ChatGPT's artificial intelligence discovers a solution to a mysterious Fortnite puzzle.

 A Fortnite content creator was able to rely on ChatGPT's artificial intelligence to discover a teaser that hints at the next season.

From time to time, we used to have game developers use encrypted messages to hint or tease the upcoming new content. This is what happened recently through an encrypted message that was published through the game's official account on Twitter containing a long series of numbers with some details about when the game servers will be down in preparation for the release of update No. 23.50.

Moments after the aforementioned tweet was published, content maintainer Hypex published a quoted tweet in which he stated that he was able, through the use of ChatGPT artificial intelligence, to decipher the code that these serial numbers refer to. Which came as follows “CRACK THE CODE”.

While this guide is still a bit vague, it does align with Fortnite's Most Wanted event, which is centered around thieves with some heists that can be performed and unlocked for free if players complete certain challenges before February 28th.

This is also in line with the many teasers that will point to the fourth season of the second season, which is expected to be released sometime after March 8, which is the last day of the first season.

Who does not know much about ChatGPT, as it is a recently created artificial intelligence that helps in many tasks such as solving puzzles, writing stories, and even fixing errors and sharing some ideas with humans.

Recently, the Fortnite 23.40 update was made available to everyone and on all different platforms, bringing with it many new weapons and challenges that are associated with various and distinctive rewards.

The new update provides one of the missions to rob heavily guarded safes after the "Cold Blooded" Federation took control of the island, and confiscated new alien weapons that they keep there. You can pull off the biggest heist, get these weapons for yourself, and build a notorious team during Fortnite's Wanted for Justice event .

In order to get in-game rewards, complete the Justice Quests as one of the most wanted on the island to increase your feistiness. The Wanted mode will continue in Fortnite until February 28, 2023.

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