Rumor: Sony canceled the PC version of Bloodborne because of Horizon.

 Some theories have begun to emerge as to why Sony hasn't released Bloodborne on the PC platform. The company launched many of its earlier exclusives from the aforementioned game for the computer, but it excluded the beloved From Software title.

According to one source, the highly requested PC version of Bloodborne was canceled after the release of the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, which underperformed. According to a rumor from a Spanish YouTuber, the developer originally responsible for the PC version of Horizon was Virtuos. He is the same developer who is also involved in the recently rumored Metal Gear Solid 3 remake.

Podcast host BaityBait , who has over 16,000 followers on Twitter, explains what he heard about the PC version of Bloodborne. As a summary of what he says, as translated by PlayStation LifeStyle:

“I heard, from an unknown source, that Virtuos, the studio behind the PC version of Horizon, made a big mistake. And Sony had to bring in Guerrilla to fix the game that failed. On the other hand, the company canceled the computer version of Bloodborne, which was manufactured by the same studio.

Sony contracted with Virtuos Studio to develop computer versions because it has the expertise for platforms, unlike Guerrilla Studio, which was missing it. Although the game Horizon won positive reviews via Steam, it won negative reviews from players due to its poor technical performance and its fullness of technical problems.

Who is to blame here, I wonder, Sony and the test studio that is not appropriate to perform an important task, or the studio that made a mistake?

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