Studio Virtuos denies working on a Bloodborne remake

 Virtuos has denied working on a PC version of Bloodborne. The comments on this matter arrive days after a new rumor indicated that the PC version of Bloodborne had been canceled due to issues with the developer.

Whatever the rumors of Bloodborne being in development for the PC platform, addressing such rumors is a must, because in fact, no work has begun on a PC version of Bloodborne in the first place. In addition, Virtuos claims it never participated in any discussions with FromSoftware in 2015, a company spokesperson said.

It seems that there was a previous intention for the developer to work on a copy of the game for a personal computer, but it seems that the launch of the game Horizon Zero Dawn full of technical errors gave Sony another opinion, as Guerilla intervened to fix these problems after the launch and became very good and was able in the end to deal with the majority of these Issues, as evidenced by the current very positive Steam reviews.

It is expected that this plan was canceled before any serious discussions took place with the developer studio, so is it possible that the project has moved to another studio such as BluePoint?

Bluepoint Studio announced earlier, and after its acquisition by Sony, that it will start working on its original titles, but this does not prevent the studio from having started earlier or before announcing the acquisition, working on Bloodborne Remake, especially since its original project is still early days. Very, not yet out of the planning stage.

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