Nintendo confirms its absence from E3 2023.

 After the emergence of several reports indicating the absence of both Nintendo and Microsoft from the upcoming E3 2023 exhibition , here we are now getting official confirmation from the first company about missing the upcoming exhibition. The company has its convincing and logical reasons that will lead to its absence.

Nintendo confirmed to IGN its absence from E3 2023, because the exhibition schedule and launch days do not suit the company and conflict with its summer schedule. With this confirmation, we are waiting for Microsoft to see its decision regarding attending the exhibition, and if it is negative, we will not see the three industry giants in it.

Nintendo launched an official statement about the exhibition, saying the following, with explanations for not attending:

“We approach our participation in any event on a case-by-case basis and are always thinking of different ways to interact with our fans, but this year's E3 did not fit into our plans, so we made the decision not to participate. Despite this, we remain a strong supporter of ESA and E3.”

So it turns out in the end that the reason the company pulled out of the fair is not because of a lack of headlines that the company is supposed to reveal. Until now, we do not know the extent to which this may affect the organizers of the exhibition, after hearing about all these absences of large companies, but we will wait and see.

We recall that this year's version of E3 will be launched in mid-June, as a new agreement has been signed to organize this event.

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