Top 10 global universities for 2022.. One country dominates the ranking

Oxford and Cambridge are in the ranking..but not because of the Corona vaccine

US News & World Report has released its eighth annual ranking of the best international universities around the world.
The 2022 ranking assesses 1,750 institutions from more than 90 countries across 13 different metrics, including research reputation, faculty publications and international collaboration.
As in previous years, universities from the United States dominated the rankings, claiming eight of the top 10 spots - which remained largely unchanged from the previous year with the exception of the University of Washington, Seattle and the University of Cambridge , each up one spot. Caltech fell two points.

However, the ranking also highlights the best universities around the world. The University of Cape Town was named the best university in Africa, Tsinghua University in Beijing was named the best university in Asia, the University of Melbourne was named the best institution in Australia, and the University of Sao Paulo was named the best institution in Latin America.

Here are the top 10 best global universities overall for 2022, according to US News:

1. Harvard University - United States

It topped the world rankings of universities in many categories including biology, biochemistry, economics and business.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - United States

As usual, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology leads the ranking as the best university for mathematics in the world.

3. Stanford University - United States

The university topped the global rankings as the best chemistry program in the world.

4. University of California - United States

The report showed that the University of California, Berkeley, has the second best chemistry program in the world.

5. University of Oxford, England - United Kingdom

Despite the Corona virus research, and its work to develop the vaccine with the AstraZeneca company, Oxford University was distinguished by the best arts and humanities program, at the level of international universities.

6. Columbia University - United States

Columbia University has been honored by US News for being among the best places to study the cardiovascular systems.

7. University of Washington - United States

The University of Washington topped the global ranking of the best clinical medicine programs in the world.

8. University of Cambridge, England - United Kingdom

Although the Cambridge faculty has included some of the most famous mathematicians in history, this year the university secured fifth place in its mathematics programme.

9. California Institute of Technology - United States

The university is the home of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Caltech has been named the best university in space sciences.

10. Johns Hopkins University - United States

Johns Hopkins University is famous for its medical research, as it found the second best infectious disease program, in addition to the second best surgical program in the world.

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