The 5 scariest and most awaited things in Minecraft Update 1.20

The survival game and the open world Minecraft continues to introduce many new things in the game world every year. Its fans are eagerly anticipating these updates, as they line the future of the Minecraft game. During the past year, we all watched the most prominent event of the Minecraft Live 2022 game, which talked about the future of the Minecraft game during this year 2023.

Update 1.20 was announced last year by developer Mojang . Its release date is still unknown yet, and despite that, we know that it aims to bring beautiful things and exciting additions awaiting the game during this year that the game community wants to try, and we in turn are looking forward to it, but the question that arises strongly here, what are the most important things What do we expect from this update?

The 5 scariest and most awaited things in Minecraft update 1.20

Blacksmithing tools and armor decorations

Armor in Minecraft hasn't changed in a very long time, but that will change in a fundamental way in the next update 1.20. It will be thanks to the introduction of forge items, which can be obtained from various structures created, players will now be able to add edges to each of their pieces of armor, and depending on the style of the forge and the material used to apply it, they can create a lot of different designs for their armor that will Help them stand out from the crowd.

In addition, bare armor models will be reworkable for Underworld gear, which players will now need to upgrade their diamond gear, which should make diamond gear more useful in the long run, while also making it feel like a more valuable feat.

New mobs, beauties and sniffers

Crowds are coming strong With the upcoming new Minecraft update No. 1.20, where we will get two groups of crowds, the rich desert ship, the camel and the sniffer creatures, which won the vote of the players community in the summer of last year, “Mob Vote”.

Players will now be able to ride camels that can carry two players at a time, and are long enough to deflect damage from some enemies, with the exception of spiders.

In addition to camels, players will also encounter a new type of animal, the Sniffers, as we mentioned, and are the first ancient creature to be introduced into the game. Once hatched and mature, the Sniffers will scavenge the wilderness for ancient plant seeds, which players can then collect and use to grow new plants like the Flame Flower.

Archeology in Minecraft

Archeology was due to be released in Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update earlier, but it didn't release with all its features. But it will find its way in the next update, where we will learn about all the features of Archeology.

Many players managed to get a sneak peek at the feature through the Java version, where you will be able to craft and combine various items and buildings to form amazing pieces of art and decorations. As developer Mojang recently mentioned in a blog post, they will be adding several items that can be found with archeology, including Sniffer eggs.

Cherry Orchard Biomes

Many new biomes, or what is known as a “biome”, will be added to the cherry orchard through the Minecraft 1.20 update. Players will be able to experience at least one new biome in the past update, as this new biome will be found at the foot of the mountains.

These areas contain unique new blocks such as cherry blossom trees and pink petals. These temperate sites also host plenty of critters and swarms such as sheep, pigs, rabbits, and bees. Players can also take advantage of cherry blossoms and use them as building and crafting materials. They can be made into planks of cherry wood and create the same blocks that other types of wood can be formed into.

A new look for bamboo, bamboo or moses stick

There was not much interest by the Minecraft developers in the bamboo plant, or the so-called Moses stick, or the plant of fortune, as it is a beautiful bush that resembles reeds and is not reed as many people think. It can be used as a source of fuel in furnaces, and it was a snack for bears.

The developer has noticed the limited use of this plant, so they have revamped it in the latest update. But in Minecraft 1.20, bamboo will be able to be crafted into solid blocks, bamboo slabs, or new textured bamboo mosaic blocks.

Bamboo panels and mosaic blocks function like standard wood blocks and can be made into many building and decorative blocks. In addition, players can use bamboo to craft rafts, a new type of boat that has a unique look compared to other boats in the game.

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