Tik Tok crimes, the killing of an American minor in a live broadcast

 Kalessia Williams is the first rising TikTok influencer. I was born in 2004. At the time of her death she was 16 years old, although her exact date of birth is unknown. The reason is that Williams' father is unknown. Anonymous. Imagine This Is Civilization. Her mother is April Smith, and she was adopted by her stepfather, named Romney Savoy, who raised her.

She was a very active teen who became famous for her TikTok videos. Most of her videos were of famous dances, which were published periodically and regularly on social media, especially TikTok. Little did Williams know that her TikTok life and fame would be where it would end.

 One day in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 26, 2020, around 12:23 am. Calicia Williams was filming a very normal tiktok video at 12.02 am and was asking followers for some suggestions, and in the video Williams can be seen stopping the video recording when someone entered her room, according to police investigations, the young man called Kerie Brown who entered her room while she was Filmed, where they exchanged some words for a short time. 

He was alleged to have sexually assaulted her before shooting her. What happened after that remained mysterious and unknown, but it is certain that she died immediately after she stopped recording the video 

The police were informed that she was urgently found in the hotel lobby. She was taken to the hospital, and the doctors declared her death on December 26, 2020 at 12:23. Since her death, there have been many stories and hypotheses about this strange story. It was after midnight. However, her family was not notified of her death by her friends or acquaintances. It was the morgue that informed them of the news. 

The only two people in her room when she was shot were Kerry Brown and Kalessia. They were friends for a while and were acquaintances.

Since Calicia's death, different accounts have been told of what really happened. The most frequently reported stories are: Williams was scheduled to attend a party with friends at her Airbnb home on the day of the shooting. Where Williams received an invitation to a Christmas party from her friend Infinity.

 After a short investigation, a suspect who was present with her at the party was arrested and charged with a number of crimes, including premeditated murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault, reckless behavior, and firearm poisoning. The murderer, whose name was not published on the media, but He was released a year after serving his sentence in early 2022, although there was a lot of criticism from people about the way justice was handled. And the law upon which that young man was judged left many questions unanswered for most of the parents and stakeholders in the story. 

The thing that raised suspicions was that in the period before the accident until the time of her death, Williams stopped making videos abruptly. There are many stories intertwined in the death of this teenager. of being in a place where she's not supposed to be, and her mysterious relationship with her murderer who brought her exact body to the police.

To this day, this issue is still controversial in America, especially about the addiction of teenagers to the Tik Tok application and the murders and suicides associated with this application. 

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