The series, The Last of Us, will cover Joel's life before the epidemic.


She will show us what life was like for humanity before the cataclysm

In a few days, we are waiting for the first episodes of The Last of Us , based on the amazing game series, to start showing. Where we got a simple idea about how the episodes of the series will be divided and what each episode will offer.

The Last of Us series will contain 10 episodes in its first season, the duration of the first two episodes will be approximately 85 minutes each. The reason why the first episodes are so long is to introduce the audience to the incident and the fulfillment and gradation after that of the events that we saw in the series of games.

IGN interviewed  Gabriel Luna  , who plays Joel's brother "Tommy" in the series, and revealed some interesting events For example, we will see the normal life of the main characters before the spread of the epidemic, and what the life of each of them looked like, and this is what the game did not offer, and he continued, saying:

Those moments when everything was still normal was so much fun. It's important for the story to define, you know, what this little family is like when they're not fighting for their lives and more..

It was said that the first episode will show us the events before the disaster, that is, it is a new story that is somewhat far from the game, but after that we will see in the second, third, and others a great similarity in the events between the series and the game.

The producer of the series spoke in a different interview about the topic of endings and how the two endings of the series were divided in the series. Where he said that they are the ones who choose the end unlike the game in which the player chooses when to stop and when to continue. For more details, you can view our coverage of the interview here .

The series will start showing on the fifteenth of this month exclusively on the HBO Max platform, so are you excited to see it? Share with us below in the comments and let us know your expectations.

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