Game Submarine thriller Barotrauma gets a final release date

 The most exciting things in the world of video games are simulation games that embodied survival experiences, and Barotrauma, which has been in Early Access for four full years, is now reaching its final release stage.

The Barotrauma nuclear submarine simulation game has a final release date of March 13th this year, and it will move to version 1.0 on Steam, with a slew of new features in the process.

The story of this exciting game revolves around the crew of a nuclear submarine stuck in the depths of the ocean in one of the moons of Jupiter, where you will encounter strange and suspicious types of enemies for the first time, in addition to trying to survive in an environment full of obstacles and various mysterious areas within the dark depths of the ocean.

What distinguishes the game is the beautiful physics and graphics, which succeeded in embodying all the details and environment of the nuclear submarine, while possessing many elements that will help you in confronting enemies, making the necessary repairs, and many situations, including maintaining the cooling of the nuclear reactor, which is the heart of the submarine.

The number of players who have played Barotrauma reached more than 2.5 million who were able to board the submarine. This is according to the game's developers, Undertow Games and FakeFish.

About Barotrauma

Barotrauma is a survival game that will take you deep into dark and strange waters. Humans have reached Jupiter's moon and must live underwater due to the scarcity of large-scale habitable places. However, they are not the only organisms that explore the ocean depths. Barotrauma will let you experience an action-packed game

As you encounter sea monsters, explore shipwrecks, and discover ancient artifacts and resources that will help you and your crew survive another day. The game is full of action and adventures.

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