Rumor: The PlayStation Showcase event is coming before E3 this year.

 Almost a year and a half has passed since we saw the last PlayStation Showcase event from Sony, and during this period the gamer community is still asking the company to announce a major event that takes place through reviewing and announcing exclusive games for the company, so do you respond?

Yesterday's episode of State of Play didn't really impress the gamer community and on the contrary frustrated them. The reason is clear, and it is devoid of company exclusives, but it seems that Sony is hiding its own and long-absent PlayStation Showcase for later this year, specifically before the start of the E3 2023 exhibition.

Journalist Jeff Grubb of Gamesbeat said today to reassure Sony fans and tell them that this event is undoubtedly coming this year. He confirmed that this event was planned to be held in the fall of last year, but the games were not ready for the show.

The group described the event as a focal point for the second half of the device's life cycle, during which Sony will review what its studios are working on to support the PlayStation 5 in the future.

Some explain this long absence of huge PlayStation events as a result of Sony's desire to hide its projects due to its position on Microsoft. Also, until it is said that the company does not want competitors to know what it owns or what it plans.

Most likely, the Microsoft Activision deal affected Sony too much and made it postpone events again and again. Last October, it was scheduled to see a huge event, but it was canceled due to the company's preoccupation with the deal and its progress.

If Jeff's words are true, we believe that we are about to see the absent event for a while, back before June this year, your expectations?

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