The Story of Agent Yoru Valorant: How He Became a Riftwalker

If you are a fan of VALORANT, you might have heard of Agent Yoru Valorant, the 15th Agent to join the VALORANT PROTOCOL and a master of deception and infiltration. But do you know how he became a riftwalker, capable of ripping holes in reality and sneaking behind enemy lines? In this article, we will explore the story of Agent Yoru Valorant, his background, his abilities, and some tips on how to play him effectively.

Who is Agent Yoru Valorant?

Agent Yoru Valorant is a radiant from Tokyo, Japan. He grew up in a city full of noise and chaos, where he learned to blend in and survive. He discovered his radiant powers at a young age, when he accidentally opened a small rift in his bedroom wall. He was fascinated by this ability, and started to experiment with it secretly.

He soon realized that he could use his powers to infiltrate places that were off-limits or dangerous. He became an expert at breaking into secure facilities, stealing valuable information or items, and escaping without being noticed. He also developed a knack for deception and trickery, using his powers to create distractions or illusions that confused his enemies.

He was eventually recruited by the VALORANT PROTOCOL, an organization that aims to protect the world from rogue radiants who use their powers for evil. He joined as a duelist agent, meaning that he specializes in taking out enemies head-on with aggression and skill. However, he still prefers to work alone most of the time, relying on his own instincts and abilities rather than teamwork.

What are Agent Yoru Valorant’s abilities?

Agent Yoru Valorant has four abilities that allow him to manipulate reality and deceive his opponents:

Blindside: This ability lets him rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality and throw it like a flashbang grenade. The fragment sticks to surfaces until it is activated by pressing Q again or hitting an enemy with direct line of sight. When activated, it flashes anyone looking at it.
Gatecrash: This ability lets him send out a tether that can be placed anywhere on the map by pressing E again or left-clicking. The tether acts as an anchor point for him to teleport back to by pressing E again or right-clicking within 20 seconds.

Fakeout: This ability lets him equip an echo that mimics footsteps when activated by pressing F or left-clicking. The echo can be sent forward by pressing F again or right-clicking while moving.
Dimensional Drift: This is his ultimate ability that lets him enter another dimension where he can move freely without being seen or heard by enemies for 10 seconds or until he cancels it by pressing X again or left-clicking.

How to play Agent Yoru Valorant effectively?

Agent Yoru Valorant is best suited for players who like stealthy gameplay and surprise attacks. Here are some tips on how to use his abilities effectively:

Use Blindside wisely: Blindside is a powerful tool for initiating fights or escaping sticky situations but it has some drawbacks such as limited range, long activation time (0.8 seconds), loud sound cue (a ripping noise), and high cost (200 credits). Therefore, use it sparingly when you have a clear advantage over your enemies such as when they are clustered together, distracted by something else, or unaware of your position.
Use Gatecrash creatively: Gatecrash is one of the most versatile abilities in the game as it allows you to teleport across large distances quickly and unpredictably. You can use it for various purposes such as flanking enemies, repositioning yourself during fights, rotating between sites, or escaping danger. However, be careful not to leave your tether exposed as enemies can see it and destroy it or camp near it and wait for you to come back. Also, remember that you cannot shoot while teleporting and there is a brief delay before you can shoot after teleporting (0.5 seconds).

Use Fakeout strategically: Fakeout is another great tool for deception and confusion as it can make your enemies think that someone is coming from one direction while you are actually coming from another. You can use it for various purposes such as baiting enemies into traps, splitting their attention, forcing them to rotate unnecessarily, or creating noise cover for yourself or your teammates. However, be aware that Fakeout has some limitations such as short duration (10 seconds), low cost (100 credits), and loud sound cue (a footstep noise). Therefore, use it smartly when you have a good idea of where your enemies are and what they are doing.

Use Dimensional Drift carefully: Dimensional Drift is a game-changing ability that can give you a huge advantage over your enemies if used correctly. You can use it for various purposes such as scouting enemy positions, bypassing obstacles or traps, sneaking behind enemy lines, or clutching rounds. However, be aware that Dimensional Drift has some risks such as high cost (7 ultimate points), limited duration (10 seconds), and vulnerability to certain abilities or effects that can reveal you or damage you while in the other dimension. Therefore, use it cautiously when you have a clear plan and a safe exit strategy.

FAQs about Agent Yoru Valorant

Here are some frequently asked questions about Agent Yoru Valorant:

  • Q: What is Agent Yoru Valorant’s real name?

  • A: Agent Yoru Valorant’s real name is unknown. He prefers to go by his codename “Yoru”, which means “night” in Japanese.

  • Q: What is Agent Yoru Valorant’s age?

  • A: Agent Yoru Valorant’s age is also unknown. He appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

  • Q: What is Agent Yoru Valorant’s personality?

  • A: Agent Yoru Valorant is arrogant, confident, and independent. He likes to challenge himself and his enemies with his skills and powers. He dislikes teamwork, authority, and rules. He often taunts or mocks his opponents with sarcastic remarks or gestures.

  • Q: What is Agent Yoru Valorant’s relationship with other agents?

  • A: Agent Yoru Valorant has a tense relationship with most of the other agents. He respects some of them for their abilities or achievements, such as Jett, Omen, Skye, or Reyna. He dislikes some of them for their personalities or ideologies, such as Brimstone, Cypher, Sage, or Viper. He ignores or tolerates the rest of them.


Agent Yoru Valorant is one of the most unique and exciting agents in VALORANT. He has the ability to manipulate reality and deceive his enemies with his riftwalking powers. He is a duelist agent who specializes in stealthy gameplay and surprise attacks. He is also a radiant from Tokyo who has a mysterious background and an arrogant personality.

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