Exclusively solving the problem of closing accounts on redbubble

Redbubble is considered one of the most powerful sites for profit from selling designs on T-shirts, clothes, home decor, and many items that you can upload your design on these items at once, and we do not exaggerate if we say that the redbubble site comes in second place after Merish by Amazon (which It is difficult to register in it) in the field of designing and selling T-shirts, but redbubble is superior to merch by amazon in many matters.

In general, in our first article about redbubble, we will not talk about its advantages, how to work on it, or its profits, etc. We will talk about a problem that many people, especially , face. Approximately 90% of accounts from more countries are considered spam on this site, so about uploading your first design on this store It will be closed immediately!! 
I searched for solutions to this big problem. This site is worth searching for because it is a great site. Although I worked on sites such as Etsy and Teepublic and got many sales on these sites, I am still thinking of redbubble to work on.  

Solutions to the problem of closing accounts in redbubble

  1. I contacted technical support via e-mail, and they told me that my account was suspended, so it will be reviewed and I will get a response in a short time, but I waited for months and did not get a response
  2. I contacted the site via direct chat, and they referred me to specialists, and the same case happened to me. 
  3. My last experience was successful. I contacted the Facebook page of the site  , and I was answered within two days, and they said that they would review the matter and respond to me, and within less than 24 hours, I was answered that the account is working now!! 

This was my experience, and when I searched in Facebook groups, I found many people dealt with the problem in the same way (contacting with the Facebook page) and got a result similar to the one I got.

The text of the message you sent

My account was closed due to an error

Then put the username

Then put your account email

Then you send

The response that I received via Facebook 

This is the text of the message that I received by e-mail 

Hi there,
Thank you for contacting Redbubble. 
Your account was caught in our spam filter and we're pleased to say it has been reinstated. Regards,
Redbubble Marketplace Integrity
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