Character Anime spies do not know the meaning of stealth

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Character 7 anime spies who don't know the meaning of stealth

Spies are supposed to be experts at stealth, but these anime spies have been shown to be quite the opposite.

In the anime there is no shortage of characters who can perform impressive feats, especially in the field of stealth where there are quick-witted spies and clever killers. In the realm of action and action anime, spies and killers like Yor and Lloyd Forger in Spy X Family and even Killua Zoldyck and the infamous Zoldyck family of killers in Hunter X Hunter are famous for striking swiftly without letting their presence be known.

However, with the exaggerated overtones of some of the anime's stories, it's not surprising how some series feature spies who aren't as enthusiastic about their work as fans might expect . In fact, some spies in some anime are downright bad at what they do, especially in the area of stealth.

7. The Hidden Village Ninja ( Naruto )

A controversial topic of 'spies who can't hide' will revolve around the Hidden Village ninja from the Naruto series , particularly looking at how the concept of ninja is explained in the series. In the world of Naruto, both ninjas and samurai are capable of chakra manipulation. Both are still considered a form of military power for their lands or countries, with the ninja being the most prevalent in the Hidden Villages.

While ninjas are already trained to be fast and stealthy, most ninjas are assigned to do various tasks - such as manual labor. Not only that, ninjas always wear ceremonial headdresses that refer to their home village, which makes them identifiable in public. And while outmaneuvering the enemy is a common tactic in Naruto's fights, these conflicts almost always result in direct clashes. Worst of all, the Fourth Shinobi World War revealed ninjas fighting head-on anyway, despite having the means to ambush enemies and attack them by surprise. This was an open option not only for Naruto's allied shinobi forces, but especially for antagonist Madara Yoshiha, who one would think could easily resort to underhand tactics.

6. Bido ( Fullmetal Alchemist )

While Edward and Alphonse Elric of the Fullmetal Alchemist explore the world for the Philosopher's Stone to restore their bodies to normal, their status as State Alchemists has them constantly maintaining law and order around Amestris. However, the evil Homunculi are moving behind the scenes towards a more sinister plot, as Grid recruits Bido , his personal messenger and spy, to gather information about the Elric Brothers' activities in Dublith.

Despite his nature, Bido's unnatural appearance works well with his guise as a beggar, as he chooses the cloak of a beggar as a disguise. Upon encountering Ed and Al, he attempts to engage himself in gathering information but is immediately spotted upon pointing out the intricacies of Al's armor, something few people know about. While this leads to a wild goose chase that leads to Bidou's successful escape, abandoning Bidou during a normal conversation is an emergency failure on his part.

5. Hassan Of The Hundred Faces (Fate/Zero)

Stemming from history, mythology, and everything in between, Servants of the Holy Grail War are heroic spirits attached to a specific class and functions, with Hassan being one of the Hundred Faces Assassin class assigned to serve in the Fourth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City, as detailed in Fate/Zero Hassan represents the embodiment of the mysterious 11th-century Assassin Order that may have preceded the modern-day Assassins, and is unique in his ability to appear as different characters at once.

As an assassin, Hasan prides himself on an A+ in presence concealment, making it undetectable even to other servants. These skills are what made their master Kotomine Kirei trick the other servants into killing an Assassin so the others could do reconnaissance more reliably. The thing is, Hassan seems inadequate at accomplishing this task - Rider Iskandar accidentally discovers the three of them spying on Caster, and even charming assassin Emiya Kiritsugu - a mere human - spots them during one of the many duels between servants in the war.

4. Rollo Lamperouge ( Code Geass )

Code Geass season 2 begins with the emperor of the mighty British Empire, brainwashing protagonist Lelouch Vi Britannia - forcing him to forget not only his rebellion as Zero in disguise but also Geass, a supernatural power that allows him to exact obedience in anyone. As circumstances allow Lelouch to recover his memories, he discovers one thing: he does not have a brother, but somehow has memories of Rollo Lamperouge being in his life. This leads to another revelation: Rollo is an assassin who has been trained since birth, and is now tasked with killing him if he discovers that he has regained his memories.

Throughout the series, Rollo proves to be a very effective killer. However, his fatal flaw as a spy lies in two parts: first, Lelouch's closest friends are only brainwashed into believing the fake Rollo exists, meaning that distant figures familiar with Lelouch's history can easily spot the deception. Second, Rollo is ridiculously easy to manipulate, with Lelouch discovering Rollo's apparent desire to belong and constructive posturing guaranteeing Rollo's absolute loyalty to his cause - proving his lack of stealth in the sentimental department.

3. Lugh Tuata Di ( The World's Finest Assassin )

In the story The World's Finest Assassin , a former assassin leader returns with a mission to save a new world of swords and magic from a tyrannical hero. Now known as Lugh Tuatha De , the assassin has new skills like fast recovery and monster transformations that allow him to easily become one of the best new assassins in the world.

Not only that, but Lugh of the world's best assassin also possesses unique spells such as weapon summoning and the telescopic eyes of the Tuatha De. If he wanted to, Lugh could combine all of these skills to take out any target he desired. Unfortunately, the forceful nature of his goals often makes him choose not to be precise in his approaches. Among his signature spells is a choice of a tungsten spear (Gugnir) or a tank-gun-powered bullet (Railgun) that falls from above Earth's orbit, causing a massive — and certainly not subtle — explosion on impact.

2. Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya)

At first glance, Yuki Nagato seems like an introverted bibliophile member of the Literary Club. This is the trait she carries when joining Haruhi's hyperactive SOS Brigade Seizumiya until she tells protagonist Kayon that she is an alien tasked by Allen Hoovermain to monitor Haruhi and develop her own reality warping abilities. Although technically a superficial observer, Yuki is tasked with not revealing her nature to Haruhi for the sake of her mission.

Unfortunately, it's the rest of Yuki's emotional build--or lack thereof--that might give her away to a keen observer regardless. While Yuki is intellectually aware of things that humans do or feel, she is often "lost" in carrying them out. Kyon immediately notices the blank stare, simple gestures and responses, and even a tendency not to blink on Yuki's part. Just because Yuki's mission is primarily about high school, most teens won't check out a fellow introvert. Otherwise, other people would quickly pick up on lapses on Yuki's part as a human, especially in Haruhi's world where there are other beings like Espers and Time Travelers.

1. Soi Fon ( Bleach )

In Bleach , the onmitsukedo or stealth force is a group of shinigami that conduct covert operations against other hostile elements in Soul Society. Usually commanded by a member of the Shihoin clan, Commander Yoruichi Shihoen of Gotei 13's 2nd Division left these two jobs to her lieutenant, the deadly efficient Sawa Fun. For all intents and purposes, Soi Von is a force to be reckoned with among the Bleach characters One of her most notable talents is her expertise in shunpu or quick movement which in theory makes Soi Fon much faster than her fellow captains.

However, as Bleach's power expands  Soa Von is seen as a stealth master only for the likes of ordinary citizens - a far cry from the firepower that the actual threats the Ghost Force is supposed to suppress. While she is able to fight and be victorious against most of her powerful enemies head-on, she is often bested in regards to Shunbu, such as when confronting her mentor, Yoruichi. Not to mention that many of Soi Von's famous victories were achieved in head-to-head duels, where the character hardly relied on the element of surprise.

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