The world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sadly bid farewell to its maker and creator, Mr. Takahashi Kazuki!

 In heartbreaking news for all fans of the famous Yu-Gi-Oh  (or King of Games) manga series, which launched the card game mania in the world and gave its followers and fans a magical world of excitement, adventure and fun that spanned for years.

It was announced a few days ago that Kazuki Takahashi (author and creator of the series) was found alone on a beach in Nago, Okinawa  , and died while wearing a diving kit! While what revealed the location of his body - floating - was the passage of a passing fishing boat in that area before its passengers notified the Coast Guard.

By investigating the matter and after the issuance of Japanese forensic reports today, Monday, it became clear that the mangaka (60 years old) unfortunately drowned during his solo diving trip , and although the investigation authorities do not know the exact circumstances of the accident, it is not yet suspected of any intentional criminal act. It may have caused it.

The Yu-Gi-Oh manga debuted in the pages of Weekly  Shonen Jump magazine, continuing its fun and unique journey from 1996 to 2004 . The manga was a resounding success around the world, attracting thousands and millions of followers in Japan, before launching a global phenomenon , which continues to this day between card games, video games, and anime ( its first version was shown in 1998 produced by Toei Animation Studio ) , as well as playing games. Kids plus a newer manga series.

The late Takahashi- sensei won the Inkpot Award presented by  Comic-Con International years ago in July 2015. The award is given to individuals for their outstanding contributions in the fields of comics, science fiction, fantasy, films, series, animation, as well as in everything related to Groups of followers of those domains (or fandoms).

Our sincere condolences to his family and fans, and to all the followers of his most famous series, and we are grateful to him from our hearts for his creativity over the past years, and may peace cover his soul.


It is worth noting that the Yu-Gi-Oh anime is available for official viewing - with Arabic subtitles - through popular platforms (for a monthly subscription fee) such as:

Netflix: from here

Crunchyroll: from here

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