Confirmed information about the Attack on Titan: Final Season anime, the third section

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Attack on Titan Season 3 Final Season will return later in the upcoming spring season, and Studio Mappa has revealed the episode duration for the anime special! Known as the "final arc" of the anime, this final installment will deal with the remaining six chapters of Hajime Isayama's original manga series. This made anime fans wonder how long it could actually be.

Attack on Titan: Final Season anime season 3

It was officially announced a short time ago, via a tweet from the official account, that the first part of the third section of the final season of Attack on Titan will be broadcast privately on March 3 for one hour only on NHK.

In general, we know that the matter is somewhat disappointing, but we are the ones who were overly optimistic, as it is expected that this will be the case, so what remains was only 9 chapters and is predominantly combative, meaning that there is not enough content that helps the studio increase the number of episodes in a way that may satisfy Fans waiting.

Mappa Studio previously issued an official statement regarding the third section of the final season of the Attack on Titan anime:

“All of you who are waiting for the attack of the giants, at first we continued production with the aim of broadcasting the final version on March 3, but the production process increased in size unexpectedly and noticeably, and after consulting with the production committee, we decided to divide it into two parts.

We would like to extend our sincere apologies to you, as all our employees promise that we will devote our energies to the production of (Attack on Titan) until the end, so we hope that you will give us more time, thank you for your continued support.”

Regarding the note, which was found in a photo tweeted by the audio director, Mr. Mima, two days ago, it became clear that it was related to the numbers and names of the musical notes and not the number of episodes. As for the reason that prompted the studio to take so much time despite the small number of chapters, it is because their content is very heavy and tiring.

Confirmed information about the Attack on Titan Final Season anime, the third season

In any case, let's wait until March 3 to know the amount of the quote more accurately for an hour-long episode, as usually one and a half to two chapters are quoted in a 24-minute episode, and sometimes if the contents are completely combative, the quote may reach two and a half chapters, and it is known for Studio Mappa that it The works are literally quoted from the manga, and additions and modifications are very few.
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