The Last of Us developer is working on a new door-opening mechanic for their next game

Naughty Dog Studio hints at developments and improvements to the movement system in their next game, which we believe is online, The Last of Us. At least, this is what it seemed to us through an indirect dialogue between two developers who work in the studio.

It all started when one of the game's animation producers, Maxim Zhuravlov , shared information about the door-opening system that was developed for The Last of Us Part 2, which he described as the best and they thought it would be used in their upcoming games for a long time. But he commented at the end of the tweet in a sarcastic way, saying: “ It seems that I was wrong! indicating that they are working on a new mechanism at the moment.

Then Vineet Agarwal , the co-director of the new project, came to support Zhuravlov that they are indeed working on something new in terms of the door-opening mechanics of their current project.

Of course, the current project will not be anything other than the online game based on the world of The Last of Us, whose final name or any review has not been revealed except that it is under development and its development budget will not be less than the budget of other large studio games.

Speaking of a new mechanic for opening doors, it seems that the development team wants to introduce new mechanics that are in line with the gameplay that relies on stealth and silent stealth.

Although the door animations may seem like just a small detail, their inclusion in the highly anticipated online game opens up a host of new opportunities in the gameplay. These hints indicate that the game may lean heavily towards stealth gameplay, similar to the Factions game we got with the first part, where players are likely to use doors to infiltrate other players.

Given the number of unique door animations that were present in The Last of Us 2, it looks like more of them will be added in the next Naughty Dog project.

It remains to wait and see what Naughty Dog studio can offer us in its next project, whether the upcoming online game or the entirely new project that was confirmed by Neil Druckmann , co-chairman and director of the studio.

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