The site speed is not important in the ranking of search engines (as evidenced by Google)

There are too many search engine ranking factors, so there are no specific things that if you do that will ensure search engine rankings. Among these factors we find the speed of loading the site and the quality of the content. So what is the main factor when Google ranks the pages on the search engine. Let's first analyze what the Google search engine does and what is its mission.

The task of the Google search engine is to filter web pages to extract the best web page that meets the visitor's request. In the sense that the visitor requests something from Google, behind the scenes there are bloggers who have created articles that talk about the thing that the visitor requested or searched for. Here we find that Google cares about the visitor and offers him the best of what he has, and this is what you must take into account when writing articles, and you should not forget about Google spiders and make your articles compatible with SEO standards.

You find a lot of bloggers pay excessive attention to blog speed and forget about the content, and this is a big mistake. Evidence for this is that you find too many sites, and the site speed does not exceed 20 on the sites speed check site. But do not forget that such sites are threatened with falling after any update close to Google, because if someone creates unique content that is better than it or even similar to it and then adds to the content the speed of his site, be sure that he will exceed it according to Google’s confidence in his site.

What is the main criterion for Google to lead the search engine?

The main criterion for Google in ranking pages on the search engine is content, and then immediately comes the site speed factor. Therefore, the saying “content is king” is 100% correct. The guide from Google is officially in the following image:

According to Google, it gives priority to pages that have good information, i.e. good content, even though they do not meet some of the conditions in the structure of the site, i.e. speed factors and others. This explains the slow submission of sites to search engines. Because it contains the information that the visitor is looking for in full. Thus, speed factors remain unimportant in front of content. We do not say that we are completely unimportant, but they are neglected in front of the content. Because the content must be provided with quality in the first place, and then other factors come in the second degree.

But, the speed will help you to skip the content leaderboards only, after you provide better content than them in addition to the site speed you will definitely be the first. When I said that speed is not important. By that I mean, it's insignificant compared to the content, because I notice a lot of bloggers care more about speed than we do. It neglects the content that Google considers one of the first priorities for the search engines.

And let you know that Google adopts a policy of speed in ranking pages on the search engine. In the future, speed will be associated with the quality of the content, and when we talk about content, we mean that the article provides all the information that the visitor is looking for and an increase if possible, and presents it in a simple manner that can be understood by anyone.

How can a word that has previously been topped in a Google search be possible

The idea is very simple, but it takes effort and work. Where you have to study and analyze the leading article and discover gaps in it, such as not mentioning some important information, which will help the visitor if he mentions it and you add it in your article. In addition, you check the speed of his site and improve the speed of your site more than him, so that Google likes your article more than him, and thus you lead his place.

There is also another criterion that you should pay attention to, which is Google’s trust in the domain or the so-called Domain authority. It is also an important factor affecting the ranking of pages in SERPS.

Important and brief tips to top the search engines

  1.  Create unique content that meets the needs of the visitor that he is looking for and adds additional information that he may need.
  2. Writing articles so that they are compatible with SEO terms.
  3.  Build a fast-browsing site second-tier to rival pages previously topped in this keyword.
  4.  Continuously review and improve articles continuously to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the Google search engine.
  5. Post regularly to earn Google's trust in your blog...
  6.  Interest in building relationships with other sites, but legally, and never buy backlinks to deceive Google.

If you are interested in increasing the speed of the blog despite the presence of Adsense ads, you can follow the lesson of delaying the appearance of ads to increase the speed of the blog. Thus, you will be able to increase the speed of the blog to the maximum limit that your template can reach. If not, the mold must be changed immediately.

There are templates that use little JavaScript code and do not use fontawesome icons, which also causes blog weight. Perhaps Svg icons are the fastest loading icons, for example the median ui1.6 template , which is considered one of the fastest loading and browsing blogger templates.

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