Players' donations in the development of Star Citizen reach $ 550 million!

Star citizen is one of the biggest games that has received unprecedented fan support thanks to the kickstarter  crowdfunding platform  that supports talents through player and fan donations to start their projects that attract public interest.

This game sparked a great controversy among players and media professionals at the global level, due to the many delays that it received, the strange slow development process, in addition to the huge amount of money that it obtained in order to complete its development.

The developer of the game Cloud Imperium announced that the donations granted to the game Star citizen have so far exceeded more than 550 million US dollars, and despite that, the game is still very far from completing the development process, this matter made the average donation of each player registered in the game about 124.70 US dollars, as it reached The number of registered users in the game at the time of writing this news is more than 4.4 million users.

In recent years, the Star Citizen game has been floundering in an endless cycle of delays and illogical justifications by the developer studio Cloud Imperium Games, and the failure to set a deadline for the release of the final version of the game, until it came to the point recently that nothing was announced. About the game.

The game is now considered to be in the experimental beta stage, Star Citizen Alpha 3.19, and within the roadmap that the developer has promised players so far, and the latest updates that the game obtained was in the fourth quarter of last year, and it will be transferred to version 4.00 in the second half of 2023.

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