Why is the Minor Turbulence mission in GTA 5 among the best missions in the game?!

 There is no doubt that GTA 5 has provided many interesting missions that we hoped to see more of in additional content for the game, but this did not happen because Rockstar retracted its decision and focused instead on the online phase.

But in this report, we wanted to bring back together one of the best missions in the game, which is the Minor Turbulence mission, in which you control the character of Trevor, who seeks to develop his own company Trevor Philips Enterprises, and through his conversation with his friend and business manager Ron, where he tells him about the cargo plane of Merryweather Security, which contains military equipment and a lot of money that they can get.

Of course, you realize how crazy Trevor is when he sees or hears about the money, as he seeks to obtain it, no matter how crazy and risky this mission is, but the Minor Turbulence mission is not like any crazy mission that Trevor gets involved in.

The mission begins when Trevor heads to McKenzie Airfield in order to borrow a battered plane to follow the Merryweather Security cargo plane to its airstrip and plan to steal its contents. But while watching the cargo plane and because of Trevor's recklessness, which Ron asks him to stay under the radar, he is discovered flying behind the cargo plane by security men.

After several attempts to advise Trevor to move away from the airspace of the cargo plane, the security men open the rear cargo door and start shooting at Trevor's plane, who recklessly as usual storms the cargo plane with his worn out plane and starts a shooting operation with the security men guarding the plane and eliminates them all.

After taking control of the plane, Trevor flies it to McKenzie Airfield. But in the meantime, two US Air Force fighter jets appear and demand that Trevor redirect the plane to Fort Zancudo. Trevor refuses to obey their orders, and the fighter jets begin firing missiles at his plane, destroying one of its engines.

Realizing that things are out of control, Trevor decides to jump out of the plane using a parachute while the cargo plane falls into the sea.

The Minor Turbulence mission in GTA 5's story mode may see a new comeback, but this time through GTA Online multiplayer. Where some specialized players were able to search in the game files after the latest update, to discover the existence of a similar mission called Last Dose, which is believed to be available through future updates to the game.

The Last Dose mission proceeds in the same way as the Minor Turbulence mission, but with the presence of more than one player cooperating in the process of storming and fighting for control of the cargo plane.

We do not know when this mission will be released in the GTA Online game , but if this happens, it will be one of the most enjoyable missions in the game, especially with the opportunity to play it with your friends.

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