Xbox CEO Phil Spencer promotes new PlayStation Plus games ?

 It might be hard to imagine Phil Spencer , the head of Xbox, promoting monthly PlayStation Plus games through his Twitter account. But this is, in fact, what actually happened after Sony announced the upcoming March titles for subscribers to the basic package.

This happened when the head of Xbox quoted the PlayStation tweet announcing the free Plus games for the next month. Commenting on the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons game from Microsoft Studios, which will be among the games next month, he said:

“It's always exciting to see more people try great games like Minecraft Dungeons..”

Spencer apparently did not do this with the intention of promoting the games of the monthly service, as much as he wanted to draw attention to the fact that their games, which are produced by studios and subsidiaries of Microsoft and Xbox, are released on other external platforms, including the PlayStation platforms in particular.

Of course, the matter is being exploited in conjunction with the raging confrontation between Sony and Microsoft due to the latter's attempt to acquire the developer of the Call of Duty game. While Sony stands to prevent this deal from being successful and losing one of the largest shooting games on its platforms.

Microsoft, on more than one occasion, has confirmed that Sony stands in the way of completing the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Despite the guarantees and special offers that were presented to the Japanese company, it faced all of them with complete rejection.

It is noteworthy that Sony has recently revealed free PlayStation Plus games for subscribers of the basic package. Where they are supposed to get it early next month, March, including Minecraft Dungeons, in addition to Code Vein and Battlefield 2042.

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