Game Sons of the Forest is the most popular game on Steam right now

 The success of the exciting survival and adventure game has surpassed Sons of the Forest  , as it has so far surpassed many famous titles in terms of player numbers and sales, although it is still in the early access or early access stages.

Among the game's many successes up to this point, Sons of the Forest has become one of the five most popular or popular titles on the Steam platform, quickly landing fifth behind many well-known titles such as PUBG and Apex as well as the outstanding game released. Most recently, Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy.

The average number of concurrent players for the game over the last 24 hours was more than 411,804 players registered until this time, while the number of concurrent players in the Battle Royale game PUBG during the same period amounted to about 490,332 players.

This news comes after the game succeeded in reaching more than two million copies sold in early access. Big numbers achieved by the developer Endnight Games will certainly help him continue to support the game with content and combat piracy, and perhaps develop it on the home platforms PlayStation 5, 4 and Xbox Series.

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to one of the best survival games ever, the game The Forest, released in 2018, where the game puts you and those with you on an island full of creatures trying to kill you while you search for your son. Besides the excellent crafting, survival and building system, the game provided us with a very good, interesting and surprising story.

The game takes place on a mysterious island full of cannibals and mutants, and the player sets out on a quest to find a missing billionaire, with the need to use his building and crafting skills to defend himself against the hostile wildlife.

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