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Although Google Adsense is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet, in fact, the problem of closing the Google Adsense account has become a concern for many website and blog owners, which prompts them to search for Adsense alternatives.

Not only the process of closing the Adsense account, but also the double profits in many blog makes the search for an alternative to Google Adsense.

And this leads to the site supervisor feeling very frustrated and thinking that he will not achieve what he aspired to after closing his account or seeing the profits that may not cover the costs!

If your Google Adsense account is working up to this point and you are searching for the best alternatives to Google Adsense, then you are facing the problem of weakness and lack of profits for your site domain.

Google Adsense is just an advertising company “broker” among many advertising companies, but it is characterized by the fact that it controls 70% of the advertising market and the search share.

You can see how to effectively increase Google Adsense profits .

There are many Arab fields in which the use of Google Adsense is considered suicide, and the profit is extremely weak.

Simply put, Google does not need your site's domain, or in a more precise sense:

Advertisers in the countries from which your visitors come are not rushing to display ads on your site. This is the reason for the problem of double profits!

Why don't you stop using Google Adsense?! Think about it seriously! I do the same thing differently

The problem of lack of revenue and profit from Google Adsense does not lie in the field of your site. Do not think about this matter. You are good in this field, and for this matter you get the arrangements and visitors.

Do not think about heading to different fields, because this matter will be the first step in the collapse of your dreams and aspirations to make a profit from the Internet .

Today we will review a group of the best alternatives to Essence to make profit from the site effectively, which will make you look at Adsense differently and know its true size in relation to the field of your site.

This does not mean that Google Adsense is not the best, but there may be better alternatives than AdSense for your site.

Note: Companies are perfectly suitable for placing Adsense ads, if you apply them correctly, you will achieve double profits for your site.

There is more than one company that can be considered the best alternative to Google Adsense .

The best alternatives to Google Adsense

We have prepared a list of Google AdSense alternatives and they have been carefully studied. All the AdSense alternatives mentioned in this list are reliable and paid on specific and clear dates and do not have any problem. You can rely on this list as alternatives to Google AdSense:

1. Adsterra (Best Adsense Alternative)

One of the best alternatives to Google Adsense, it is a very distinctive and reliable company, you can count adsterra as a good alternative to Google Adsense.

Like Google Adsense, Adsterra is an ad network that does not have any conditions on minimum visits, publishers must have at least a volume of visits of at least 1,000 visitors per day.

On the other hand, the site must have been operating for several months to be approved, almost similar to Google Adsense.

The difference between Adsterra and Google Adsense is that it does not have strict laws and policies like Google, and it accepts almost all types of websites .

If you use Google Adsense, you can also add Adsterra ads without any problem. In fact, we recommend Adsterra as one of the best Adsense alternatives.

The company pays through the following means:

  1. PayPal .
  2. Bitcoin .
  3. Webmoney .
  4. Paxum .
  5. Bank transfer.

The percentage of expenses for money transfer and sending services is deducted, and you can rely on it as the best alternative to AdSense.

Create a new account in Adsterra

2. PropellerAds (Best Adsense Alternative)

Propeller Ads is one of the largest pop-under ad networks today, and one of the best AdSense alternatives.

The company started operating in 2011 and quickly developed into one of the largest networks offering good revenue per thousand impressions.

If the content of your site violates Google Adsense laws , you can rely on this company as one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense.

If you own one of the entertainment sites, video / movies, games, dating, programs, gambling and others.

PropellerAds is dedicated to these areas.

If you have got one of these sites, you can earn more money with PropellerAds than with Google Adsense .

If you have mobile traffic, it is the best alternative to AdSense.

Because it works closely with ad networks that spend money on mobile application download services, which leads to achieving an outstanding return for your site, it may be a suitable alternative to Google Adsense, you should try it first.

When does PropellerAds pay?

Propeller pays every 30 days automatically, but you can also request payment every week from your account settings.

Payment is made through the following means:

  1. Paypal .
  2. Payoneer .
  3. ePayments .
  4. Webmoney .

The minimum payment if you choose one of the previous payment methods will be $5! (The company bears the transfer fees, not deducted from the amount).

Pay attention: you must leave the ad code for this company for a week on your site, and you will find a big difference in profits.

There are more than 7 of our clients when installing the pop-up code (popunder ads) for PropellerAds, the rate of profit per thousand impressions was 0.17 cents.

But after several days, the profit rate per thousand impressions became 0.92 to 4$, knowing that most of the visitors are from countries such as Egypt, Morocco and Algeria.

An important point: You must contact support via chat and ask them to raise the number of pop-up windows per hour as you see fit.

In order to ensure the highest profit rates, but not to be annoying to your site visitors, in order to ensure interaction with ads.

It is one of the good companies that are among the first choices when searching for Adsense alternatives, and it is considered the best alternative to Adsense for some fields such as games.

Create a new account in Propellerads

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