The developer of Game Atomic Heart apologizes for the presence of a sensitive "cartoon" in his game

 After years of anticipation and waiting for its release, Atomic Heart had a difficult launch as expected, and there were a lot of problems, but unfortunately the sensitive cartoon scene in the game made it worse. In fact, it seems that the studio was initially reconciled with itself and largely ignored people's opinions.

The cartoon in question is an episode of a reality show for children from the Soviet period called Nu Pogodi!. In this episode we see an African tribesman. With so many episodes available to view in the game, the choice to include this particular episode has some gamers concerned because these types of cartoons may upset many due to the somewhat racist hint.

Mundfish issued an official apology over the matter, which some considered racist. The cartoon shocked some Atomic Heart players, prompting some to demand an explanation from the developer.

Although there was no clear explanation, there was a statement of apology made by developer Mundfish for any bad feeling the cartoon caused to players. Mundfish's statement also claimed that it would edit the offending portion of the episode to appease any Atomic Heart players who found the clip ridiculous.

The first few days of release weren't easy for the Mundfish team. There have even been calls from Ukraine and its supporters to ban Atomic Heart due to the country's concerns about the studio's ties to Russia. You can also take a look at our rating of the game here as it was average.

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