Suicide Squad Title Sees Huge Criticism After Yesterday's Show!

During Sony's State of Play presentation yesterday, the focus was on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League , and many players seemed unimpressed by the game's gameplay. Unfortunately, many people wished they hadn't seen the gameplay in the first place.

There was a lot of excitement about the game's narrative and story, especially when we saw the return of "Kevin Conroy" as Batman, which is his last role before his death. However, after actually seeing the gameplay demo, many viewers couldn't hold back their voices and immediately started a fierce comparison between Suicide Squad and Marvel's Avengers.

The overall style and gameplay itself of Suicide Squad looks very similar to Marvel's Avengers, and the live-action characteristics have many gamers worried that the DC game will meet the same fate. 

Marvel's Avengers was released at the end of 2020 and got a lot of criticism from everyone and over the past two years the game got new characters and missions dedicated as post-launch content, but most of the content was mostly nothing new added.

Developer Crystal Dynamics recently announced that no new content will be released, and the title will not go on sale this year. For a lot of Marvel fans it was disappointing to see this, and most DC fans would think to see the Suicide Squad reach the same fate, but in the end we hope the game avoids that. You can see some opinions from the tweets above.

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