Music Openwhyd Free api for Playlists from various streaming platforms Click Here
128 Open Data Free api for Large public digital archive Click Here
129 Open Data House Stock Watcher Free api for Congress members' stock transactions Click Here
130 Open Data Open Library Free api for Information about books Click Here
131 Open Data Teleport Free api for Location and quality of life data Click Here
132 Open Data Universities List Free api for Universities Click Here
133 Open Data Wayback Machine Free api for Internet archive availability Click Here
134 Open Data Wikipedia Free api for Pageview stats Click Here
135 Science Astronomy Picture Free api for Daily astronomy pictures Click Here
136 Science Numbers API Free api for Facts about numbers Click Here
137 Science Spaceflight News Free api for Spaceflight related news Click Here
138 Science SunriseSunset Free api for Sunrise and sunset times Click Here
139 Sports Balldontlie Free api for NBA players, teams, games, stats Click Here
140 Sports CityBikes Free api for Bike sharing networks Click Here
141 Sports Ergast F1 Free api for Motor racing data Click Here
142 Sports Football-Data Free api for Football (soccer) competitions and data Click Here
143 Sports nhlapi Free api for NHL data Click Here
144 Weather 7Timer! Free api for Weather forecasts for astronomy Click Here
145 Weather Aviation Weather Center Free api for Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) data Click Here
146 Weather openSenseMap Free api for Personal senseBox (weather station) data Click Here
147 Weather SG Weather Free api for Realtime weather readings for Singapore Click Here
148 Weather wttr Free api for Console-oriented weather forecast service Click Here




  • What is an API?

  • An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way for different applications or systems to communicate with each other by exchanging data or commands.

  • What is a free and open public API?

  • A free and open public API is an API that does not require any authentication, authorization, or payment to access its data or functionality. Anyone can use these APIs without any restrictions or limitations.

  • Why use free and open public APIs? Free and open public APIs are useful for various purposes, such as:

    • Learning how to use APIs and practice coding skills
    • Testing different API methods and responses
    • Accessing sample data sets for web development or data analysis
    • Building prototypes or demos of apps or websites
    • Enhancing existing apps or websites with additional features or content
  • How to use free and open public APIs? Depending on the API, there are different ways to use it. Some common methods are:

    • Using a web browser: Simply enter the API URL in the address bar and see the response in JSON format.
    • Using a coding language: Use a library or module that supports HTTP requests and parse the JSON response accordingly.
    • Using a command line tool: Use cURL or similar tools to send HTTP requests and view the JSON response in the terminal.
    • Using a no-code API client: Use tools like Swagger, Postman, Insomnia, or Apipheny that allow you to test and explore APIs without writing any code.
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