NIKKE announces a new tie-in with the Chainsaw Man series


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The developer behind the hit mobile action game Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE has announced a new tie-in with the Chainsaw Man series that will see fan-favorite characters appear in the game's BULLET X CHAINSAW crossover event, while also allowing players to acquire select characters as playable units starting with Feb 22.

Characters that will appear in the crossover event include Denji, Makima, Aki, Power and Himeno, with Denji and Aki directing players, while Power, Makima and Himeno can be used as playable units during the event.


In addition to the Chainsaw Man announcement , PC players can check out Goddess Of Victory: NIKKE starting today with account management and cross-play between the PC and mobile versions.

NIKKE 's playing field, maps, and backgrounds have also been expanded to fit the wide proportions of PC screens while the art has been appropriately enhanced.

New keyboard and mouse controls have been added for the best PC gaming experience.

More details about the collaboration and the new PC version can be found on the official website .

Goddess Victory: Nikke is a third-person shooter developed by Shift Up and published by Level Infinite.

Nikke development began as early as 2017 and it was released globally for Android and iOS in 2022 and is scheduled for release on Microsoft Windows.

The game's action-based battle system revolves around quickly switching between characters and using combat skills in a cartoon-style environment.

The role-playing video game is free to play and features a gacha game system through which in-app purchases can be used as a method of monetization. It earned over US$70 million in its first month of release.

Nikke is set in a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth's surface has been brought down by mechanical aliens. The surviving humans escaped underground and spawned artificial soldiers called Nikis. The story follows a captain and his team of Nikkes who hope to recover the surface.

Synopsis of the anime's story

Denji is a young boy who works as a demon hunter with "Saw Demon" Pochita.

One day, while living his miserable life trying to pay off the debt he inherited from his parents, he is betrayed and murdered. When he was losing consciousness, he made a deal with Bochetta, and he was reinstated as "Saw Man": Devil's Heart.

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