A comprehensive review of the PS5 DualSense controller

Sony does not stop issuing pieces of art with each version of the PlayStation series. With the release of its latest monster, the PlayStation 5, the controller monster and the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller were released, which received great and positive feedback from many users around the world.

Through this article, we will conduct a comprehensive review of the PlayStation 5 controller. We will try to answer most of the questions related to the control arm coming to us from Sony. So what is the price? And what are the advantages? Does the controller work on the computer if I want to use it? With a great performance experience for her through our YouTube channel.

The most important features of the PlayStation 5 controller

In fact, if you own an old PlayStation 4 controller and want to update, then this section of this article will be appropriate for you to see that the new additions to the controller are worth developing and paying more money for?

1- Tactile feedback.

To say the least, the PlayStation 5 controller is highly interactive, and gives a wonderful user experience through vibrations coming from different parts of the hand in a different way and based on the game environment, which is an additional feature that was added that is completely different from the feature that was in the PlayStation 4 controller, which was It gives us one type of vibration.

The haptic feedback helps to better engage the players in the game. Where you vibrate in specific places and the size of a certain intensity. Which means that less in-game effects will give players more accurate feedback via the control panel. For example, driving on ice looks different on Dirt 5 than driving on dirt, for example.

2- Dynamic adapter trigger feature

One of the most beautiful modern features found in the control hand of the Sony PlayStation 5 monster, and this feature is found in some buttons such as R2 and L2, and it is an interactive feature like the previous feature, and this feature activates in some situations in order to resist your fingers and make the immersion greater. This feature ranks as the biggest technology of the new generation of consoles.

3- Create a new button

The DualSense controller came without the usual sharing button. This button has been replaced by a button called the Create button, which performs almost the same function. In addition to broader options that help users create great game content. In addition, Sony has added the all-new Creation Studio tool, which gives gamers more control over screenshots and captured videos.

4- Built-in mic

For the first time, Sony has added a built-in microphone with DualSense, and this microphone, after experimentation and inspection, showed great performance and excellent sound. In addition to the presence of a mute button on the control hand, it helps you to turn off the mic whenever you want. This microphone is integrated into many interactive games as desired by the developers.

5- Great sound technology

With DualSense, you can connect a headset and enjoy Tempest 3D sound technology. Through this wonderful feature, players will feel that they have been introduced to the virtual world, which gives a completely different experience from what is known in the joysticks.

6- The battery

With the DualSense controller battery, you can continue playing for 14 hours on a single charge, and you can charge the controller through a USB-C cable instead of Micro USB, which was present in previous generations. Which means faster charging. And greater quality in the shipping process.

PlayStation 5 controller price

In fact, it is difficult to judge the price of the PlayStation 5 controller, as it differs from one country to another. And different from time to time. which is equivalent to $64. You can see its price on Amazon . Estimate the price in your country.

The most prominent differences between the PlayStation 5 controller and the PlayStation 4 controller

If you want to update your controller from version 4 to version 5. And you want to know the most important differences to make the appropriate decision. Through this part of the article, you can identify the most prominent differences between the two versions.

1- Label 

It may not be very important to you. But the latest version of Sony's joysticks gained a new name, DualSense instead of DualShock, which is the old name for previous versions. The reason behind the designation came from the developments that Sony put in place in two things. The first is the drivers through the dynamic adapter trigger feature, which we have previously explained, and the second is the sound improvement.


The DualSense hand came in a larger size compared to the DualShock. In addition to a big difference in the curves, which gave the user a better experience in using the control hand in both hands. In the end, Sony, through the latest version, focused mainly on user comfort.

3- Remove the colors from the control buttons 

The distinctive colors on the control buttons in previous versions no longer exist now, as Sony sought simplicity in this design by removing all colors from the new design of the DualSense.

4- Other features we talked about previously 

In addition to the various previous features, Sony has added more features that we talked about in the same article previously, such as a battery that lasts longer, changing the type of charging port and the built-in mic in the control hand.


Does the PlayStation 5 controller work on a computer?

In fact, to answer this question specifically and to review the rest of the points mentioned in this article.  we decided to buy a controller and test it on a computer. And we shared this experience with you through a video on the YouTube platform that you can watch through this article

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