A new update for the PlayStation 3 is now available for download. Here are its most important features

Yes, that is correct.. A new update for the PlayStation 3 is now available for download. The update is available in all countries of the world and for everyone who is still using the device until now.

The new update bears the number 4.90 and its size is only 200 MB, while according to the details that have been released, it improves the performance of the system.

It is noteworthy that the last update released for the device was in May of last year 2022. Fortunately, the size of the update is small and it will not take much time before it takes you back to your classic games if you are still stuck in that era.

We expect the role of this update to address some of the security vulnerabilities that hackers use to run pirated games and media. While it will also improve performance in some or perhaps all games that are still available on the system.

Whoever thinks that the device is outdated now, according to  Howlongtobeat , it turns out that the PlayStation 3 was among the most played devices last year. Where he succeeded on the current Microsoft devices, but he was not in first place.

Most played devices by gamers in 2022:

  1. PC.
  2. Playstation 4.
  3. Nintendo Switch.
  4. PlayStation 5.
  5. Xbox One.
  6. Play station 3.
  7. Xbox Series.
  8. Xbox 360.
  9. Nintendo 3DS.
  10. PlayStation 2.

It is natural for the PlayStation 4 to outperform the rest of the devices, as it is the best-selling device, and until this moment, there is a large percentage that did not get the PlayStation 5.

There are even more players for Xbox One than for the current Xbox. But it is strange to see the PlayStation 3, which was released nearly 20 years ago, outperforming modern platforms. Perhaps this is a strong motive to make Sony interested in issuing new updates for the device after all this time has passed.

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