Do we say goodbye to the Ray Tracing technology?

Nvidia is introducing us to a more advanced technology

Ray tracing technology is one of the most complex things in the world of graphics, and it still gets a lot of attention from developers and graphics processor manufacturers, led by Nvidia . This technology is constantly evolving to become better and stronger than before.

It is well known that the ray tracing technology needs computer devices that have superior processing capabilities and capabilities, because it is necessary to calculate the optical effects and simulate the physical properties and visual phenomena represented in “refraction – reflection – scattering – scattering – chromatic aberration” and similar to photosimulation Mentioned above, it can also simulate sound waves in order to make gamers and designers experience a more realistic and deeper immersive experience.

Below we want to share with you a series of tweets shared by Aaron Lefohn, Vice President of Research at Nvidia Corporation, showing off an all-new, advanced ray tracing technology that works by using billions of triangles and millions of light emitters to render a real-time scene that the company is developing, where we shared nearly From 10 examples of this new technology, as you will see below, here are the amazing and expected results from NVIDIA..

Despite the power of the new generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X devices, and their support for Ray Tracing technology, this technology consumes a large part of the capabilities of the graphics card in these devices. Therefore, sometimes developers are forced to give up its support in their projects in favor of supporting other things such as frame rate or high resolution.

We all remember that the first game that took full advantage of this technology upon its first release was Battlefield 5, which was powered by the distinguished Frostbite engine. Despite this, this technology faced a lot of sharp criticism from players, due to the terrible pressure it caused on the graphics processors at the time, but during In recent years, this technology has become less stressful than it used to be due to the power of new processors, in addition to its importance in many games.

Share with us below your opinion about this technology, and the next NVIDIA project.

More about ray tracing technology

Nvidia (Ray tracing) technology is an advanced and complex technology in the field of computer graphics. This technology has the ability to generate digital images with a high degree of visual realism by tracing the path of the light beam for each pixel in the image, and simulating the effects that it may encounter. The beam when it hits one of the virtual objects in the virtual scene.

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