The secret of the Infinity Killer in the world of GTA 5

Inside the world of gta 5, you may discover small clues that hide shocking facts about events that happened in the past. In this article, we will discover the secret of The Infinity Killer

Biography of Merle Abrahams

Merle Abrahams, better known as The Infinity Killer. He was born in 1947 and lived his life in a small house in Sandy Shores. The police discovered that he was responsible for the murders that took place in December 1999, in which he killed 8 people and buried them in a secret location within the state of San Andreas.

Before that accident, he was showing some developments in his fatty condition and his intense obsession with the number 8, as he earned the title of the Infinite Killer from one of his claims that the number 8 is just a detour to infinity. The police arrested him at Bolingbroke Prison. Because of the December 1999 crime, in which 8 runners were killed and their bodies were hidden in an unknown location. The authorities dubbed this massacre The Infinity Murders. After a period of imprisonment, his house was burned down by an unknown person. It is believed that he is one of his neighbors or relatives and friends who were killed by the criminal. During the investigations, Abrahams did not admit that he committed these crimes. However, he admitted his obsession with the number 8 and infinity. Abrahams passed away in December 2004 at the age of 57. in prison while awaiting trial for murder. The bodies of the victims were not found.


A large number of clues have been found by players within the world of gta 5, all pointing to the infinite killer Merle Abrahams. Some of them are just phrases on the walls written by the criminal before he was caught, as they reveal little about his crazy mentality.

the home:

Beginning with his house, which was deliberately burned by unknown persons before he was arrested. We notice that the house is in a disastrous condition, and on its walls are writings in black ink and the number 8, which is widely spread in the place. These statements say there will be 8 and is just infinity stood up 8. There are also children's shoes hanging from the ceiling that may have belonged to one of the previous victims. It is also possible that he held one of them, who was counting the days on the wall. Or it could be that Abrahams did it himself. On the back wall of the house, the words Go Away Merle Abrahams You Wrong can be seen written in block letters.


There is a group of rocks not far from the killer's house which is located near the main road. On one of those rocks, written in black is a children's song that refers to his crimes, in addition to the spread of the number 8 and the infinity sign on the rocks. Obviously, it was written by Abrahams.


The insane killer Abrahams left more clues inside the prison where he was imprisoned. On the wall of the arena near cell 9A was written the words, “When water meets earth and fire rushes once, there are 8 infinites that will remain until I return.” 

“Where water meets land and fire once spewed forth, there are infinite 8 shall stay until I return.”

Some players believe that this phrase refers to Mount Chiliad, which may be an extinct volcano. Which may explode at any time, and this is indicated by the phrase when water meets the earth and fire rushes at once. Especially after knowing that the mountain is located next to the ocean. There is also a drawing next to the writing showing a part of the game map where the corpses are located. The same drawing is on the wall of his house.


The player can find 7 dead bodies in the depths of the sea near some small islands that lie beside Mount Chiliad. Not far from these islands is a small dilapidated hut. There is a bag full of waste from Burger Shot, the same bags that are in the Abrahams house, and this is what made people think that the killer used this hut to prepare the bodies in order to hide them in the depths of the sea.

Newspaper clippings:

The Infinity Killer

Inside a small, ruined shack in Sandy Shores, a small scrap of newspaper can be found hanging. The newspaper clipping is dated December 2004, and tells of the death of Merle Abraham and his murders. This guide gave a lot of information about the secret of the Infinite Killer.

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