Conditions for blog acceptance in Google Adsense 2023

 Hello Content Random followers and visitors , I hope you are all well. Today I will talk about the secrets of acceptance in Google Adsense 2023. Many people ask me through messages, " The conditions for accepting a blog in Google Adsense , and how is my site accepted in Google Adsense." So today's talking point would be like this. If you are a new blogger or YouTuber and want to know the conditions for activating AdSense , then read this full article.

You cannot earn from Google Ads if you do not have a website or YouTube channel. If you have a website or YouTube channel, follow these steps to get started on your journey to earning from blogging and Google Adsense .

A lot of people try to apply for Google AdSense approval without following the basic process. This is one of the reasons why Google Adsense rejects your site every time. I hope after reading these steps that your Google Adsense account will be approved .

Admission requirements for Google Adsense 2023

You cannot earn from blogging and Google Adsense if you do not have an active YouTube channel, website or blog. The primary source of income for many
bloggers and YouTubers is AdSense. Google Adsense helps bloggers to earn money by following their passion. Basically, Google AdSense pays per click, and this is called CPC (cost per click). Google AdSense CPC depends on the advertisers ads, blog niches , etc. Not only that, but Google Adsense pays the blogger for ad impressions as well. Bloggers can add
multiple ads to their articles and websites. If visitors click on these links, the blogger will get some money. For example, if a site gets 100 views per day and 7 people click on the ads, then your click-through rate ( CTR ) would be 7%.

So to earn from Google Ads, you first have to create your own website or YouTube channel. If you want to get approved by Google Adsense in your YouTube channel, this is different from blog.

If you want to know the admission requirements for Google Adsense 2023, read below. Following the steps below, several websites for my clients were approved within two days.

1. Design your site

To apply for creating a Google Adsense account ( Google Adsense Homepage ) you need to create a Blogger blog , for example. If you already have a website, first design it. It should look easy to use. If your site is on Blogger, then you have to do a bit more task as compared to WordPress sites. I always suggest people to try building sites in WordPress because it helps you in many ways. 90% of bloggers don't know how to code or develop web pages but still do a great job on their site. Because in WordPress we just have to drag and drop.

2. Create the basic pages

After purchasing and setting up your domain and hosting, you need to create some basic pages. These pages will help your site to be more reliable and professional. pages are,

  1. privacy policy
  2. terms and conditions
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Site Map
  5. about us
  6. call us

Google turns down a lot of new blogger applications because they don't have these basic pages. You can easily create these pages whether you are using Blogger or WordPress. If you don't know what details you have to add to those pages, search on Google how these pages are created and so on.

If you already have them created, add those canonical pages to your site's homepage, as I did for my footer list. It is very essential as it helps you to get approved by Google Adsense within few days.

3. Content quality

Steps 1 and 2 above are not one-time but these steps you need to do until your site exists. If you want to get approved by Google Adsense on your first attempt, this is one of the key steps. If your site has basic, well-designed pages but no quality contents, don't apply to open a Google Adsense account now.

Quality content means writing articles of more than 500 words by yourself, not copying them from others. Many times we talk about quality more important than quantity but for Google AdSense approval, quality and quantity are equally important.

Write 30+ high-quality content of 500 words or more. Also try to write SEO friendly content .

In my case, I applied for Google Adsense approval after writing more than 30 high-quality content of more than 500 words.

4. Do not post copied content

If you have just started your journey to profit from blogging and you have created your first blog, you may not know that if you write content copied from another site, it will not be shown in Google Adsense. Copy content does not mean the same as the content of the topic. If you search for Google Adsense 2023 Admission Requirements , you can see a lot of content available with the same title. But its content, writing style, and images are different from others, so it is not copied content.

Copy content means that if you write an article just like another website article, that judge as copy content. For example "lyrics site" is an example of a transcription site.

If your site has more than 30 original content written by you and if you follow the above steps, then the chance of getting approved for Google Adsense will be 80-90%.

5. Use images with the ALT tag

To make your articles attractive and user friendly, you need to add images to your article. But the problem is that Google is not reading images, so in this case, you have to add ALT tags in your images. By adding alt text in your images, it helps Google understand the images.

Also, it is useful for your article to pay attention to the image SEO. Alt text has helped many of my articles rank first in google image search results.

6. Do not write about illegal content

If you are writing illegal content in general or something like that, your site will not be approved by Google AdSense. In this case, your site will grow in a short period of time but you cannot earn from blogging and Google Adsense. So do not write any illegal or hateful content or this kind of content. Write original content that helps users see something new in your style. Yes, it will take time to achieve something.

If you have already written some illegal articles and Google rejected your approval request from Google Adsense, remove those articles and try again.

7. Apply after getting organic views

This is not a prerequisite for blog acceptance in Google Adsense 2023. But it is my suggestion from my own experience. I applied for Google Adsense on my site after writing more than 30 articles and getting some organic traffic .

You can track your views report from Google Analytic or its mobile app. In my early days, I had targeted low competition niches and wrote articles about it of 500+ words with attention to both internal and external SEO . After 20-30 articles when I got 10-12 search engine views on each article, I applied for Google AdSense. I was lucky because my site was approved for Google AdSense within 2 days.

8. Do not make any changes after submitting to Google AdSense

If you apply for Google AdSense approval, please do not change anything on your site. Like if you apply for Google and today you change your site layout or theme, chances are your application will be rejected.

Once your site gets approved, make changes if necessary but during verification don't try to do that.

9. Continue posting content while your AdSense application is being reviewed

If you apply for AdSense and if you are not posting new content then it will take more time for your site to be verified. You must add content after applying for Google Adsense.

So, the two steps after applying for Google AdSense, which you must know are-

  1. Don't make any changes to the site (eg appearance, layout, share URL, etc.)
  2. Post new content during review time.


Google Adsense will help you earn by following your passion. If you are a new blogger just started blogging, then follow the above steps and then try to apply for Google AdSense. I'm sure, if you follow the steps above, your site will be approved within a few days.

After purchasing the domain and hosting, customize your website like a pro, then follow the Google Adsense 2023 admission requirements below.

  1. Create basic pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions, About Us, Contact Us, etc.).
  2. Write articles of 500+ words.
  3. Post 30+ content and then apply.
  4. Do not post any illegal content (such as downloading movies, sexual content, hate, etc.).
  5. Do not copy the content. (like the lyrics site)
  6. Please do not make any changes after applying for AdSense.
  7. Keep writing articles after applying for Google AdSense.
  8. Do not apply for AdSense approval in case of closure.
  9. Wait and be patient.

These are the conditions that must be followed to get approved by Google AdSense. I hope the Google Adsense Blog Acceptance Requirements 2023 will help you. If you have any question, comment below a.

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