A GTA 6 leaker reveals some new GTA Online 2 details.

 We may have obtained some details about the next online phase, GTA Online 2, which will come with the game GTA 6 , although Rockstar did not reveal any details about the new game except that it is under development, while we did not get a date for the reveal or launch, or even any information about the phase online.

But despite that, and through the large leaks that occurred for the new game last year, which included the emergence of more than 90 videos from an early version, some specialists and leakers began to discover some new details that were not visible to us from the beginning.

The first of these details is about the multiplayer phase, to be called GTA Online 2 initially, which is supposed to accompany the GTA 6 game when it is released in the future. The leaker, who specializes in covering the news of Rockstar Tez2 games, published on the GTA Forums some details discovered about the new phase, which includes the number of players and their distribution.

According to the screenshots we obtained from the leaks, it showed that the game is based on the structure of Red Dead Redemption 2. Evidence of this is when scenes from a previous test version showed Arthur walking in a strange way in the early version, the same thing is repeated here, and this is an indication of the initial stages of development of the game . Also see in the video titled “Americas_1 2022-05-24 17-19-42” and focus on the bottom left, where you see “PL: 2/32” It's actually a reference to a 30-player lobby, but with two dedicated slots For observers as is the case with GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Next to that, you can see “SH:PR_RSN1” which stands for host. And immediately after that, you will find “GM H: PR_RSN1”, which I think refers to the name of the session leader or host. This video clip dates back to May 2022. That is, last year.

Of course, all this information should be taken carefully, as it was inferred from an early, preliminary version of the GTA 6 game and may be subject to change. Especially since Rockstar did not pay any attention to it when the leaks began to reach the Internet last September, while it confirmed that the game development process and the internal dates related to it will not change from what it was before the leaks.

Regardless of the source and accuracy of this information, what do you think that the number of players in one lobby should be 30 players? Do you think that Rockstar should make some changes to the multiplayer phase in GTA 6, and what are these changes that you aspire to see?

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