Elle Fanning talks about her role in Death Stranding 2 with Kojima

Many followers remember well one of the mysterious photos that Kojima Productions shared, and it remained a mystery for a while until the shadow on the photo was removed, so that the girl's face appeared clearly , and she is of the American actress Elle Fanning, who participated in many famous cinematic works. Which will join the heroes of Death Stranding 2.

American actress Fanning came out as a guest on the latest episode of Kojima 's Brain Structure podcast, speaking to the game's director about her role in Death Stranding 2 , which apparently will be a central character in an upcoming deep story. Kojima said:

I have always been a huge fan of Elle Fanning and have followed her movies since she was a little girl.

I've obviously seen 'Super 8', but she also worked with Nicolas Winding Refn on The Neon Demon and they've told me over and over what an amazing person she is.

Kojima was able to contact Actress Fanning and persuade her to work with him on his new project thanks to her friendship with the Danish director “Nicolas Winding Refine” , who knows them both. Elle Fanning said during her interview on the podcast:

Nicholas told me that Hideo Kojima is a genius and he wants you to be in his game, and that it will be a great experience, as I said to myself that I want to be part of this experience, we had a conversation on Zoom and I (Kojima, Ed) told me a lot of secrets about the story of Death Stranding 2 that Obviously, I will not disclose it.

I was really touched by the character she asked me to play, I really wanted to play her, explaining that she was completely new and amazing in her eyes also because she had never been passionate about video games growing up and so he never knew this medium.


We all remember that the famous presenter Geoff Keighley shared earlier that Kojima originally wrote the story of Death Stranding 2 around the character of Elle Fanning, and therefore she will be a central character in the game, so.. it is now clear that the next title will contain an exciting and very deep drama and dimensions Philosophical like what we saw in Death Stranding.

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