Developer Says: Players Must Pay $10 To Get Game Updates.

 in the Gaming industry has evolved a lot in recent times and this is very natural since we are still in the age of speed. But there are those who always seem behind the trend and do not follow it, no matter how much time progresses. One of the developers believes that the player should pay $ 10 to get game updates instead of downloading them for free!

Game updates are currently being released to fix bugs, improve stability, tweak stuff, and so on. In other words, the update is issued in order to complete the game that the player is buying, which he is supposed to get in full without any significant problems for the price he pays.

However, one of the developers liked to stir up a little controversy and disagree with us here. Developer Hidetaka , who worked on Deadly Premonition, tweeted the following:

The player is really going through a difficult time, and I think I will speak for everyone here. First, the price of the games has risen to $70, and this is the first blow. Secondly, the games have become almost incomplete, and their content, which is supposed to be basic, is completed through paid DLC content, and this is the second blow to the player.

This means that instead of paying $70 to get full content. You will find yourself spending over $100 to get all the game content that was supposed to be in the original game. And then a developer comes from nowhere to add insult to injury and declares that updates that fix game problems must be paid for at $10..!, the world is really going crazy!!

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