Who is Mohammed Ali Clay ?

Muhammad Ali Clay, a former boxer, born in 1942, known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., this is the name with which he was born, and Muhammad Ali is an American national, and he is one of the greatest sports figures of the twentieth century, as he was crowned at the time with the "Athlete of the Century."

Muhammad Ali Clay is the Olympic gold medalist and the first fighter who was able to win the title of heavyweight champion three times. During his career, Muhammad Ali Clay won 56 times in 21 years. 21 years is the summary of his entire career after he retired from boxing due to Parkinson's disease. Or the so-called Parkinson's syndrome, which has weakened his motor skills and also affected his speech, and despite the severity of the disease, Muhammad Ali Clay showed during the 1996 Olympics a lot of strength and determination in dealing with this disease, and he is now still active as he works As a goodwill ambassador.

This famous boxer's life is full of excitement, which made him one of the most famous boxers of all time. His conversion to Islam, his conviction of the need to evade military service, and his ban from boxing for a period of up to three years, when he was stripped of his heavyweight championships, all of this has affected There was a lot of controversy around him, but despite all that, he did not stop or give up.

Muhammad Ali Clay married four times and has seven daughters and two sons. These are the order of marriages:

1- He was married to Sunji Roy from 1964 to 1966.
2- He was married to Belinda Boyd from 1967 to 1977.
3- He was married to Veronica Porsche from 1977 to 1996.
4- He married his fourth and last wife, Yolanda Williams, from 1996 until now.

Muhammad Ali Childhood:

Muhammad Ali was born, and his name was Cassius Marcellus Jr., on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky, to a father called Cassius Clay and a mother called Odessa Grady Clay. A house and a cook, and two years after the birth of Muhammad Ali Clay, the couple had another child, Rudolph, and they called him "Rudy."

Bike theft made Muhammad Ali the most famous boxer:

When Muhammad Ali was about 12 years old, he and a friend went to Columbia Hall to participate in a free dog competition, and at that time popcorn was available to all visitors to Louisville who came to watch, while Muhammad Ali was sitting with his friend and eating popcorn and they finished watching back to discover that a bike Muhammad Ali had been mugged, Muhammad Ali got angry and went to report the crime to a police officer named Joe Martin, who was also a boxing trainer at a gym.

At that time, Muhammad Ali felt very angry at the theft of the bike and said that he would attack the person who stole his bike by beating him if he saw him. Police officer Martin replied to him that he should first learn to fight, and indeed a few days later, Muhammad Ali began to go to the Joe Martin gym to start training Boxing is there to learn to fight.

From the beginning, Muhammad Ali took training seriously. He trained six days a week. On school days, Muhammad Ali would wake up early to go jogging and then go to the gym in the evening.

Martin's gym used to close at eight o'clock in the evening, at that time Muhammad Ali would go to another gym to train in boxing, with the passage of time Muhammad Ali began to establish his own diet that included milk and raw eggs for breakfast, as he took this issue of nutrition very seriously Where he was worried about what he put in his body, so he stayed away from fast food, alcohol and cigarettes in order to be the best boxer in the world.

Muhammad Ali's participation in the 1960 Olympics:

From the very beginning of Muhammad Ali's training, Muhammad Ali was punching in a special way that made him distinguished from everyone else. He was very fast. This speed made him not take punches in the face like many other boxers. Instead, he was leaning away from them, and he did not He puts his hands like others to protect his face, but he kept his hands at the hips, and therefore he had his own style of playing with his opponents, which made him a legend in every sense of the word.

In the year 1960, the Olympic Games were held in Rome, when Muhammad Ali was 18 years old, who was known at the time as Cassius Clay. He played during this session against Zbigniew, a Polish player who had played in previous tournaments. Muhammad Ali Ali Zbigniew won, and in a decision Unanimously, they declared Muhammad Ali the winner and he was awarded an Olympic gold medal.

After Muhammad Ali won the Olympic gold medal, Muhammad Ali ranked first in amateur boxing at the time, which made the time appropriate for him to turn this talent from a mere hobby into a professional profession.

Muhammad Ali wins the heavyweight title:

Muhammad Ali was not just an ordinary boxer. When Muhammad Ali began fighting in professional boxing rounds, he realized at that time that there were indeed things he could do to create interest from those around him and their attention to him. This was his goal and he succeeded in doing this of course, for example, Muhammad Ali, before any match, used to say things that were like a double-edged sword, and it worried the opponent, and people were eager to see him.

He was often declaring that he was "stronger than ever," and that he was "great at all times," so Muhammad Ali was very famous for that before any match he liked to write poetry, and in this poetry he was very proud of himself and his ability to win over his opponent.

Many people were going to see him as if he was playing a play, so they were paying exorbitant sums to see the battles and words of Muhammad Ali Clay.

Muhammad Ali Clay was able to win 19 matches, including 15 matches he won by knockout, Muhammad Ali received his first title as a heavyweight champion on February 25, 1964, when he was playing against heavyweight champion Sonny Liston in Miami, so he was able to eliminate him Before the seventh round, Liston was more exhausted, and his shoulder had been damaged a lot, and Muhammad Ali was 21 years old at the time.

Muhammad Ali converted to Islam and changed his name:

Muhammad Ali Clay faced many challenges, and it is the biggest challenge when converting to Islam. On the next day of his championship with Liston in 1964, Muhammad Ali Clay publicly announced his conversion to Islam in front of all the audience, which made the audience not really happy, because they believe that all Whoever joins the Islamic nation is a racist and will be a disappointment to his country, so they were very angry.

And they called him Cassius Clay, as many people believed that the Islamic religion was the reason for the liberation of black slaves, but they began to get used to his new name, Muhammad Ali Clay.

Muhammad Ali evaded military service and prevented him from boxing:

During the three years after defeating Liston in every round, Muhammad Ali became one of the most popular athletes in the 1960s, not only the most famous athlete, but he became a symbol that every black person is proud of, and he was undoubtedly at the height of his prosperity in this period, except that The unexpected shock came as in 1967 Muhammad Ali received a summons to join the military service and fight in the Vietnam War.

At that time, Muhammad Ali Clay asked for special treatment and to be exempted, and that religious beliefs forbade killing even if he was in a state of war, and he strongly refused to go at the time.

In June 1967, Muhammad Ali was tried and convicted of evading military service. He was fined $10,000 and sentenced to five years in prison. He was able to be released on bail, but there was so much public outcry that Muhammad Ali banned Clay and prevented him from boxing and even stripped him. Also from his heavyweight title, many people saw Muhammad Ali as elusive.

For three and a half years, Muhammad Ali was literally banished from professional boxing, and all he could do at this point was watch others take the heavyweight title, so he went all over the country to make some money.

In 1970, the New York State Supreme Court ordered that Muhammad Ali regain his boxing license again, and in the following year the Supreme Court overturned his conviction of anything attributed to him, and this was a unanimous decision.

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