The Crew series reaches more than 40 million players.

 We are used to being dominated by big racing games like Forza, Need For Speed ​​and GT Sport. But the The Crew series in its entirety has now managed to attract more than 40 million players since the series was first launched.

The Crew series is developed by Ubisoft's Ivory Towers team. The first part of it was released in 2014, and then in 2018, followed by the current second part. Over these years, the series was able to reach nearly 40 million players during its career, and the number is subject to increase, of course, with the announcement of the third part, The Crew Motorfest, coming this year.

According to what creative director Stephen Bailey posted on his Twitter accountThe aforementioned racing game series has attracted 40 million players. Those numbers of course don't reflect sales, especially with both games available via subscription services, but they are certainly impressive. stefan said:

15 years ago a group of friends dreamed of creating their own driving game. Ubisoft trusted them. Ivory gave birth to #TheCrew. 15 years later 40 million players have joined the adventure. Soon it will continues with The Crew MotorFest.Always believe in your dreams! Thank you all

The new game will be released on the new generation platforms, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, in addition to previous generation devices and the PC.

Motorfest will allow car enthusiasts to showcase their driving abilities through a series of specially designed races, themed events and other unique challenges.

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