A new announce of the game "Grendizer" showing some gameplay footage

 It was announced earlier about the game Grendizer, based on the events of the anime series, or as it was officially called, UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves.

This game is being developed by the French development studio Microids, as well as co-developed by the Endroad development studio , which consists of developers with previous experience from famous studios such as Ubisoft and Amplitude Studios, with the famous artistic and creative director Laurent Cluzel working on the production and development of the game.

A few hours ago, the game developer released through his official channel and the PlayStation channel a new trailer after a long period of calm, showing through it, for the first time, some quick excerpts from the gameplay, the game world, and some of the enemies you will face.

The developer also announced that players will be able to play as Goldorak and Actarus, in addition to the possibility of executing and improving the famous attacks of the giant robot Grendizer, and finding all the famous characters, places and enemies of the TV series.

The distinctive music of the series that will accompany you throughout the game has also been reworked, and it will be possible to earn experience points by completing tasks to gain new abilities and improve your strength.

About UFO Robot Grendizer: The Feast of the Wolves

After the destruction of the planet Euphor by the Vega Empire, Prince Actarus takes refuge on our planet. She was taken in and adopted by Professor Procyon and is living at White Birch Ranch. As a Vega invasion of Earth is imminent, the Actarus will defend the planet with Goldorak, a giant robot hidden in the depths of Professor Procyon's observatory. With the help of Alcor, the Prince of Euphor will continually fend off Vega's attacks and battle the evil robots Golgoths sent to destroy him.

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