Who is Charlie Chaplin ?

 Historical Importance of Charlie Chaplin:

Charlie Chaplin, popularly known as Charlie Chaplin and also called by several other names, including: Charles Spencer Chaplin, Sir Charlie Chaplin, he was also known as the Tramp, and the historical importance of Charlie Chaplin lies in the fact that he was a comedian with insight, as he enjoyed a successful career as an actor, director and writer, as well As a composer of the silent film era, he is known for his shapely black bowler hat and baggy pants.

And Charlie Chaplin was able to seize the hearts of the first movie goers, and he became one of the most beloved characters, and Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous men in the world until he fell victim to McCarthyism in 1952. Her victims are Charlie Chaplin.

Childhood of Charlie Chaplin:

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889, in South London, his mother is Hannah Chaplin, she was a theater singer and his father is Charlie Chaplin, a theater actor, when Charlie Chaplin was only three years old, his father left his mother because of her adultery with Leo Dryden, another stage actor, unfortunately, his mother's affair with Leo Dryden produced another child, George Wheeler Dryden.

And his mother had to find a way to take care of her two children, so Hannah continued singing and also worked on a sewing machine, but she soon ended her singing career suddenly in 1894 as the audience started throwing things in her face, and five-year-old Charlie Chaplin rushed on stage and finished the song instead His mother, the audience applauded him and tossed coins at him.

Although Hannah stopped her work by singing, she continued to wear stage clothes at home and tradition to entertain her children, but she mortgaged her clothes and everything she owned because Charlie's father did not pay anything to support his son, so the situation deteriorated greatly, and in 1896 he was accepted The boys and their mother to a reformatory for the poor, and later, the boys were sent to Hanoi School to care for orphans and needy children, and the two children lived a miserable childhood after that, as their mother Hana entered the mental hospital, and their stepmother hated them so much that she deprived them of food.

Charlie Chaplin as a tap dancer:

In 1898, when Charlie Chaplin was nine years old, his mother was discharged from the mental hospital and the two boys were happy to live with her again. Business, in order to support his family, but he was not lucky again, as in 1901 his father died of cirrhosis of the liver because he was addicted to alcohol, and unfortunately his mother entered a mental hospital again.

Charlie Chaplin in his youth:

But he did not give up for a moment. In 1903, Charlie Chaplin began to get small roles in the theater, and he combined what he learned from his mother’s imitation of characters and the sight of his drunken father. All this was integrated into his comic paragraphs. With him, as happened with his mother, and his voice was cut off suddenly, but with time and with the help of his brother, who left his job as a servant on a ship, to unite the two brothers again, and Charlie Chaplin had a complex towards alcohol, so he never approached him, but he had an addiction of another kind, which is women.

Charlie Chaplin in the United States:

Landing in the United States for the first time was for Charlie Chaplin with the Carnot troupe in 1910, and at that time Chaplin was one of the favorite comedians, and on his second tour in the United States in 1912, the character that Charlie Chaplin played was the "drunk Englishman", and this character attracted the attention of Mack Sennett, president of Keystone Studios, immediately offered Chaplin a contract with the New York Motion Picture Company at $150 a week to join Keystone Studios in Los Angeles.

And with the completion of his contract with Carnot, Chaplin joined the Hatkiston Studios specialized in making short films in 1913, and when Charlie Chaplin arrived, the owner of the studios was greatly disappointed by seeing Chaplin on the stage because he thought that Chaplin would be an older man, and therefore more experienced, But the twenty-four-year-old Chaplin convinced him that he could look as old as he wanted, unlike today's complex movie scripts.

The movies had no script at all, instead an idea was touched upon and implemented, so the films were silent, and Charlie Chaplin's first film was titled "Car Races in Venice", and in this film Charlie Chaplin wore loose pants, a tight coat, and a round black hat , and put a mustache and from here the character of the Tramp was born, to its owner Charlie Chaplin, who has the ability to improvise quickly.

Director Charlie Chaplin:

Charlie Chaplin worked in many short films, but it was not very good for him, so Charlie Chaplin was constantly in contact with the directors, because they did not agree that Chaplin would modify their work, so they saw him as arrogant, but his films were a resounding success, which made Sennett the owner of studios Hatkiston allowed him to direct, so his first film was in 1914, in which he played the role of a drunk guest in a hotel, and the duration of the film was 16 minutes, and he won the admiration of everyone in this film as acting and directing.

And his real fame began when he acted in his first feature film, "The Tramp" in 1915, and this film was the pinnacle of success for Charlie Chaplin, and after Chaplin made 35 films with Keystone, he was lured to Esnai Studios with a higher salary, and he made 15 films with her before he was done. He was attracted to Mutual, a production company backed by Wall Street, where Chaplin made 12 films between 1916 and 1917, and at that time earned a huge sum of $ 10,000 a week in addition to bonuses. His income this year was about $ 670,000, and he was the highest The highest paid artists in the world.

Charlie Chaplin Studios:

Between 1917 and 1918, National Pictures established the first million-dollar contract in Hollywood history with Charlie Chaplin, and his brother joined him as his financial advisor. Chaplin co-founded a film distribution company, United Artists, with actors Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks along with director W. Griffith.

This was a good way to impose their power over the distribution of their films, rather than placing them in the hands of film distributors and financiers. In 1921, Chaplin moved his mother from a mental hospital to a house he had bought for her in California until her death in 1928.

Charlie Chaplin and younger women:

Chaplin was very popular and his fans were jostling for just a touch of him or even shaking hands with him, especially women. Charlie Chaplin had a reputation for marrying underage girls, and his last marriage was to 18-year-old Una O'Neill, when he was in his fifties.

Charlie Chaplin refused readmission to the United States:

FBI Director Edgar Hoover and the United Nations Activities Committee were suspicious of Chaplin, especially after he was accused of McCarthyism. There was a period in the United States when some names were accused of being communists, including Chaplin, although Chaplin had lived in the United States for several decades, but he never applied for US citizenship, which gave this suspicion to the FBI and they actually opened the investigation with Chaplin.

Chaplin denied being a communist and said that although he did not become an American citizen, he had paid all the American taxes. On a trip to Europe with Una and the kids, Chaplin and his family were refused re-entry to the United States, and Chaplin eventually settled in Switzerland.

Soundtrack, Awards, and Knighthood:

When film-making technology began to include sound in the late 1920s, Chaplin began writing soundtracks for all his films, and there was one particular song called "Smile", which was the theme song for the movie "Modern Age". The value of his return to the United States, where he was honored in 1972 and won an Oscar for his films that shaped art. Chaplin was 82 years old and was speaking with difficulty when receiving the award. In 1975, he was officially Sir Charlie Chaplin by the Queen of England for his services in the world of entertainment. .

Charlie Chaplin's death and the theft of his body:

Charlie Chaplin's death came from natural causes, so he died in 1977 in his home in Switzerland surrounded by his family, and was buried at the age of 88 in a cemetery in Switzerland, and after more than two months of his death, two cars dug Chaplin's grave, and they buried him in a secret place, and the kidnappers called Chaplin's widow and told her that they were holding the body for a ransom, and the police followed them until they were arrested and charged with extortion and violating the sanctity of the dead, and the body was returned to its place in the cemetery in Switzerland.

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