How Crime Boss turned the GTA 6 rival from a shooting game into a crime simulator


A strange mix of shooter games and tactical crime simulator

The release of the shooting game and organized crime simulator Crime Boss: Rockay City is about to be released next month, as many players consider that it may be an alternative to the long-awaited GTA 6 game.

Crime Boss: Rockay City is set in the fictional Florida city that was supposed to be the “crown jewel” of the state in the mid-1990s. You will experience the adventures of organized criminal gangs fighting for control of the city's underworld, and during the era of the 90s of the last century, during which you will carry out armed robberies and gang wars.

Your main task in the game is to control the city's neighborhoods and eliminate rival bosses, as well as take control of the neighborhoods, robbing, robbing, robbing and recruiting. With the time and you become the owner of the title of the city leader and the criminal game. While the multiplayer phase will be more exciting than what players can imagine.

This game has shifted from shooting and fast-paced tactical gameplay to an immersive simulation of organized crime, Garrick Kollar , executive director of the developer Ingame Studios , said, citing journalist Brian Crescent , as he confirmed that this was driven by a desire to develop the genre and inspired by a unique classic. From the eighties.

Kollar noted that what separates Crime Boss: Rockay City from other heist-focused shooters is the organized crime simulator that is in the single-player campaign mode, the idea initially didn't include any of that, he continued.

The idea was to have a shooter with a co-op multiplayer component where heists, criminal activities, etc. revolve around doing the heists.

Kollar and a number of other people on the development team worked on the Mafia series and liked the idea of ​​trying to incorporate some of that into the initial game 

The idea of ​​organized crime and how to deal with it was in our veins, so to speak We really wanted to evolve that with that multiplayer component that was very different from what those mafia games are all about. So that started to make sense in a way that was like building an empire but not in a linear way, but in a way that was different every time we played. Like a kind of life simulator of a criminal boss, where you can start living and either evolve badly or well, based on your decision, and give you an outcome that depends on you as a player, not designed by some designer.

Crime Boss: Rockay City - Announce Trailer

The CEO also noted that the game's single-player mode quickly became the main focus, with the multiplayer mode evolving into a kind of co-op game, where players form a team to go through missions together, but what they achieve has no effect on the single-player mode.

In any case, Crime Boss: Rockay City is an exceptional shooter. But the game's use of tactics, especially in single-player mode, will allow players to make missions easier to complete, even for someone who isn't very good at first-person shooters.

In conclusion, do you think that Crime Boss: Rockay City, which will be released next month, will be a real competitor to GTA 6, and make up for the time we have been waiting for it?

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