Leaked videos of the canceled Dead Rising 5 game appear online.

 Today, a video appeared online that is believed to be a prototype of the canceled Dead Rising 5 game. Where he reviews some scenes from the level of the forest and the last area adjacent to a river.

The video that you are watching below came from the file of one of the level designers in the studio developing the game under the title Dead Rising: Dia de los Muertos.

Through the video, it appears that the game's protagonist is Chuck Green, with different gameplay mechanics such as collecting resources, fighting enemies, and solving some puzzles. Despite this, the story of the game, its location, and its events are still unknown, although some areas of the game have appeared, such as Barrio, Hotel, Camps, Mayan Temple and Safehouse, which are all located in Mexico.


The Barrio is based on part of a real Mexican city, although it appears from the video that it never got past the initial design stage. Whereas, the fullest level was Camps. Level designer Nick Sienkiewicz described the jungle level as being designed with plenty of zombies to kill and many gang bases to raid which eventually leads to a showdown with a final boss, who is often a drug lord with a fake, electrified metal arm called El Guapo.


The second video reveals an early version of the resource-gathering mechanic, designed to contextualize a different resource-gathering mechanic. These cutscenes date back to 2017, the year after Dead Rising 4 was released . Although the game was under development, it was not announced at the time, as a result of Capcom Vancouver's promise to focus on the Dead Rising series. Unfortunately, development appears to have come to a complete halt when the studio shut down in 2018 and the game was subsequently cancelled.

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