The ratings for The Last of Us series are starting to appear, very high.

Today, reviews of the series The Last of Us, which will start airing in a few days on the HBO platform, began to appear, and the series seems very promising.

IGN gave the first season a 9/10 rating, stating , "HBO's The Last of Us is a stunning piece that should thrill newcomers and enrich those who already know the journey of Joel and Ellie alike.

Empire gave the series a 5/5 rating and the review stated, "Conveniently the best video game adaptation ever, a great example of how adaptation works, how to retain elements of what worked while having the confidence to explore bold new ways, to expand the universe, to make things that will make you stand out." your fingertips.”

Digital Spy gave the series 5/5 and the review stated, "Best introduction to the best series of the year ever, the show makes changes to the game's narrative, and while die-hard purists may balk at some of those changes, the silence you can hear is that we don't care because this The show will go beyond all of that..”

Variety said of the series, "A promising and dynamic zombie epic, what works in The Last of Us works well enough that one sees the near future that ends with the best TV series ever..."

TV Guide gave the series a rating of 7.9/10 and stated in the review, "The story feels rushed at times, and the show could have expanded beyond the events of the game's story..."

In the first episode, we will see the events before the disaster, that is, it is a new story that is somewhat far from the game, but after that we will see in the second, third, and others a great similarity in the events between the series and the game.

The producer of the series spoke in a different interview about the topic of endings and how the two endings of the series were divided in the series. Where he said that they are the ones who choose the end unlike the game in which the player chooses when to stop and when to continue. For more details, you can view our coverage of the interview  here .

The first season of The Last of Us will start airing next Sunday, January 15th, exclusively on the HBO platform.

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